Who got voted off Dancing with the Stars October 2, 2012 Elimination 10/2/12

It’s Dancing With the Stars Week 2 Results show and one of the twelve remaining dance couples will be leaving at the end of the show tonight. Who’s it going to be? Who would you want it to be?

The celebrities and their professional dance partners performed either Jive or Quickstep last night. Those who danced Cha-cha-cha last week performed Quickstep while those who danced Foxtrot performed Jive.

The top three dance couples last night are Sabrina & Louis, Gilles & Peta and Shawn & Derek. Sabrina & Louis got a total score of 26 while Gilles & Peta got 25.5 and Shawn & Derek got 25. The other couples did ok too! Apolo & Karina got a total score of 24.5. Melissa & Tony got 23.5 while Helio & Chelsie got 23. There are three dance couples who got the same score of 22.5 each and they are Emmitt & Cheryl, Drew & Anna and Joey & Kym.

Meanwhile, the bottom three couples are Kelly & Val, who got a total score of 22, Kirstie & Maks who got 21 and Bristol & Mark, who got only a score of 18. Bristol & Mark are the only couple who got a score less than 20. But that doesn’t mean they will be leaving, right? It depends on how many fans voted for them. Will they be leaving tonight, or it will be Kirstie & Maks?

Actually, I’m not sure on who’s going to leave. We might be surprised as well as one of the top scorers could leave. Do you have any predictions on who’s going home tonight?

Anyway, my favorite routines last night are of course, from Gilles & peta and Helio & Chelsie. How about you?

The musical guests for tonight include Cher Lloyd who will sing “Want U Back”, Katherine Jenkins & Placido Domingo who will sing “Come What May”.

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Update: Joey & Kym got voted off!

Sabrina & Louis got the encore!

Next week is double elimination!



Sabrina & Louis – safe!

Emmitt & Cheryl – safe!

Drew & Anna – safe!

Joey & Kym – in jeopardy!

Shawon & Derek – safe!

Kirstie & Maks – safe!

Bristol & Mark – safe!

Kelly & Val – in jeopardy! safe!

Mellisa & Tony – safe!

Gilles & Peta – safe!

Apolo & Karina – safe!

Helio & Chelsie – in jeopardy! safe!


20 thoughts on “Who got voted off Dancing with the Stars October 2, 2012 Elimination 10/2/12

  1. I think Bristol has blossomed and I’m so happy to see that, but I think she should be eliminated tonight. The trend with DWTS over the years has been some stars continue to get better with time but hit a point where they cease to improve. This season should separate the “men from the boys”. Looking forward to it all.

    • You just have to learn it’s all about popularity.It doesnt matter if shes good or not because shes famous.BTW SHE IS NOT THAT BAD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!SHE IS LIKE 60 SOMETHING CUT HER SOME SLACK!!!!!!

  2. I’m stunned to see these couples in the bottom three. None of them deserve to be going home so early in the game. Bristol … Kirstie … maybe. But of these three – I can’t even guess.

  3. Wow, what a wrong bottom 3!! And can’t believe Joey & Kym are gone so soon. Definitely should’ve been Bristol or Kirstie going home tonight. What a shame.

  4. Why was Bristol saved? Are we going to have a repeat of the last time she was on? Is all of Alaska going to vote to keep her on? UGH. And Kirstie should be the next to leave. I don’t know why she and Bristol were asked back to begin with.

  5. Glad not to have to see Joey’s cheesy mug and hamhanded hamminess any longer. God he was annoying.

    The smug ignoramus commonly known as Bristol Palin can please gtfo next, thanks.

  6. Bristol Palin is AMAZING, I am SO happy she was Safe… that being said she needs to step it up because i don’t know how long i will be able to vote to save her life… 🙁
    SHAWN WILL WIN THOUGH!!!! her and Derek is my dream couple comming true so sorry to the rest of you that want other people to win but Shawn, Bristol and Kritsie will be in the Finale…. Sorry but its true…. next up its time for Kelly… sorry Bye-Bye but you suck

  7. Bristol’s fans bragged about casting multiple illegal votes because they said the DWTS voting process “doesn’t check email addresses” Alley has a particular brand of nutjobs cheating for her, too.

  8. All Bristol can do is shake her hips (guess she learned that when she was having two kids out of wedlock, yeah, this is who I want to hear about the success of “abstinence” from) and they choreographed around that again, just like the first time. Pity this show doesn’t bother to actually count one vote per person and so cheaters tend to prosper.

  9. so angry Bristol is still here or that she was even on the first time. Why is she is star because she got knocked up when she was 16 and mommy was running for a political office? She can’t dance and her attitude SUCKS….”Im only going to get 6’s no matter what i do…” oh poor spoiled baby, LEARN TO DANCE! Maybe Kirsty is not the best dancer but she has fun and she entertains! She tries and her attitude is top notch! I won’t be watching anymore until Bristol is gone

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