Who got voted off Dancing with the Stars November 2 2010 Elimination 11/2/10

Dancing with the Stars Elimination Results November 2, 2010 is another exciting night to know the celebrity contestant that will be sent home. Will we be given surprising results for the third time, or it will be as expected? Have any guess as who gets kicked off Dancing with the Stars 11/2/10? Updates will be posted below.

The pairs danced the same routine and music as the guest judge assigned to them. Brandy & Maksim, who got the highest score of 64 out of a possible score of 70 performed the same routine as Gilles Marini, while Jennifer & Derek, also the top performer, had Drew Lachey as their guest judge.

Rick & Cheryl whose guest judge was Helio Castroneves, and Kurt & Anna whose guest judge was Emmitt Smith, both got a total score of 61.

Kyle & Lacey, whose guest judge was Mel B, got a score of 59 and Bristol & Mark, whose guest judge was Kelly Osbourne, got a total score of 57.

Tonight, with Taylor Swift and Rod Stewart as the guest performers, will Bristol & Mark be finally be eliminated, or an unexpected is about to happen again? What’s your thoughts? Any opinions?

Can’t wait for updates? Find out the couple who was voted off, eliminated on Dancing with the Stars November 2, 2010 results soon.

Updates: Rick & Cheryl were eliminated!

Brandy & Maks – safe

Jennifer & Derek – safe

Kurt & Anna – safe

Taylor Swift performs

Bristol & Mark – safe!!!

Kyle & Lacey – safe

29 thoughts on “Who got voted off Dancing with the Stars November 2 2010 Elimination 11/2/10

  1. Bristol and Mark are the most interesting couple on the floor with the biggest room for improvement. They deserve to stay another week.

  2. Bristol may not be the best dancer but I admire her for trying. When there are actors/singers (like last years winner!) they have a huge advantage. Hope Bristol stays for another round.

  3. I think that Bristol should go and now!!!!!!!!!! Almost all of the others are better than her and deserve to stay!!!!! Ugh!!!!

  4. I think Bristol needs to go. However saying that she has no experience at all & she works really hard every week. When this show started it was about non dancers @ all. Now it seems each season they get more & more professional actors etc with some type of dance. It’s like American Idol….It started with kids that didn’t have alot of experience & now they have alot. Go back to the original format when Drew Lachey was on.

  5. Jennifer should have gone. She’s liable to break down physically or mentally and it would be a courtesy to let her off gracefully than watch the meltdown on public TV.

  6. Rick and Cheryl were eliminated??? What is going on? Why is still Bristol still in the competition? Kudos to her for coming out and doing the show, but she is clearly not good at all. I mean, in comparison to the other dancers, it is very obvious that she is struggling to keep up.

  7. Bristol needs to stay. She works hard and gets better every week. She’s the underdog. The athletes should all go and Jennifer should go too. She is a drama queen although a great dancer. But for anyone that does not remember, she had some dance training and her father was a great dancer so how fair is that. Brandy has dance training too although for her singing gig but she still needed to learn. So we are left with Bristol and Kyle, the only ones that are getting better each week and have no training whatsoever.

  8. While it is true that Bristol works hard and gets better every week, so do all the others, but even so, Bristol should have been gone from the very beginning. She is not good at all and she needs to go. I see Bristol almost as bad as Kate Gosslin was. She walks through her dance steps and lacks umph! She is not enthusiatic enough, just like Kate. Several better dancers than her have been eliminated, so obviously, much about this competition is based on a popularity contest, rather than an honest to goodness performance. The longer Bristol stays and the more they butter her up, the more I’m convinced that DWTS is fixed, to a certain extent, and the only reason that she remains is because of her mother and the possibility that Sarah may run for President. DWTS is kissing up. I’m very disappointed. What’s more, there should be Best Male and Best Female winners because their roles in dancing are different, therefore, it is not a fair competition to begin with. If Bristol continues to remain after this week, I will seriously consider not watching DWTS ever again!!

  9. Everyone that says “Bristol needs to go” are what is known on the internet as Chat Trolls….just stop playing hatred for someone you hate’s daughter.. she has more talent in her urine then kyle does in his entire life….and olivia, if you dont watch DWTS ever again … i promise the ratings wont suffer your little jealous rage.

  10. The idea of the show is how much non professionals improve.
    Bristol has no dancing background and IS improving every week. Isn’t that what this is it about? The votes she is getting every week from the public are getting it…..try to encourage her folks, not bad mouth her .

  11. Is it possible ya’all who are down on Bristol is because her mother is Sarah Palin???? hummmm? She’s doing quite well, leave her alone.

  12. It is clear this is all set up for ratings or Bristol who is stiffer than a board would have been eliminated long ago. Just like Kate G. She sucked as well but was kept on for ratings.no more DWTS for me and my friends, we know crap TV when we see it.

  13. Bristol needs to go. She should have been gone before the Situation. She’s boring and messes up almost everytime and her face is always FLAT when she “dances”. She doesn’t know how to be sexy when the time calls for it. For all the people saying that she should stay, you’re blind as heck. And for all the people mad at the people saying she should go because you think she should stay, you’re crazy, dumb and blind. She sucks, and has from the very beginning.

  14. The fix is on…. smile… its a big joke… no salvation in it at all… except for egos… is it about dancing or popularity… when the judges want you to go look at their riduculouly low scores… the whole thing is entertaining but in reality a Brobdingnagian mess… it TV entertainment guys … suck up and enjoy it or turn it off… the rating will still be high … and the winner is….
    from EL

  15. The 1st few seasons of DWTS were about true new BALLROOM talents, then it got to be about popularity and who the voters are. I agreed that if you have older contestants with buck-load of dancing experience (formal or non-formal) competing against “virgin-in-dancing” and “young” contestants liked Kyle and Bristol, then it’s not a true competition and those “experienced” contestant who ends up with the trophy, they really didn’t compete.

  16. Bristol needs to go. Yes she is not a performer and yes she is trying hard, but she really sucks. It is painful to watch her dance, or at least try to. If this truly is a competition about skill and practice and dancing she should have gone home along time ago.

  17. As far as I am concerned, sadly, it has gotten
    political this year. Bristol is in no way a
    star in the first place and isn’t the name of the show….Dancing With The Stars. She is
    uncomfortable and does not want to “let loose”
    and wants to be home in Alaska with her son.
    So, public, let her go!!! No way, should Rick
    have been voted off
    The judges votes should count for 60% and
    not 50%!!!! Hope the producers can get their
    heads together and come up with some better
    rules for being on the show next season.

  18. Bristol said from the beginning she wasn’t going to dress or perform sexy, ya got a problem with that? The judges have been encouraging from the start, and that is what this is about, they even are saying she is “refreshing’ is that because she’s not wearing low cut boobs hanging out costumes? could it possibly be because she has class? Do you mind if we who think she’s improving say so? or do we have to agree with just YOUR opinions. Don’t like the show??? don’t watch, no one will even notice. (at least those of us that call in and vote.

  19. To you people who are saying nasty things about Bristol Palin
    I say you are just jealous!! I voted for Bristol and Mark to continue dancing because I enjoy watching them dance. For
    someone who had no dancing experience at the start Bristol is making tremendous progress and Mark is a wonderful dancer. The other female dancers have experience and some are even professional dancers. It is unfair to compare Bristol’s dancing with theirs, but I think she is doing great and really enjoy watching she and Mark dance, and it has nothing to do with who her parents are – just that I think she is making improvement every week.

  20. I also believe that Bristol has improved and enjoy watching her dance. I believe if she’d just relax and enjoy herself and not worry about what other people had to say, she’d be even better.
    Grandma don’t be a nasty grandma I thought Grandma’s were supposed to be nice. I guess you’re one of those old nasty Grandma’s that the kids can’t wait to see go home. Maybe you’re staying up past your bed time.
    How can anyone who’s inexperience have a fair chance?
    You’ve got Jennifer who’s been dancing since she was a child
    Danced for the movie Dirty Dancing, did Broadway, etc. Has she truly had much improvement since the first week?
    I also hated to see Rick go. He’s a handsome man. But, that’s the way things are sometimes. Stop trying to hurt one another and the dancers. WHAT HAS Bristol done to you? NOTHING! I don’t think you’d like to be judged for something you haven’t done.
    Be glad that you have the sight to see and be grateful.
    If you can’t handle the results, don’t watch it!
    Be kind to each other

  21. Has anyone noticed how Bruno is being alot nicer recently?? A few weeks ago he seemed literally full of anger and spite towards some of the dancers. Michael Bolton was very right when he criticized Bruno after he was eliminated. Bruno seems alot nicer now. Which is good because I was starting to not watch as much. But the show is great, and yeah Rick Fox shouldn’t have been eliminated.

  22. OMG kurt & anna are gone? they were doing so good… i swear this season is VERY unpredictable! 1st audrina voted off, then cheryl & rick…. now “kurtanna” who have had pretty decent scores & shown great improvement. everyone this season has done really well, i am just suprised Bristol has made it this far since she has yet to show personality in her dances. i still think the finally will come down to jennifer & brandy!! good thing im not a betting person, b/c i would be out of alot of money since none of the eliminations are going how i thought. i agree w/Vicki ^ comment… bristol will make it along thx to her mama ( i know that kinda sounds mean, but its always about who you know!)

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