Who got voted off Dancing with the Stars November 15, 2011 Elimination 11/15/11

The Dancing with the Stars semi-finals elimination results will be tonight, November 8, 2011. We won’t be seeing one of the dance couples next week since this couple will be sent home tonight. Who will be included in the final three? Are you ready to find out if your favorite couple makes it and which couple got kicked off?

The four remaining dance couples performed three routines last night. Ricki & Derek bounced back last night and grabbed the top spot from J.R. & Karina. They got a total score of 59 for the first two dances and they were ranked second in the Cha Cha Cha relay. Rob & Cheryl are in second place getting a total of 55 for their first two dances and first place in the Cha Cha Cha relay. J.R. & Karina got a total score of 50 plus 6 so that’s 56 for all three dances. J.R. got an injured ankle so that, most probably, affected his performance.

Meanwhile, Hope & Maks got the lowest score last night, with a total of only 45 in the first two dances and ranked fourth in the relay competition. Having this score, this could mean they are the next couple that will be sent home, unless they have more fans than Rob or J.R.

Will there be shocking results tonight?

By the way, The cast of “The Muppets” and pop group Cobra Starship are the guests for tonight. Also, it’s the final Macy’s Star of Dance performance which will feature Lady Gaga’s “Bad Romance”.

So who’s leaving tonight? Have you answered our poll on Who wins Dancing with the Stars 13? So far, the result says J.R. & Karina will win, followed by Ricki & Derek then Rob & Cheryl in third place. Do you agree?

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Update: Hope & Maks got voted off! Any thoughts?

Rob & Cheryl performs

Cobra Starship feat. Sabi performs

More performances blah blah blah…



Rob & Cheryl – in the finals!

Hope & Maks -in jeopardy!

J.R. & Karina – in jeopardy! in the finals!

Ricki & Derek – in the finals!

Maks to Hope – I wish I could have been better for you…

138 thoughts on “Who got voted off Dancing with the Stars November 15, 2011 Elimination 11/15/11

  1. I’ve been rooting for J.R. since the beginning but I have to say I agree with what Max did with Len. The contestants have to realize they will be judged when they accept the invitation to come on the show but the judges need to realize something, too. They are not judging people who know what they’re doing. They are judging people who may never have even heard of some of these dances before. They are not in a profressional environment. They are in a public forum where families are watching and somebody’s parent or child may be sitting within shouting distance of the judges table. It is very different than a professional environment and, instead of Carrie Ann talking about respect, the need to give more respect themselves. I admit I was counting the days until Chaz went home but how does calling somebody an animal, an Ewok, a teddy bear, etc. help improve their dancing? It’s ignorant and demeaning. Even Lacey Scwhimmer objected to the way Chaz was treated and the judges do that all the time. It’s possible to set the bar very high, to be very very picky, and to constructively critique a performance without being an a__hole and the judges need to learn that.

  2. bout time! I’m sooo sick of Maks and his attitude. He’s a great dancer but he seriously can’t believe that Hope even comes close to the other 3…can he? She should’ve been gone waaay b4 now. Rob did so good last nite…not gonna win, but really the most improved. JR got hurt but is still great and Ricki looked looser than last week. good job America..you got it right!

  3. Rob is not a star weather it be television radio news athletic movie B movies included…I don’t consider reality tv people stars…that’s not just Rob but every reality person who’s invited…many wud say Chaz shouldn’t be there but as a child appeared on his parents show…Nancy is a reporter of sorts….I don’t know who he is…he is the brother of that girl in the sex tape…that’s how I would explain who he is….imo

  4. I like JR I think he is a true hero, but I want people to judge him on his dancing. I know JR wouldn’t want any sympathy votes. Let’s make it fair! Judge on their dancing, if he’s the best then vote for him. Rob is catching up to him and Rikki is right there on there toes. Good Luck to them all. Let’s just be fair!

  5. I’ve been watching every show,every season, from the beginning….Rob has improved greatly,but Cheryl always brings out the best in her partners…Ricki, think she’s losing her stride, just getting tired(aren’t we all)so….if this one doesnt go to JR, who’s been rockin it with Miss Karina from the jump, then I too, don’t want to watch anymore……

  6. My vote is for JR who is such a trooper. I hope all of America votes for him. Also, I would love to see him make him all the way to the finals and pick up the mirror ball trophy!
    Go Jr, go!

  7. I want either Ricki or Jr to win. I think Rob has improved a lot! I think it’s too late though. I think Ricki or Jr deserve it. They have been neck and neck all season and are really good.

  8. little mo i agree too even though i like the karrdahians hoppe and mx didnt have to go they were the only people who stood up to the judges

  9. I am torn between JR and Ricki they both have talent and I have always been a big fan of talented people, Rob had gotten better and he is so adorable but mostly his name has gotten him this far, there were others that were way more talented but, its a popularity contest not a dance competition

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