It’s another Dancing With the Stars results show tonight and one dance couple will be leaving. Will it be another male celebrity who will go home? Reading the comments on this blog each week about the show, many want Bristol to be eliminated. Will she be finally leave tonight?

The nine remaining celebrities and their dance partners performed an unusual routines on the show last night and that means non-ballroom dances which include Contemporary, Hip hop and Bollywood. It’s like watching So You Think You Can Dance again, right?

Anyway, the top three couples last night are Gilles & Peta, Shawn & Derek and Kelly & Val. Gilles & Peta and Shawn & Derek got an almost perfect score of 39.5 out of 40. As always, it’s Len who’s the culprit of not giving a perfect score. Meanwhile, Kelly & Val got 37.5.

The other couples did great too! Melissa & Tony were given a total score of 37, Emmitt & Cheryl got 36.0 and Sabrina & Louis got 35.5.

The bottom three couples are Apolo & Karina, who got 34.5, Bristol & Mark, who got 32 and Kirstie & Maks who got 30. But again, as a fan of the show, we all know that it’s the votes that count, right? So I’m sure Kirstie & Maks could be safe again and same goes with Bristol & Mark. Thus, it could be Apolo & Karina who might leave tonight. Well if there’s going to be shocking results, it could be one of the top scorers. What do you think? Who’s your favorite couples from last night?

Anyway, Donny Osmond is back as a musical guest tonight. He’ll be performing a duet with Susan Boyle to the song of “This Is the Moment”.

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Update: Bristol Palin has been eliminated! Thoughts?


Shawn & Derek got the encore! – safe!

Kelly & Val – safe!

Sabrina & Louis – safe!

Gilles & Peta – safe!

Emmitt & Cheryl – safe!

Melissa & Tony – safe!

Bristol & Mark – in jeopardy!

Apolo & Karina – in jepoardy! safe!

Kirstie & Maks- in jeopardy! safe!