Who got voted off Dancing with the Stars October 18, 2011 Elimination 10/18/11

Dancing with the Stars Elimination Results October 18, 2011 is the fifth time where another couple will be sent home. Who were your favorite couples last night? Will Chaz & Lacey be the one who got the least number of votes or will it be Carson & Anna who get kicked off Dancing with the Stars 10/18/11?

The guy celebrities are getting better and better each week. The top three couples include male celebrities. JR & Karina finally got the highest score for the week with a total score of 28. David & Kym and Rob & Cheryl followed with a score of 25. Hope & Maks got the same score they got last week, 24 while Ricki & Derek, who were the top couple last week are down in three positions. Their Foxtrot with Roger Rabit didn’t work, obviously. Will they be able to bounce back next week, if ever?

Meanwhile, Nancy & Tristan came in third from the bottom getting a score of 22, while Chaz & Lacey’s score are stagnant at 21. The lowest scoring couple this week is Carson & Anna. Will this be their last week?

Kelly Clarkson and The Band Perry are the guest performers for tonight.

Who do you think will be leaving tonight?

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Update: Carson & Anna got voted off! Thoughts?

Ricki & Derek – safe!

Hope & Maks – in jeopardy! safe!

Kelly Clarkson performs

The Band Perry performs

JR & Karina – safe!

David & Kym – in jeopardy! safe!

Rob & Cheryl – safe!

Chaz & Lacey – safe!

Nancy & Tristan – safe!

Carson & Anna – in jeopardy!

74 thoughts on “Who got voted off Dancing with the Stars October 18, 2011 Elimination 10/18/11

  1. I think either Hope or Carson should go. I love Carson, but he was awful last night, skipping around without form whatsoever. To me it looks like Maks is dragging Hope around. She depends too much on him. She doesn’t dance by herself. I was ready for Chaz to go, but he did pretty well last night.

  2. it’s time for chaz to go home! enough is enough it should have been him and not chyna last week and i don’t think kristen should have gone home either!

  3. ugh! this is Bristol all over again! Chaz is NOT a good dancer! I wish people voted for dancing abilities not WHO the person is!

  4. Carson was pretty bad, but he’s awfully witty and clever in his banter. I’d like to see his partner Anna go a little farther, but I can breathe a sigh of relief. Thanks.

  5. It’s getting to the point where there’s no way anyone will be able to say that Chastity/Chaz is being kept on the show on merit and quality of dance. It would really be a shame to have another “cause” vote like with Bristol Palin.

  6. So sad about Carson and Anna! They made the show so much fun….Chaz should have gone home a long time ago, not Chyna or Kristen….The show is going to be boring if all the personality people leave! Now I’m just rooting for JR and Ricki!

  7. Well finally some one who can’t dance got voted off so hopefully Chaz will get kicked off next week unless of course he suddenly learns to dance

  8. Carson isn’t even funny..he’s ridiculous
    I agree with Tristan..Nancy acts just like she does on her show (which is why I stopped watching)..she doesn’t listen…she cuts him off and tries to control everything.
    Chaz is getting by on his heritage and his gender status…he looks like a weeble out there.
    These 3 should’ve gotten the boot waaaayyyy before Kristin and Chynna but it’s not about the better dancer…it’s about ratings and unfortunately tabloid television sells.

  9. THANK GOD!!!!!!!!! Now next week TUBBO, EX LARGE, FAT SO, HUGE et. al., chastity WILL go BAAAAA BYE!!!!!!
    Hooooooooooooray 4 NANCY GRACE & the Irish gent, Triston!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  10. Next week hopefully Hope goes home she can dance and she looks like a man I’m sad to see Carson go…..and I vote for Chaz every week I love HIM!!!

  11. It time for Chaz and Nancy to go home. Neither can dance a lick.

    The show should be called: Dancing with Those Who Can’t!

  12. When is this nonsense going to stop the cheating with the votes I don’t care what species u r if u s*ck u s*ck get off the show I’m glad carson is gone he was drooling over straight men on the show stay in ur own playpen.

  13. I don’t care who wins they all are awful. America sent the best dancers home. Now we’re left with a freak show.

  14. Sorry to see Carson go. He may not have been the best dancer but he sure was entertaining. Will miss his funny antics on the show.

  15. Basing from dancing ability,minus the avid fan mentality(votes),Chaz would be leaving next week,then it would be Nancy,then David or Hope, in the finale Rob,JR and Ricki,the dark horse really is JR,unless all the latinos & latinas would vote for him,Rob has an advantage for ladies would vote for him, Ricki’s talk show supporters really is giving her an edge,anyway,let’s see what would they offer,mean time,let’s enjoy the show!

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