Who got voted off Dancing with the Stars November 8, 2011 Elimination 11/8/11

Dancing with the Stars and in the elimination results for week 8, November 8, 2011, airs tonight at 9pm to 10pm ET. Another dance couple will be sent home. Will the right couple be the next to leave? Who will be in the final four? Are you ready to find out who got kicked off Dancing with the Stars 11/8/11?

It’s instant choreography week and the couples performed two dances. The first routine was one of the unlearned dances by the couple and the other routine was an instant Jive, where they got to pick the song during the show and they got to practice it for only 20 minutes.

Among the five couples, J.R. & Karina got the highest score, which is a total of 60, the first perfect score this season. Hope & Maks and Ricki & Derek tied in second place. They both got a combined score of 52. We were surprised that Hope did a great job tonight. Rob & Cheryl came in third place, getting a total score of 51. Meanwhile, Nancy & Tristan got the lowest score tonight, with a total of 44. Len even gave a hint that it’s time for her go home.

Is it really time for Nancy Grace to leave? Is it Hope? It could be Rob as well. Who did you vote for?

Check out our poll – Who wins Dancing with the Stars 13? and see the results on who people think will win this season.

By the way, the performers tonight are Flo Rida and Andrea Bocelli with Chris Botti. Andrea Bocelli graces the ballroom with performanceof “More” with Chris Botti while Flo Rida will take the stage to perform a medley of “Club Can’t Handle Me” and “Good Feeling”.

Do you have any predictions on who’s leaving tonight? Follow us on twitter to get live updates during the show. We’ll also post it live here the latest couple who got voted off, eliminated on Dancing with the Stars November 8, 2011 results. It will be provided, as always.

Update: Nancy & Tristan got voted off!; More thoughts? Opinions?

Female pro dancers perform!

Recap of last night’s episode.

J.R. & Karina – safe!

Hope & Maks – safe!

Rob & Cheryl – in jeopardy! safe!

Macy’s Star of Dance performs

Flo Rida performs!

Ricki & Derek – safe!

Nancy & Tristan – in jeopardy!

97 thoughts on “Who got voted off Dancing with the Stars November 8, 2011 Elimination 11/8/11

  1. Nope… JR is great! We love him! Love seeing him in front of the camera. Because he has heart, and can do anything he puts his mind to. I think he is a great person, actor and dancer! And he is one of our Countrys HERO’S!!! GO JR!!! WE LOVE YOU!!!!

  2. YES!!!! Bye bye Nasty Nancy! Don’t let the door hit ya…. Now she can go back to bad mouthing everyone again, since she don’t need any more votes!

  3. Thank goodness America got it right this time.

    And they sent her home after giving a tribute to Michael Jackson, sending a message this is what you helped destroyed evil witch!!!

  4. I am so happy Hope & Maks & Ricki & Derek are my favorite. I am so happy Nancy & Tristan are go home. Tristan’s partner is not good this week. Nancy will not come back next year. I hope Tristan will come back next year.

  5. Nancy had a good run! It will only increase her fanbase. Sorry, folks, she’s abrasive as hell, but she takes no crap and panders to no one… Unlike her silly, sensational cohorts.

    Rob really has shown the most growth. Hope Hope goes next. Maybe 2 Hopes = Ø ??

  6. I do agree it was time for Nancy to go, but I don’t think she deserves to be called names. She has good intentions and is good at what she does.
    I really like our four finalists! Rob is really great, Hope is awesome, and Ricki and JR are the best! Although its tough to choose between JR and Ricki, I think (and hope) JR will win! Good luck to all of you!!

  7. I am so happy Hope & Maks or Ricki & Derek are my favorite. I am so happy Nancy & Tristan are go home. Tristan’s partner is not good this week. Nancy will not come back next year. I hope Tristan will come back next year.

  8. Nancy dodged a bullet last week.
    Len pretty much told voters to send her home this time.
    Any other outcome this week would have been even more shocking than last week’s, when Nancy pretty much *knew* she was a goner, and got to stay another week. Hey, she dances better than I can, and she lasted 8 weeks, but she is not up to the level of the other 4 couples at this point. So… seems right to me.
    and FWIW i thought David had a shot at the finals. He has done better than Hope has most weeks. But every season a couple stars get eliminated too early. Every single time. It’s about votes as much as anything.

  9. I think Hope and Maks will go next week. It might be Rob Kardashian only because so many think this family is greedy and have become fame whores. Hope is pretty spotty on her dancing-=and Rob gets better every week. The final two finalists will be JR and Rikki. Every one this season was better than Bristol Palin and Kate Gosselin–they just had no athletic ability and talent but they had the biggest ego of all the dancers.

  10. SCREW old BAG Len!!!!! NANCY & Tristan were a
    FABULOUS twosome!! Thank you NANCY 4 sharing
    your monie$ with your chosen charity!! BLESSINGS(SSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS) to you both!!
    PRAY that you WILL be on DWTS next season, Tristan!!

  11. When they announced Nancy leaving the competition, none of the other dancers in the competition came over to send her off.

    They all hated her including her partner.

  12. I predict JR will win. I also think people should vote on their performance, not who and what they are. I love JR and think he dances wonderfully! GO JR GO!!! I am so proud of you for getting up there and dancing your heart out! #TEAMJR

  13. ABOUT TIME!!!!!!! This is one mean, nasty, bad attituded, self absorbed woman. She gives “no talent” a bad name. She should’ve been gone week 2 and only lucked out cuz she has large group of followers equally as rude as she is that voted for her.

  14. Hey there, It was time for Nancy to go home only because she was the lowest. I like her show and agree with the above person that you do not need to call her names. It says more about the type of person you are than anything else. I did not like the fighting and her attitude with her teacher. those who are so strong stuggle the most and it probably is why she did not do so well. Like Max says shut up listen and learn and the ones who do that win. Nancy is a wonderful attorney and a wonderful prosecutor and she is a wonderful show host as long as you agree with her. I would love her for a best friend. I like her honesty but she is quite rude at times and I have written the show about that. Other than that she really did improve but is not the good enough for the finals. She handled critism from the judges and they are quite rude. I really get sick of their Karina are phenominal teachers and make their stars shine. Derek we know is brilliant and I would like to see Karina win because she tries so hard. They need an award for the pros cuz Karina has done a great job. Max has a bad attitude and is arrogant. I did not like seeing him get rough with hope. Hope is great at what she did but no way should he be such an ass and push her physically. That is not ok. Great people in the finals. I think the top three will be Hope, Ricki, and Jr.

  15. Nancy is not self absorbed. Everyone on this show pockets the money. Only Nancy donated hers to help others. She has a big heart for victims and won’t stop when others would . She is no respector of persons. She wants justice for those who no longer have a voice. So you lowlifers who call her bad names really are the low ones. She is incredible. Except she did deserve to go because she is not the best of the 5. The people spoke and she thought she was going last week. She did a good job for 50. sHE IS A GREAT PERSON AND I WOULD LIKE HER FOR A RELATIVE OR FRIEND. NOW THE BEST DANCER NOW IS JR. I WILL SEE HOW THE NEXT FEW WEEKS GO. ALL 4 DESERVE TO BE IN THE FINALS. HAPPY FOR THEM ALL. THREE HAVE REALLY COME A LONG WAY. THE WINNER WILL BE THE ONE WHO IS THE BEST ON THE NEXT FEW WEEKS CONSISTENTLY AND THE BEST UNDER GREAT PRESSURE. I HOPE IT IS ROB OR JR. RICCI COULD ALREADY DANCE AND IS GOOD BUT THE OTHERS HAVE REALLY COM A LONG WAYS AND THEIR PARTNERS ARE PHENOMENAL.


  17. Nancy has no “grace” and needs to go home. JR & Karina (sp) can take the ball home! I LOVE JR! GOD BLESS HIS BEAUTIFUL HEART!

  18. I can’t believe so many peoplel are complaining about Nancy Grace. She doesn’t pretend to be anything other than who she is in real life. She got voted off because she was no longer dancing well enough to keep going. She donated her pay to charity, who else had done that. Give the woman a break. For being the oldest there, with two little kids and a full time job (and what a job), she did exceptional well.

    And shame on Len for saying the things he did. Remarks like that should be kept quiet. Maybe he did it for show ratings. That would make it worse.

  19. I like Nancy Grace and hate to see her go.. funny how alot you, you don’t like a woman who speaks her mind but you love a money hungry family like the Kardashion’s?? you make alot of sense people!!! hahahahahaha!!!!!

  20. also before you go bashing Nancy her money is going to charity for missing children! do any of you donate money to anything I can answer that probably not!!! were is rob donating money to? probably to his money hungry mother or sister Kim!!

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