Who got voted off Dancing with the Stars May 7, 2013 Elimination 5/7/13

One of the six remaining dance couples will be eliminated in tonight’s Dancing With the Stars 2013 week 8 results show. Who won’t make it to next week’s competition?

Two dance routines were performed last night. The first routine was an unlearned dance while the second routine was a dance trio.

Zen & Val got the highest score last night, getting an overall total of 58 out of 60. Aly & Mark placed second with a score of 56. Kellie & Derek are in the third spot getting a total score of 55.

Meanwhile, Jacoby & Karina got a total score of 52. Ingo & Kym got 48 and Sean & Peta got only 42.

From these scores and if the people are going to vote it right, Sean & Peta will be going home. But based from last week’s results, the dance couple was safe from elimination so we’ll see if it’s them or it’s Ingo & Kym.

There might be some surprising results as well if it’s not them to get the boot. We’ll find that out tonight.

For the musical guests, Jason DeRulo will be performing his current single “The Other Side” and Emeli Sande will be performing her new single “Heaven” and hit song “Next to Me”. Plus, expect lots of other performances.

As always. live updates will be provided. Refresh your browser during the show to get the latest results. Follow us on Twitter, add us on Google Plus or like us on Facebook while waiting for it. Who will move on to the next round and who gets eliminated on Dancing With the Stars May 7, 2013? Results will be posted.

Update: Sean & Peta got eliminated!


– Zen & Val with Gleb



Ingo & Kym – in the semifinals!

Kellie & Derek – in jeopardy! really?? in the semifinals!

Zen & Val – in the semifinals!

Jacoby & Karina – in jeopardy! in the semifinals!

Aly & Mark – in the semifinals!

Sean & Peta – in jeopardy! – ELIMINATED!



1. Ingo & Kym

2. Zen & Val

3. Kellie & Derek

4. Jacoby & Karina

5. Aly & Mark


21 thoughts on “Who got voted off Dancing with the Stars May 7, 2013 Elimination 5/7/13

  1. Wait wait wait hold up…. Kellie and Derek in jeopardy?? Omg this show is done for good! Len I want u to hit the road straight home and don’t come back. Goshhhhhh am madddd

  2. Just because Derek and Kellie are in “jeopardy” doesn’t mean they really are. I think they do that with 3 couples and one is safe and was no where near being in the bottom two from my understanding. I think they do that so we sit on the edge of our seat 🙂 I would not be shocked if Jacoby goes because he isn’t one of the top dancers.

  3. I’m going to hope Kellie and Derek were put into the bottom three as a red herring to create drama – and not because voters thought Len’s tirade last night was appropriate. While Len is certainly entitled to his opinion, delivering it like a spoiled petulant brat was uncalled for.

  4. is this a two week total and Kellie/Derek have no votes from last week because they were safe? how does that work..I am in CA can’t see the show but don’t like what I am seeing here

  5. I am NOT happy about that either 🙁 I think Jacoby deserved to go before Sean..just my opinion. Jacoby wasn’t terrible by any means. I think the final 3 will be Ali, Zen and Kellie anyhow. Poor Sean. 🙁

  6. Pay backs a bitch isn’t it Sean. You’ve L-O-N-G wore out your welcome. Don’t let the door hit you in your ass on the way out.

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