Who got voted off Dancing with the Stars May 14, 2013 Elimination 5/14/13

Tonight is the Dancing With the Stars 2013 semi-finals results night. We’ll find out who among the top 4 dance couples will make it to next week’s finale. Which couple did you vote for last night?

Like the previous week, the teams performed two routines last night. The first routine was a ballroom dance while the second routine was a dance chosen by Twitter viewers.

From the dance couples last night, Aly & Mark and Jacoby & Karina topped the leaderboard. Both got a total score of 59 out of 60 each. Were you surprised that the highest scoring couples were not Kellie & Derek and Zen & Val?

Kellie & Derek got a total of 58 out of 60 while Zen & Val got 55 out of 60. Zen & Val’s first routine’s score was only 25. Why only 25 since she has been getting high scores the past weeks? Her quickstep was a kind of a mess, according to Carrie Ann and while Bruno said Zen lost her frame and footwork a couple of times. They got perfect on their second routine though.

Meanwhile, the lowest scoring couple was Ingo & Kym. They got a total score of 51 last night. Their Samba was sloppy while their second dance was said to the their best dance, according to Len.

With these scores, Ingo & Kym could be the couple to go home tonight. Are we in for a shocking results? We’ll find that out tonight.

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Update: Ingo & Kym got eliminated! Who do you think will win this season? Please do answer our poll below. Thanks!


– Pros and the troupe perform!

– Kellie and Derek got the encore – they danced Argentine Tango

– Sophia Lucia with the troupe and pros perform! (Sohpia breaks the Guiness World Record for the most pirouettes)

– The Wanted performs “Fill a Heart”

– Avril Lavigne performs!



Jacoby & Karina – in the finals!

Kellie & Derek – in the finals!

Zen & Val – in jeopardy!  in the finals!

Ingo & Kym – in jeopardy! eliminated!

Aly & Mark – in the finals!



1. Jacoby & Karina

2. Kellie & Derek

3. Aly & Mark

4. Zen & Val

23 thoughts on “Who got voted off Dancing with the Stars May 14, 2013 Elimination 5/14/13

  1. No he will not be missed. For every bad dancer that goes home, another good dancer gets to stay. Come on people! We have to remember that voting competitions are almost never fair. People like Zen who come from Disney usually go on the 4th week. Getting the votes is what you aim for. Forget judges scores. If a judge gives you a 5, That doesn’t automatically mean that the voters will feel the same. Just last week Kelly and Derek got a 7 from Len. I asked some of my friend what they thought and they said that it was completely unfair. Although I believe that Len was right and that the paso was not “Pasoee” enough, people like my friends will vote for her. All in all, Ingo needs to go for the better of the finals. I mean, how would you feel if the real top four dancers weren’t dancing next week but Ingo was?

  2. It’s the season it should end up with all girls in the final. Jacoby is not as good as any of them. And you voters should now be voting for the best NOT the most populas

  3. There is justice in this world! Can’t wait for next week! Everyone be here cuz it is the best place to get your info. You guys are awesome.

    Yeah! Ingo & Kim went home! 😉 🙂 😀

  4. Zendaya really needs 2 go home. I think that it is cheating when a hip hop dancer gets to dance hip hop. Should have given her afro jazz. Kellie and Derek all the way!!!!

    • I agree iSeeStarz. Zendaya is on there because she is a Disney star in the first place…and ABC is owned by Disney. Also, she has a lot of experience in her past and they put her against stars who have not. But this show is never fair…not even the judges.

      • Spant, you are as stupid as iSeeStarz! The voters chose the dance she was going to do, not the judge! Come on people! Don’t you see what you are doing? Weather or not Disney owned ABC or not, Disney would still want someone representing them on the show to bring in more viewers to the channel. Btw, Zen does not have that much experience even as a hip hop dancer. She started doing hip hop when she joined Shake it up. Even then she wasn’t really learning hip hop, just imitating moves.

    • You can’t rat on Zen for getting something the people voted for. So what she got hip hop! It’s not like the judges chose it to give her an advantage. It’s like saying the Ally should have went home because she has a very broad gymnastics background. That helps her with dancing incredibly. This is a competition. People are always going to have some advantage, all the way down to women generally being better at this game than men. Just stick to watching the program and voting on what you see. Obviously you don’t know any things so you can’t go off of that.

    • u leave Zen alone! She’s probably a better dancer than you’ll ever be! And guess what? IT’S LUCK U IDIOT!!!!!!! She didn’t pick it so LEAVE HER ALONE!!!!!! ZSwagger forevs

  5. I love how people say Zen is cheating because she got to dance Hip Hop. The public tweeted for her to dance Hip Hop. If you felt it was unfair you could have prevented it by tweeting your vote.

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