Who got voted off Dancing with the Stars November 1, 2011 Elimination 11/1/11

Dancing with the Stars Elimination Results November 1, 2011 will have the couple among the top 6 with the lowest votes leave. Will it also be the couple with the lowest score who won’t be dancing next week? Who do you think will get kicked off Dancing with the Stars 11/1/11?

The couples performed two dances last night, the individual and team dances. The scores from the team dance were added to the individual dance. Ricki and Derek are on top of the leaderboard once again, with their total score of 53 out of 60. They are followed by Rob & Cheryl in second place with a score of 51 and surprisingly Hope & Maks in third place with a total score of 50.

J.R. & Karina did well in their individual dance getting 25. However, they only got 23 during the team dance so their total score is only 48, placing them fourth. David & Kym are one point behind J.R. & Karina’s score so they are in the fifth place. That makes Nancy & Tristan in last place with a total combined score of only 44. Her footwork was off last night.

Will Nancy Grace be the celebrity to go home tonight, or is it Hope? It could be David too. Who didn’t America voted off or who got the lowest votes?

By the way, we’ve create a poll on who do you think will win this season. Check it out – Who wins Dancing with the Stars 13? We want to know your votes, thanks!

The performers tonight is Justin Bieber and Boyz II Men. They will collaborate for a TV premiere of a Christmas song from Bieber’s Christmas Album which also hits the store today.

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Update: David & Kym got voted off! Thoughts?

Justin Bieber performs!

Nancy & Tristan – in the bottom two!

Rob & Cheryl – safe!

Ricki & Derek – safe!

J.R. & Karina – safe!

Hope & Maks – safe!

David & Kym – in the bottom two!

37 thoughts on “Who got voted off Dancing with the Stars November 1, 2011 Elimination 11/1/11

  1. You did a grrrrrrr88888888888 Jive NANCY & Tristan,
    the judge’s eyes were covered up~daaaaaah!! PRAY you two stay on & that mama’s baby robbie goes
    slip slidin’ AWAY~~~weeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!!!!

  2. PRAISE GOD, NANCY & the handsome Irish gent, Tristan are on for another week, hoooooooray,
    hip hip hip hooooooooray!!!!!!!!!! It’s MORE than time 4 mama’s boy/baby robbie to go home and then Hope!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! YES! YES! YES! NANCY & Tristan!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. I can’t believe they voted David off. That is just wrong. Hope is the weakest dancer. I figured he would last at least 2 more weeks. WOW

  4. Surprised. Nancy seems to be this season’s Bristol Palin. Her fan base is speaking loud and strong. David was simply a better dancer.

  5. Sorry to see David go. I thought he might be in there till final 5 or 4. But looks like Nancy’s fan base is larger and they are keeping her in the game still. Remember, David back in week 2 WAS in the bottom 2. That’s the only time they said both people up for elimination were the true bottom two vote getters. All other eliminations they have said the last two “are not necessarily the bottom two vote getters”. Keeping that in mind, that would explain why David was eliminated before Nancy. Unfortunately, David’s fan base is not as large as Nancy’s.

  6. On the plus side, at least we get to see Tristan again. He’s very cute and seems like a sweet guy. He’s also a great pro dancer. Can you imagine how fantastic his routines would be with a better celebrity dancing partner? That would be nice to see next season.

    At least this is a new pro dancer who is being given the chance to showcase his dancing talents to the public. The other two new pros were voted off the first two weeks – they aren’t very memorable. Tristan has been incredibly patient and kind to Nancy Grace. And it’s nice to see a new pro dancer with such a kind and positive demeanor. And I’m glad that at least Tristan is getting a chance to build up his fan base. Even though people may not like Nancy, I think fans are responding to Tristan.

  7. Nancy Grace is a loud mouth fat b*tch. She should be thrown out just like Chaz. Fatso just walking around the dance floor. By the way , they slow all of her music down compared to the rest who are at full speed now. She needs it slower so she can walk the dance floor slower and not be out of breath. I cant stand her. Slob. David should still be there. This show is a joke now.

  8. I predict Hope will be out next week, followed by Nancy, then Rob. I believe final two will be JR and Ricki. And JR will win the mirror ball trophy. Yeah JR!

  9. I don’t know why I’m shocked cuz this show borders on the ridiculous as far as voting goes..Nancy is incredibly slooooow, wouldn’t know rhythm if it slapped her face and yet is REALLY convinced she’s good. Hope is so flat footed she’s being dragged around by Max, has a miserable attitude and doesn’t have a sexy bone in her body..that these two are here and David, who has such an upbeat attitude and has improved every single week is gone is just wrong. And all the negative chatter thrown at Rob is sour grapes..at least he’s trying and still smiles when he doesn’t do it all right. For those that have forgotten, the name of the show begins with “Dancing”!!!!! You want popularity, watch American Idol.

  10. Wow. I figured either Nancy or Hope but David kind of came out of nowhere. Although they were in 2nd to last place and Nancy does have more fans keeping her around. I guess it just goes to show you never know with this season who’s going home next.

  11. Well drats! The only reason Nancy is staying is because she is part of the same network this is running on. This is awful. She is awful. She is rude, self-centered(although I don’t know what about), a terrible partner, insecure, nasty, and downright arrogant. I think she should have gone long ago, but the game is played the way the game is played.

  12. With Nancy staying so long with so few attributes… it says the results are absolutely rigged. She is probably guaranteed some extra weeks. I think she is the worst representation of an American Woman there is. I cannot imagine those poor children’s lives, and her husband, my God, I would bet she wears the pants in that family.


  14. Nancy or Hope should have been eliminated
    in a heartbeat.
    I also think DWTS needs a new panel of judges…I agree with Max! It’s time for
    all of them (not just Len)to retire! They
    are mean, nasty, insensitive, and rude.
    And the nerve of Carrie calling herself
    taking up for Len…OMG!
    Funny…when Max gives them a taste of
    their own medicine, he’s labeled a badass…
    but hey, that’s what makes him sexy…Geez!

  15. I, personally, have always had a hard time watching Makx on this show, as I find him so arrogant ~ and WHY he feels that showing off his chest is a good thing is beyond me!!!! So, though I am hoping to see J.R. and Katrina the winners (with Nancy and Tristan in second) I am looking forward to the evening that Makx will be eliminated ~ hopefully this coming week???

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