Who got voted off Dancing with the Stars November 9 2010 Elimination 11/9/10

Dancing with the Stars Elimination Results November 9, 2010 will have one of the final five be saying goodbye. Will those who deserve to stay be sent home? Can’t wait to find out who gets kicked off Dancing with the Stars 11/9/10? Updates will be posted here live as it happens. We’re also excited to know who the final four are!

Each pair danced two routines yesterday with a perfect score a total of 60 points. As expected, Jennifer & Derek and Brandy & Maksim got the highest score of 57, followed by Kyle & Lacey, with a total score of 56. Kurt & Anna got 48 while Bristol & Mark got 47, which was quite low.

Overall, the performances are great. We think everyone did perform well. It’s just that Bristol looked like she’s not letting herself out and still a bit shy when she danced. Will she be the to be eliminated this time? It could also be Kurt & Anna.

In between the results, there will be performances by John Legend and Taio Cruz with Jeanine Mason and Mark Ballas as one of the dancers.

Anyway, thanks for sharing your opinions via comments the previous weeks. Please share your thoughts again by posting comments below.

We’ll be trying to post live updates again as it happens. Find out the celebrity contestant who was voted off, eliminated on Dancing with the Stars November 9, 2010 results.

Updates: Kurt & Anna were eliminated!

Kyle and Lacey performs Jive

Kyle & Lacey – safe!

Taio Cruz performs

John Legend performs

Jennifer & Derek – safe!

Kurt & Anna – in jeopardy

Bristol & Mark – safe!

Brandy & Maks – in jeopardy safe!

So it’s either Kurt & Anna or Brandy & Maks!

65 thoughts on “Who got voted off Dancing with the Stars November 9 2010 Elimination 11/9/10

  1. Kay:

    Kyle is without a doubt the most improved. that is for sure.

    Like it or not, DWTH has had the HIGHEST RATINGS IN IT’S TIMESLOT … and I think maybe those Palin supporters are part of the reason why.

    Nobody likes to see someone who’s doing their best – get picked on constantly. Yet, everyone keeps picking on the Palin girl, and the viewers get their friends to take up for her by calling in and voting.

    I still think professional dancers should NOT be contestence NO MATTER WHAT. There should be a rule about that. Pros teach newbies…and we watch the show to watch star-newbie dancers learn, bloom, grow and win.

    There is no room for bullies on DWTS.

  2. I think Bristol should have been voted off before Kurt & Anna. I think “her fans” are voting for Sarah Palin NOT Bristol. The people calling are not voting for who they thought danced the best dance like the judges do…they are just voting for their favorite person, whether that person can dance or not. Just like American Idol. It’s not always the best performer – it is just the most popular.

  3. I think you should be able to vote for who you want off the show, maybe then people like Adrianna and Rick should not have left when they did .. Bristol seems like a nice person, but she cannot dance at all. I will miss Kurt, he was doing very well and should have been in the semi finals..

  4. Right on Willie, you got it right, Bristol is the most improved and thats what this show is about.
    I agree the ones that have been in movies or some form of entertainment should not be allowed on the show, they should choose people like Bristol or Kurt, who have never been into dancing, or some form of show business (like the whiner from Dirty dancing) or Brandy who already thinks shes a star.

  5. As for those who think the votes for Bristol are because of her mother Sarah Palin then she is certainly doing her mother proud. How refreshing to see someone like Bristol improve and do better every week, Isn’t improving what this show is about?

  6. It’s time for the judges to make sure the right people are there for the right reasons. Having Bristol on the show opens it up to anyone–this is a show with Dancing with the stars – I don’t think she classifies as a star. She may be a very nice girl but everyone I know are losing interest in the show this season. Kurt and Anna had so much more going for them.

  7. Clearly Willie and Lorraine are not watching the same show as everyone else Bristol “Painlin” is HORRIBLE STIFF EMOTIONLESS SHY FORGETS STEPS EVERY WEEK (but i guess in your eyes thats improvment) and is not a star she is her mothers shadow who herself is not a star either just merely a pretender and last time i checked Brandy has been a star since the early mid 90’s. If you had never heard of Sarah “Painlin” im sure you wouldnt know her daughter unless your into teen pregnancy and consider that to make her famous so know one picks on her she just cant dance babydolls even the judges are shocked everytime they’re safe her and mark are even shocked they’re still there they have had low scores since the show started and like Susan said people are voting for her mom not her and that is all the wrong reason for her to be on the show and its about learning new dance style and techniques and trying something new im sure none of them have ever pasa doble so its not about if your in that business or not already its about teaching something foreign to them. Bristol should’ve been voted right after mike sorrentino but its the pity votes for her mom thats keeping her ATROCIOUS dancing on the show.. but dnt get me wrong she is sweet but the show isnt about sweet its about dancing with the stars..REAL STARS..Good luck to Kyle Brandy and Jennifer!!!!!!!!

  8. This competition is not attitude it is dancing. So stop making an excuse for Bristol. She cannot dance and I don’t know why they still keeping her and sending home the good dancer like Rick Fox, Kurt, etc. This is just a shame

  9. astu:

    why don’t you post my comment #11

    @astu – sorry i’ve just approved your comments.
    comments are moderated though and needs approval first before they appear. That’s to avoid spammers. Thanks for your comments! 🙂

  10. Give Bristol a break. She is a young single mother and clearly has a lot on her plate.

    She isn’t the best dancer and is not a performer like the others. i think she has made it this far because of her personality and what she is advocating for young women.

  11. She has no personality so stop babying her everyone has something on there plate she wanted to play the adult game now she has to be one and what is it exactly she is advocating for young women… its ok to become a teen mom because in the end you will get glorified for it?

    The pot cant call the kettle black true people make mistakes but u dont put them on pedastals for it…kurt wasnt an entertainer but he was was better than her babygirl cant dance period and thats what the show is about..DANCING

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