Who got voted off Dancing with the Stars November 16 2010 Elimination 11/16/10

Dancing with the Stars Elimination Results November 16, 2010 is surely be one exciting night to find out who will be the final three pairs. Who will be sent home? Are you excited to know who gets kicked off Dancing with the Stars 11/16/10? Updates will be here once again live as the show airs on ABC. Do you have any guesses as who will be the final three?

Two routines were performed yesterday with each team performing two unlearned ballroom dances. The highest scorer was Jennifer & Derek, who got a perfect score of 60 out of 60. They were followed by surprisingly getting good each week, Kyle & Lacey, getting a total score of 58. Brandy & Maks surprisingly falls third, getting a total of 57. Lastly, as expected, Bristol & Mark got the lowest score of 53.

Bristol & Mark did well on their routines though, with Bristol getting a hug from Carrie Ann after dancing Paso Doble for dancing it well and the judges telling her that’s why she really had a journey and she really worked her way to the stage.

Annie Lennox and Enrique Iglesias will be the guest performers tonight, while the results are announced in between.

Will there be all three lady celebrities at the finale next week, or will Bristol & Mark be eliminated this time? It could also be Brandy & Maks. What do you think guys? As always, thanks for leaving your comments to share your opinions. It’s very much appreciated. Please share your thoughts once again via the comment form.

Live updates will be here once again. Be the first to know who was voted off, eliminated on Dancing with the Stars November 16, 2010 results.

Please vote, let’s see who many thinks will be the winner – Who wins Dancing with the Stars Season 11? (Poll)

Updates: Brandy & Maks were eliminated!

Brandy & Maks performs Argentine Tango

Annie Lenox performs

Jennifer & Derek – in the finals!

Bristol asked if she deserves to be in the finals – she said she deserves to be in the finals because she has come a long way she started as a nobody (something like that)

Another performance by Annie Lenox

Kyle & Lacey – in the finals!

Enrique Iglesias performs

Bristol & Mark – in the finals!

Brandy’s about to cry!!!

Brooke says it’s such a shock

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  3. I can’t believe Bristol is staying. She should of went home weeks ago.
    You’d think the girl would finally want to do something on her own merit instead of her mom campaigning on Facebook for her.
    She’s stiff, awkward, and needs to go home.

  4. Oh enough! So her mom was campaigning for her, I wish my mom supported me as well! If Bristol’s mom was a Democrat, no one and I mean no one would be making a stink whatsoever!

  5. Hey Diana and others, Bristol is on the show because people obviously voted to keep her on, what’s wrong with that? I don’t think Kyle has any business getting as far as he did but there he is. So many ppl thought Brandy could just “waltz” her way to the top that she wouldn’t need the votes to get to the top, well, they thought wrong. Like realistically, it’s Bristol’s fault that she got where she is. Blame the people who did NOT vote for Brandy. At least Bristol has a good healthy attitude about the whole thing.

  6. This is suppose to be a dance competition not a political agenda! Bristol should have been voted off weeks ago. She has improved somewhat, but lets face it Max and Brandy are far far better.

  7. May god bless u jerry. I will keep u in my prayers. My mother taught me better. I will not lower myself to ur level. I hope one day u will realize your mistake in life and I truly hope u will change your views one day before its to late. The lord is my shepherd. I shall not want………..and I shall not be as ignorant as u

  8. Antionette and Cheryl, thanks for your responses! I feel so much better now. JERRY – there u go again with those prejudiced comments. You don’t act like any tea party member that I’ve ever met. Maybe you’re a liberal plant trying to make us look racist. ANTIONETTE – you did great this time ignoring his stupid baiting. I wonder if we just start ignoring everything Jerry says, he’ll go away. But it’s so hard to ignore him cuz I don’t want my silence to look like white folks agree with him.

  9. Maksim has always been my fave, but this season he acted like a jerk a few times. With Brandy gone, I’m pulling for Kyle. His dancing gets better & better, he’s entertaining, lovable, & always cheerful! Jennifer Gray is always good but she has a lot more dancing experience!

  10. I am so sad to see Brandy go. People didnt vote for her for what ever reason. They just thought she had it. I voted every time for her. She was really good. Bristol is there because of votes, and only for votes. I feel she is to stiff and shows no emotion when she dances. Jennifer should when. She has it all out of the three that are left.

  11. As in all sports or events, the best doesn’t always win. Is Brandi a better dancer, absolutely. But obviously she doesn’t have a “loyal” support following willing to pick up the phone and vote for her, who’s fault is that. Don’t want Bristol to win, pick up the phone!

  12. Exactly!!

    Oh boo hoo:

    Oh enough! So her mom was campaigning for her, I wish my mom supported me as well! If Bristol’s mom was a Democrat, no one and I mean no one would be making a stink whatsoever!

  13. wow… wow… WOW…. how cruel liberals can be… 🙁


    Kudos to Bristol and Mark? You’ve got to be kiddin’ me??
    Why don’t you apply to get on the show, then — again, I thought this was a DANCE competition — it’s not “let’s see if your neighbor can put one foot in front of the other — not!”
    Besides, that, I agree: how in the world is Bristol a star? Are you kidding me? Pregnant at 17, paraded around on political platforms during one of the most historic elections in our history? Trust, if one of President Obama’s girls had been of age and pregnant, the story would have been a whole lot different! What happened to all the “American values”? Or is it that it’s okay to spread your legs, so long as you don’t get caught — but even if you do and your mom’s some rightwing inarticulate, illogical politician, then all’s well? I think I can see Russia from here, too!
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  14. How cruel you all are – except the ones who aren’t throwing names around.

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    Seems to be a common theme with non-liberals, shall I say (or Tea Partiers or Republicans, etc). How IGNORANT to compare a teenager (non-star on her mom’s coattails!) to Midterm elections and President Obama.

    Those correlations were started by nonliberals . . . read the history; then do a little history and following thinking and trends of people who are so obviously racist.

    Then you and I can talk.

    Until then, have a great day!

    Also, I’ll have to commend Brandy and Maks for their attempt at being so gracious, despite this farce. Hopefully at some point they’ll share their true opinions on the matter. I disagree with Maks trying to convince everyone to continue watching and voting! I won’t bother with the pretense. Let’s see Bristol win and they let’s see ABC explain that!!!

  16. Cheryl, it’s pretty obvious you’re a liberal yourself.

    And by the way, clean up your own backyard before you come back on here and start bashing everybody.

  17. Demi,

    Well, at least you’ve got your talking points — rather antics — correct: Deflect. Deflect. Deflect!

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  18. Whatever, Cheryl. I will not argue with you just to have an exchange of ignorance anymore. To be conscious that you are ignorant of the facts is a great step to knowledge.

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