Who got voted off Dancing with the Stars October 18, 2011 Elimination 10/18/11

Dancing with the Stars Elimination Results October 18, 2011 is the fifth time where another couple will be sent home. Who were your favorite couples last night? Will Chaz & Lacey be the one who got the least number of votes or will it be Carson & Anna who get kicked off Dancing with the Stars 10/18/11?

The guy celebrities are getting better and better each week. The top three couples include male celebrities. JR & Karina finally got the highest score for the week with a total score of 28. David & Kym and Rob & Cheryl followed with a score of 25. Hope & Maks got the same score they got last week, 24 while Ricki & Derek, who were the top couple last week are down in three positions. Their Foxtrot with Roger Rabit didn’t work, obviously. Will they be able to bounce back next week, if ever?

Meanwhile, Nancy & Tristan came in third from the bottom getting a score of 22, while Chaz & Lacey’s score are stagnant at 21. The lowest scoring couple this week is Carson & Anna. Will this be their last week?

Kelly Clarkson and The Band Perry are the guest performers for tonight.

Who do you think will be leaving tonight?

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Update: Carson & Anna got voted off! Thoughts?

Ricki & Derek – safe!

Hope & Maks – in jeopardy! safe!

Kelly Clarkson performs

The Band Perry performs

JR & Karina – safe!

David & Kym – in jeopardy! safe!

Rob & Cheryl – safe!

Chaz & Lacey – safe!

Nancy & Tristan – safe!

Carson & Anna – in jeopardy!

74 thoughts on “Who got voted off Dancing with the Stars October 18, 2011 Elimination 10/18/11

  1. DWTS should be about the dancing … Not who knows who …. It’s time for CHAZ to go home, and pls AMERICA that’s a female not a male …. Nancy has not improved, this is not your court room, let Tristan lead. JR you have my vote…. You are a survivor of the war, God bless you and your family.

  2. Undercover Broad: There are probably a lot of things that bigots like you don’t understand. And he’s not a freak. GO CHAZ!!

  3. Ooppp… David I’m happy for you as well… In my eyes I see you improving.You’re making COCO so proud of you…. Keep up the good work.

  4. I loved Carson and sorry to see him go. I don’t think Kym and David should have been in jeopardy twice. Ricki Lake is not that great or neither is Nancy. Their partners are way too young for them that they look silly trying to be passionate with them. Hope has bigger muscles than Maks and Rob just doesn’t do a thing for me

  5. Why does Chaz choosing to become a man make him a fre*k. Now he has the man parts between his legs, does that take him off the freak list.

  6. Nancy Grace needs to go, looks like Tristen’s Mom. Can’t dance, should have been gone in second elimination. Tristen I love you but you just got the wrong partner.

  7. Chaz can not dance his way out of a paper bag. I don”t understand how or why he is getting enough votes to stay on the show.

  8. dwts is about dancing. its about who improves a little each week and whos having fun. people get so caught up in the clicks and politics of this show. its good to see people like Chaz still on here and improving and getting better!! its a dancing show. fans vote to keep who they want on. and if you want someone to stay, get ur little fingers callin. plain and simple

  9. Spicy E,, you need to accept ppl for who they are and not what you think they should be, simply because you are afraid of things you dont understand. Chaz may not last much longer, true. But America loves an underdog. HE is an inspiration in ways you will never comprehend. J.R will probably win, another role model..

  10. Carson was fun, but his going waa just. Hope and nancy are such heavy dancers.. I think Rob is coming into his own, and David is now taking it serious. Ricki is a contender, but J.R is America’s heart.

  11. At this point they should call it “Voting for Your Favorite Even if They Can’t Dance”. We all see that some folks are being kept on by their fans and not for their dancing ability. So let’s just drop the facade that this is a dancing show. It’s a popularity/cause show, and for that reason some folks will be around for a while unless they fall flat on their faces – and maybe even then!

  12. Chaz is simply not graceful at all. His dance this week was better than any other he danced, but in all fairness, he doesn’t do the steps at all, is heavy on his feet, and is relying on some sort of sympathy vote. Chaz seems nice, just as Carson, but come on, along with Nancy, none of them can dance.

  13. WOW: Can we play together nicely. Everyone is entitled to their opinion. No need for name calling. My opinion: DWTS has become a bit of a popularity contest. In past seasons I’ve seen good dancers get eliminated while much lesser ones stayed. Unfortunately, since viewer voting is part of the equation that can’t be avoided. I do think it should be more about the quality or improvement of the dance and I do try to vote accordingly. I give Chaz lots of credit for trying very hard and improving (alot), but Chaz will never be a good dancer. Carson is not a good dancer either but I found him more entertaining and hate to see him go but someone has to. Of course, JR is my emotional favorite, an inspiration and actually a good dancer. GO JR!!

  14. A woman born as a woman is still a woman, and what is between someones whatever does not make a man. Should be dancing with a man it’s about popularity not dancing won’t watch again until the bad dancers are off.

  15. Derek knows how to make Ricki look good. I hope she wins just so I can see him dance until the very end. If not Ricki, then JR. The rest of them suck. At least Chynna and that blond chick could dance. Monday night’s show was the worst ever, except for Carson getting kicked off. Love his sense of humor, but the boy just does not have the moves.

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