Who got voted off Dancing with the Stars March 27, 2012 Elimination 3/27/12

It’s the first Dancing With the Stars elimination results show tonight, March 27, 2012. After performing two dances, one last week and one last night, one of the 12 couples will be going home. Which couple is your favorite? Were you able to vote for them? Find out tonight the first couple who will be kicked off on Dancing With the Stars tonight.

During the first week, three couples got the lowest score of 20. There’s no big change on their scores though. Gavin & Karina got 21 last night, making their total to 41. Melissa & Maks got the same score making their total to 40. Martina & Tony got 3 points lower, making their total to 37. Gladys & Tristan, on the other hand, got 23 during their week and 19 last night The judges think her frame was a bit too casual when she danced the Quickstep with her partner.

Meanwhile, there are comments that how come they got 19 while Maria & Derek got 25 even if Maria got out of sync int he middle of their dance. The judges complimented her speed and control and said that her frame was nearly spotless. Do you agree with the judges?

Anyway, the highest scoring couple is Katherine & Mark, with a total of 52. Roshon & Chelsie followed together with William & Cheryl with a total points of 49 each. Jaleel & Kym got 48, Maria & Derek and Sherri & Val got 46 each. Donald & Peta got 45 and Jack & Anna got 44.

Will Martina & Tony, who got the lowest score, be the first to be leaving? Or it will be Melissa & Maks? If ever, Maks will be leaving too early than his brother Val. Would his fans let him go soon?

By the way, a one-hour special will air first at 8pm before the actual results show, which airs at 9pm with Sugarland and Matt Nathanson as the musical guests.

We are here to provide live results once again. While waiting for it, you can follow us on Twitter, add us on Google Plus or like us on Facebook. The first couple who was voted off, eliminated on Dancing With the Stars March 27, 2012 results will be posted here.

UpdateMartina & Tony were voted off!


Pro-dancers perform…

Math Nathanson and Sugarland perform in between the announcement of the results


Melissa & Maks – safe!

Gladys & Tristan – safe!

Martina & Tony – in jeopardy!

Roshon & Chelsie – in jeopardy! safe!

William & Cheryl – safe!

Jaleel & Kym – safe!

Maria & Derek – safe!

Sherri & Val – safe!

Katherine  & Mark – safe!

Jack & Anna – safe!

Donald & Peta – safe!

Gavin & Karina – in jeopardy! safe!

45 thoughts on “Who got voted off Dancing with the Stars March 27, 2012 Elimination 3/27/12

  1. yeah no my grand mother said she didnt really like this cast. I think i like roshon or donald driver great dancing skills.

  2. Yeah, it’s a pretty weird cast this season. But I wanna see who wins! I hope they have a dancing with the stars all stars & Rob kardashian wins:) yay!!!

  3. If America votes fairly, Martina & Tony will be leaving. Martina may be good on the tennis court, but on the dance floor she’s a little stiff.

  4. I agree with Kari: Gavin, Martina and Melissa – in any order. Melissa’s dress last night didn’t help her any; it looked like something a grandmother would lounge around in. Ugh.

  5. Absolutely no surprise with the final result. I was keeping my fingers crossed for Gavin and Karina – after winning last season I’d hate to see her go first!

  6. No surprise that Martina is the first one out. Just sorry to see Tony gone early AGAIN. Poor guy hasn’t had a good partner since Melissa Rycroft.

    Also surprised Roshon was in jeopardy. He’s a good dancer but his fan base is probably not that big compared to some of the others. As usual, it’s not just dancing skills but also popularity that determine who stays and who goes.

    Good luck to everyone this season!

  7. I love this site, I come here all the time before I watch Dancing, Idol, Apprentice, and Amazing Race to see who was eliminated – bugs the crap out of my mom and aunt, but I love to do it 😀

    That out of the way…

    I’m not surprised in the least. I hope Melissa improves, as I’ve seen every Little House episode – except the one where Jack dies. I was too sad about that to watch it. If not, oh well, it was fun to see her on here anyway. I like Jaleel, Roshon, Maria (I think Derek will whip her right into shape!), and Katherine.

  8. I like Maria & Melissa but I don’t feel that the judges think they are worthy of the win so far, so they better step up their games:)

  9. Does anyone know who was eliminated tonight? I read that it was Jack then that Martina was the one. Can somebody tell me? Thanks!!!!

  10. Poor Tony – will they ever give him a partner that has a snowballs chance in he – double – toothpicks of winning? He has had loosers in every season!

  11. I feel bad for Martina-but this show is about dancing and how well they can perform. Martina going home is definitely the right move for tonight.

  12. I just can’t watch this season w/Sherri and her big mouth! She’s been begging to get on DWTS for years now. *ugh* I even quit watching The View.
    she is disgusting!

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