Who got voted off Dancing with the Stars October 11, 2011 Elimination 10/11/11

Dancing with the Stars Elimination Results October 11, 2011 for week 4 tonight. Another couple will be leaving. Did America vote for the one who had her worst dance, or the one who is the people’s favorite? Find out tonight who is safe and who is in jeopardy, who will eventually the one to get kicked off Dancing with the Stars 10/11/11 episode.

It’s three weeks in a row for Ricki & Derek, who got the top score once again. They got an almost perfect score of 29 last night with their Paso Doble routine. Falling behind them in second place is J.R. & Karina who got 26. Hope & Maks and Rob & Cheryl were also impressive with their performance. Thus, the judges gave them a total score of 24. David and Kym also did well as the judges gave them 23.

Meanwhile, three couples got 21, including Chynna & Tony, Chaz & Lacey and Nancy & Tristan while Carson & Anna got the lowest score of 20. Could this score mean that Carson will be the one to go home tonight?

Julianne Hough will be one of the guest performers for tonight along with the cast of Footloose. She is appearing on the show to promote this movie as well.

Anyway, do you have any predictions on who’s going home tonight? Any opinions?

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Update: Chynna & Tony got voted off! Thoughts?

Ricki & Derek – safe!

J.R. & Karina – safe!

Rob & Cheryl – in jeopardy! safe!

Julianne Hough performs

Chaz & Lacey – safe!

Carson & Anna – safe!

Chynna & Tony – in jeopardy!

Julianne & Derek perform

Hope & Maks – safe!

Nancy & Tristan – in jeopardy! safe!

David & Kym – safe!

63 thoughts on “Who got voted off Dancing with the Stars October 11, 2011 Elimination 10/11/11

  1. what is going on? very disapointed. This is not fair. How come Chaise Bono hasn’t been
    eliminated yet, with scores that low. Well you
    have your big rating nite with Cher being in
    the audiance crying.
    that is what your producer want, it is all about
    ratings. too bad

  2. We are going to stop watching DWTS because something is terribly wrong with the method of eliminating such great dancers before the slugs are eliminated.

    We enjoyed the show, but DWTS has lost many followers. Why don’t the judges have more than 50% say in the judging. They are the experts!

  3. I do not enjoy watching DWTS anymore. It is suppose to be about talent, not who gets the most people to call in for them to stay on the show. It is more a comedy show than a dancing show.

  4. I did not watch it this week due to the fact that Chaz is still on! If Cher wanted to c her son dance then she should have been there from day one. Some support Chaz has with his/her mother. Tony And Chynna kicked off I will start watching other shows. Bye DWTS.

  5. This is why I’m glad for sites like this, so I don’t have to sit through the shows and get upset when the actual dancers get eliminated while the ones with perceived “star quality” stay on.

    Team JR!

  6. I have loved this show fromthe very beginning but I’m not going to watch anymore. Unfortuatly this Chaz thing has turned the show into a joke. It makes me sad.

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