It’s the first elimination night tonight on Dancing With the Stars season 16′s results show! I’m excited to find out who will be the first team to be eliminated, though I think it’s pretty obvious who they are. Are you excited for tonight’s show as well? Who will move on the next round and who will be sent home?

The first two shows this season are the performance shows. Their scores were combined and the dance couple who topped the leaderboard were Zendaya & Val, getting an overall total score of 50 out of 60. They were followed by Kellie & Derek, who got a total score of 47 and Aly & Mark, who got 45. The scores these past two performance nights were pretty low, with D.L. & Cheryl only got a total score of 31 out of 60, just a point past half the total score. Will they be the first couple to leave the competition? Who are your favorites this season? I’m sure some are fans of Kellie & Derek and Zendaya & Val. What about you?

Anyway, I think you will agree with me that D.L & Cheryl will be the first couple to be leaving, but anything could happen. Based from the previous seasons, the couple who got the lowest score sometimes escape elimination. Who knows? We might have our first surprise tonight.

By the way, the guest performers tonight are Josh Groban and Icona Pop. Josh Groban will perform “Brave” while Icona Pop will perform “I Love It”.

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Update: Dorothy quits due to injury! Thus, everyone is safe. No one was eliminated!

Zendaya & Val got the encore!

Icona Pop performs “I Love It”

Josh Groban performs “Brave”




Ingo & Kym - safe!

Sean & Peta – safe!

Wynonna & Tony - safe!

Victor & Lindsay – in jeopardy!

Aly & Mark – safe!

D.L. & Cheryl – safe!

Lisa & Gleb – in jeopardy!

Zendaya & Val – safe!

Kellie & Derek – safe!

Jacoby & Karina – safe!

Dorothy & Tristan – safe!

Andy & Sharna – in jeopardy!