Who got voted off Dancing with the Stars March 29, 2011 Elimination 3/29/11

Dancing with the Stars Elimination Results March 29, 2011 will be the first this season. Who will be the first to get voted off on DWTS? Which couple will it be? Are you excited to find out who got kicked off Dancing with the Stars 3/29/11? We can’t wait for it.

The couples have performed two routines since the season premiere last week. They danced to either Foxtrot, Cha-Cha-Cha, Jive and Quickstep. Those who didn’t get quite a good score last week performed better yesterday and got a nice score from the judges. But the scores for both episodes will be joined with the public voting.

The couple with the lowest combined total will be eliminated. Who will be the first? Do you have any guesses? We think it will be Mike Catherwood or Wendy Williams but we’ll find out the actual results tonight. Btw, Toby Keith will be the guest performer tonight.

Anyway, updates on the show will be posted here. Visit back and know who was voted off, eliminated on Dancing with the Stars March 29, 2011 results.

Updates: Mike & Lacey were eliminated;

Hines & Kym – safe

Chris & Cheryl – safe

Ralphn & Karina – safe

Kirstie & Maks – safe

Chelsea & Mark – safe

Romeo & Chelsie – safe

Kendra & Louis – safe

Petra & Dmitri – safe

Wendy & Tony – safe

Sugar & Anna – safe

8 thoughts on “Who got voted off Dancing with the Stars March 29, 2011 Elimination 3/29/11

  1. Well, who was voted off? I missed it and thus far have NOT been able to get the answer! In my opinion, it should be either Wendy (my first choice) or Mike. I LOVE Kirstie & Maks…but I love Maks any way! Ralph over thinks it too much and is getting on my nerves. Kendra and her nervous giggle are also annoying. I think Petra is beautiful and pairing her with Dmitry was a good choice. Mark & Chelsea should do well but I wish he wouldn’t push it on the choreography to the detriment of his partner’s scores.

  2. I’ll miss Lacey — she’s great — but I took an instant dislike to Mike from the first show, when he commented to Lacy, upon meeting her, that he was happy to get an American teacher instead of a foreign one, because he hadn’t forgotten the Cold War….geez!! Anyone else catch that?

  3. My comment is where is Derrick? He always held the show together.. the show isn’t as interesting this year too sloppy and unprofessional

  4. I’s so glad that Wendy Williams was voted off. She could not dance, was so clumsy, however she thinks highly of herself, like she hung the moon. I’m here to tell her she is not a dancer.

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