The three finalists will be revealed tonight in Dancing With the Stars. There are five semi-finalists remaining but tonight, only three will remain. Who will be the dance couples to make it to the finals?

The five dance couples who performed last night are Shawn & Derek, Melissa & Tony, Apolo & Karina, Emmitt & Cheryl and Kelly & Val. Each of them performed two routines. The first routine was chosen by their fellow contestants while the second routine was a Ballroom dance to the music of Michael Jackson’s album “Bad”.

Shawn & Derek got the highest score of 59 out of 60 last night. They got a perfect score for their Bhangra dance and 29 for their Argentine Tango routine. The judges said they’ve done it Bhangra style this time and that it was a really challenging routine. For their “Bad” performance, Carrie Ann gave them a 9 because of their lack of passion, according to her. I’m pretty sure this dance couple is in the finale. What do you think?

Melissa & Tony placed second last night. They got 27.5 for their Caveman Hustle and a perfect score for their Argentine Tango routine. They lost their foot a little bit with the Caveman Hustle. Thus, they got that score. Meanwhile, Melissa cried at the end of their Argentine Tango. They were very emotional since they didn’t know if they would be able to dance together because of Tony’s injury. Even if they didn’t get a perfect score, I’m also sure this couple is safe.

Apolo & Karina got a total score of 54, 27 for their Jazz Bigtop and a perfect score of 30 for their Rumba. The judges said their Jazz was sloppy and out of synch a lot but their Rumba was perfect. Now, I’m not sure if they are safe or not. They could be going home depending if Emmitt & Cheryl is safe.

Emmitt & Cheryl are in the bottom two of the leaderboard. They got 27 each for their Lindy Hop and Rumba. The judges said he coped marvelously well with the biggest challenge ahead of him. Though I think he should go home, he might be safe, depending on his fanbase.

Kelly & Val also got a total score of 54. They dance Surfer Flamenco and Rumba. Their Flamenco isn’t really a Flamenco according to the judges while their Rumba was beautiful. They might be one of the couples going home tonight.

Anyway, updates during the show will be posted here, as always. Follow us on Twitter, add us on Google Plus or like us on Facebook while waiting for it. The final three dance couples and those who got voted off, eliminated on Dancing With the Stars November 20, 2012 results will be here.

Update: Apolo & Karina got eliminated! Emmitt & Cheryl eliminated!


Apolo and Karina got the encore. They perform Rumba…

The Wanted performs “I Found You” and “Glad You Came”…

Paula Abdul performs…




Shawn & Derek – in the finals!

Melissa & Tony – in the finals!

Apolo & Karina – eliminated!

Kelly & Val – in the finals!

Emmitt & Cheryl – eliminated!