Who got voted off Dancing with the Stars May 1, 2012 Elimination 5/1/12

One of the 7 dance couples will be leaving tonight on Dancing With the Stars elimination results show. Who will be safe to dance again for another week and who will be in jeopardy and is in danger of leaving the competition? There will be 3 couples who will be in jeopardy but one will be announced safe while the other two will have the dance duel. Who do you think will these couples be?

The couple who topped the leaderboard this week is Maria & Derek. They’re the first team who got the perfect score of 30. No matter how hard is it for them during their rehearsals, it surely paid off as they got all 10s. The judges thought that was amazing and called her queen of the night. Katherine & Mark, William & Cheryl and Donald & Peta each got a total score of 27. Len loved the elegant and classical Rumba of Katherine & Mark. Carrie Ann complimented William & Cheryl’s technique as well as the story. Bruno loved Donald & Peta’s Vienesse Waltz.

Roshon & Chelsie got a total score of 25 and the judges thought that was confident and clean though they asked him to work on his legs. Jaleel & Kym, who got one of the highest scores last week, got the second to the lowest score last night. They were given a total score of 24 by the judges. Len didn’t appreciate the footwork while Bruno thought it wasn’t executed that well but gave him constructive criticism.

The lowest scoring couple is Melissa & Maks, getting a total score of 21. The judges thought the dance wasn’t clean, that the quality was lost during the dance. Will they be the next couple who’ll be leaving?

For the second dance, the Team Tango comprising of Maria & Derek, Katherine & Mark, Roshon & Chelsie and Jaleel & Kym were given a total score of 27 while the Team Paso Doble comprising of Donald & Peta & Melissa & Maks and William & Cheryl were given a total score of 26.

Anyway, Gavin De Graw, who was eliminated together with partner Karina during week 5 this season, will be the musical guest for tonight.

Who are you predicting to be the bottom two couples tonight? These couples will be dancing Rumba by the way.

Our prediction is it’s Melissa & Maks and Roshon & Chelsie and the couple to leave is Melissa & Maks if we’re going to base it from the score last night. What do you think?

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UpdateJaleel & Kym got voted off!

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Maria & Derek perform…

The Groovaloos and Steelo Vazquez perform “Good Feeling”…

Gavin de Graw performs…

Small competition – jive relay by teams coached by Cheryl Burke, Tony Dovolani and Louis Van Amstel…The winner is Cheryl’s team…



William & Cheryl – safe!

Donald & Peta – safe!

Katherine & Mark – safe!

Maria & Derek- safe!

Roshon & Chelsie – in the bottom two!

Melissa & Maks – safe!

Jaleel & Kym – in the bottom two!


Bottom Two Dance Duel – Rumba to the song “Set Fire to the Rain”

Roshon & Chelsie

Jaleel & Kym



Carrie Ann saves Roshon & Chelsie

Len saves Roshon & Chelsie

Bruno saves Roshon & Chelsie

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  1. I think the judges know exactly who they want to win from the get-go! I can take just so much of Derek, Cheryl and her raunchy routines & Mark is absolutley the PITS!!!

  2. I agree #1..they seem to favor Derek. I honestly feel the show is fixed. Waiting to see what they have to say about Max.

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