Who got voted off Dancing with the Stars May 15, 2012 Elimination 5/15/12

It’s the results show once again on Dancing With the Stars and tonight, we’ll find out who will be the final three dance couples who will battle it out for the Mirror Ball trophy next week. Who will these couples be and which couple will be saying goodbye tonight?

After getting one of the lowest scores last week, Maria & Derek topped the leaderboard getting an overall total score of 59 out of 60. They got a perfect score of 30 for their Argentine Tango and a total of 29 for their Jive routine. For their first routine Len was totally caught up during the entire dance and Bruno thought it was fabulous. They also liked the Jive even if Maria had a little stumble. Will they make it to the finale next week?

Judges favorite William & Cheryl placed second getting an overall total of 58. They got a total score of 28 for their Tango and a perfect score of 30 for their Samba. They started the night that made Len said this is the best semi-finals ever and though Carrie Ann noticed the mistake, she thought everything else was amazing. Their second routine also made Carrie Ann said that they lived up to every expectation and Len said he’s never looked at man’s burn for so long.  Is their spot at the finale already secured?

Donald & Peta got the third highest score overall, having a total of 57. They got a total score of 28 for their Waltz and 29 for their Samba. Even if there were a few times that he missed some of the steps, the judges thought it was beautiful and that he’s got the emotion on the dance floor this time. They also liked their Samba thinking they did a fabulous job. We actually didn’t expect Donald & Peta not at the bottom of the leaderboard last night. Do their score mean that they will be in the final three?

Katherine & Mark got the lowest score overall. They got a total score of 29 for their Quickstep and a total score of 27 for their Salsa. The judges also liked their routines even if Len brought up about the foot error. Katherine also made some little mistake at the end of their Salsa but the judges told her it could happen to anybody thought it cost their team some precious scores. Will they be in the final three?

It’s hard to predict the couple to leave tonight. Many says it could be Maria & Derek while some says it could be Katherine & Mark. Some say it could be Donald & Peta too. There are a few who think William & Cheryl will be sent home. Will your predictions be correct?

Anyway, Julianne Hough  will be performing together with her “Rock of Ages” co-star Diego Boneta. Alanis Morissette and Carrie Underwood are set to perform tonight. Carrie Underwood will be singing “Good Girl” while Alanis Morissette will sing “Guardian”. The “Macy’s Stars of Dance” will also have their final performance this season to a Samba routine.

Again, we’ll give live updates during the show. While waiting for it, you can follow us on Twitter, add us on Google Plus or like us on Facebook for updates on DWTS and other reality shows. Who gets eliminated on Dancing With the Stars May 15, 2012 and who are the final three couples? Results will be posted.

Update: Maria & Derek got voted off!

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William & Cheryl got the encore performing Samba…

Video showing Katherine saying sorry to Mark for what happened last night…

What the pro-dancers have to say about the celebrities – Mark says Maria is the dark horse in the competition, Derek says William really excel and 10 for Foxtrot which is fantastic, Petra thinks Donald’s competitor in the competition is William,Cheryl says Katherine’s got great leg action.

Macy’s Stars of Dance featuring Tristan MacManus and Chelsie Hightower to a Samba.

Alanis Morissette performs her new single “Guardian”

Rock of Ages stars perform featuring Julianne Hough and Mary J. Blige

Carrie Underwood performs “Good Girl”



Katherine & Mark – in the finals!

Maria & Derek – in jeopardy!

William & Cheryl – in the finals!

Donald & Peta – in jeopardy! in the finals!



Katherine & Mark

William & Cheryl

Donald & Peta

92 thoughts on “Who got voted off Dancing with the Stars May 15, 2012 Elimination 5/15/12

  1. Derek and Maria were getting high scores for a reason, wow they got ripped off. Might have been annoying, but as a former dance teacher they were defintely the best.

  2. Derek and Maria wowed the audience and the judges and that Argentine Tango was the best! I can’t figure out how the people of the US make up their minds. It sure isn’t who is the best dancer as Maria was outstanding and Derek his usual great choreographer.

  3. Wow! I’m frickin’ livid!!! The judges need to be eliminated like they eliminate awesome dancers. I cannot believe the whiner Katherine got to move to the finals over Maria. I shut the show off after I saw Maria and Derek get eliminated. I will not be watching the rest. I like Donald and peta but I can promise mark and Katherine will win BC she is the judges favorite. What a rotten end to season 14!!!

  4. Derek & Maria were the BEST! We are so disapppointed to see the BEST couple voted off before the finals. How does the BEST couple get voted off? We guess it must be a popularity contest and not a dancing contest.
    A #1 Rip-off!

  5. Sooo predictable. I’ve watched the show since season 1 and over the years ive come to learn that this competition isn’t based on talent, it’s based on popularity. By the way, isn’t it funny and a coincidence that SO many dwts “celebrities” have been on celebrity ghost story?! That’s what I hate, they’ll say or do whatever they need to to get attention. Check it out, or research it, you’ll see im right. It’s sickening! I still keep coming back to watch though – why is that?

  6. Really shocked–they should have been in the final three especially after their recent scores. I am happy that Katherine made it through. It is up to her to push it through though.

  7. I’m a tango dancer myself. I wasn’t too impressed with Maria’s Tango performance, it wasn’t really that great. But I agree with “shannon” above, I also have noticed, obviously the judges’ favorite is that Katherine( and Mark), she’s full of drama. The teary- eyed effect was good in the beginning of the season, but pleeeeease enough with that. If you watch closely her dancing, is not at all how the judges showered her with superlatives. I don’t see it. So that leaves the two men who should be the finalists. At least both men are not the pros. So we will really see who deserves to win!

  8. I might have to stop watching one of my favorite shows. America is definately not voting for the best dancers. Isn’t this suppose to be about the best dancers? What were they thinking?

  9. Omg i am so hooked on dancing with the stars but i don’t think its fare people don’t vote for how they dance i think they r voting for how they look i hope Katherine wins she deserves it

    • Why don’t you get a life. Now we all know who your “favorite’s” are and that is how (unfortunately) the vote’s come in. POPULARITY,..get it !!? That’s the name of the game.

  10. The BEST DANCERS voted off!!!!!! I don’t plan on watching it the rest of the time left…..very sad and upset

  11. The Final Four ALL deserve The Mirror Ball. It’s miserable that anyone had to go home. (Regarding voting – a popularity contest or for dancing – remember when Bristol stayed week after week after week?)

  12. i am just recently reading the comments and i am in shock that Maria and Derek are gone i missed the results show tonight and logged on to catch up even though im team Doanld and Peta all the way they Derek and Maria worked hard and earned their spot in the finals in my opion i know it should’nt be a shock i stopped watching American Idol yrs. ago when i realized it was a popularity contest and not a talent show but i am a true dwts fan first Maksim and Brandy were robbed now Derek and Maria what a mess but i look foward to the dwts allstars next season and hope to see Brandy and Maria back!!!!

  13. Yes it is a surprise, should of been Donald off, but if you watched the tango Derick carried her thru it about 75%,of the routine and clearly the best and most graceful is Kathrine, NO ???? She was the best from day one, I’m sorry to say.And the people say the truth and are getting better at picking the best.

  14. Maria and derek ate the best this season. Derek is truly a genious- nobody can choreograph as great as him! I think the show is fixed and they didnt want derek to win again. He is amazing! Cheryl and william are gonna win cause the judges loves him- especially bruno. Its not fair!!! Maria can dance and got robbed!! Cant watch show anymore and see the fat show off cheryl win.

  15. America got annoyed by Maria on Monday’s performance. She acted like a fool as if she had already won the Mirror Ball. If she only kept her composure and still asked for Americas vote instead of acting like a buffoon, then maybe she could have gotten another chance. Maybe next time she’ll stop jumping off everyone!

  16. And Maria didn’t cry? Every show it looked like Maria was going for the sympathy vote, she would cry over anything. Hey, the viewers have to support the overall winner. Talent is one thing, it is also about how the celeb connects with their fan base. The last 4 couples were all good. Katherine has been a great dancer all the way up until the fated mis-step. She deserves to be in the finals as did Maria by her scores. Her behavior the last night of competition is what cost her votes. Great to be excited yet some self control was necessary.

  17. It should not be up to the fans the judges need to go big time!!! Maria was way better than william. I don’t care if he’s hot or sexy he ca’t dance he’s like a stiff rock!!! And Katherine yeah she messed up what’s with that she should’ve went home instead of maria!!!

  18. Katherine should have gone, no one commented on the jumping up and down, ah back injury or did she mess up and was totally embarassed. I bow to the later she cannot handle loss. I think the judges are racists especially Len as to Donald.

  19. Katherine and Mark is the best….she work very very hard right from the start. I am glad America did not let her go home- she’s definitely one of the best.

  20. My husband and I are the biggest dwts fans of all.
    After Maria and Derick got voted off, could care who
    wins now. They were the BEST from day one. What
    a SHOCK that was to see them leave.. A real shame. Of course a pretty boy and a sports figure would get
    more votes. This world is very ill. Maria and Derick
    did not have a chance for votes. Popularity is all that
    this show is about and that is VERY SAD!!!!!!

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