Who got voted off Dancing with the Stars October 25, 2011 Elimination 10/25/11

It’s Dancing with the Stars Elimination Results October 25, 2011. One couple who got the lowest votes will be sent home. Will it be Hope & Maks or it’s Chaz & Lacey? Which contestant do you want to go home next and get kicked off Dancing with the Stars 10/25/11?

Ricki & Derek bounced back last night with their Quickstep and got the highest score of 29. J.R. & Karina got the same score with their Quickstep as well. Is it a coincidence or they got or given the same routine on purpose? It’s a surprise as Nancy & Tristan got the third highest score of the night with 24. David & Kym got 23 which was two points lower than last week. Rob & Cheryl got 22 as the judges liked their performance last week than last night.

Meanwhile, Chaz & Lacey got the lowest score of 19 last night. Will they be the couple to be sent home tonight? It could be Hope & Maks, but this couple might get another chance after the controversy last night, where Maks had a fight with the judges. Did they get lots of vote because of that? What do you think?

By the way, the performers tonight are Kristin Chenoweth who will perform “Lessons Learned” from her new album and Martina McBride who will perform “I’m Gonna Love You Through It” as the results are announced in between.

Follow us in twitter to find out updates during the show as we post it live. Which dance couple will be sent home? The one who got voted off, eliminated on Dancing with the Stars October 25, 2011 results will be here, as always.

Update: Chaz & Lacey got voted off! Thoughts?

J.R. & Karina – safe!

Ricki & Derek – safe!

Nancy & Tristan – safe!

David & Kym – safe!

Chaz & Lacey – in jeopardy!

Rob & Cheryl – safe!

Hope & Maks – in jeopardy! safe!

94 thoughts on “Who got voted off Dancing with the Stars October 25, 2011 Elimination 10/25/11

  1. In my opinion Nancy Grace needs to go home. If she weren’t ABC, she would have been gone long ago. She is an abrasive beotch. Every week she makes me want to shove my foot through the screen.

    Chaz, well he tried. I have to hand it to him he in the face of adversity, comments, etc., he kept going. Whether he is fat or not is not the issue. We had heavy folks on in prior years.

    Now Len got blasted last night and frankly although nastily put, the comments were correct. He may be in it for 50 years, but in those 50 years times have changed and I am unsure if Len has. I don’t agree with many of his judgements.

    These are no professional dancers, so, you cannot expect them to be perfect. I thought they did fairly well.

    I personally think Nancy should be next. Her loudmouth, insecure, tight, nasty attitude should take a hike.

  2. LittleMo, after reading your comment I agree with you. I also have a comment about Nancy Grace going on and on yesterday about the routine Tristan did for them. Nancy I think that you are still dancing because we don’t want Tristan to leave not because you are a good dancer. To me it’s like watching him dance with his mother.

  3. Completely agree Little Mo. What about how rude Bruno was last season with Karina when she & Ralph danced a cha cha. Remember how Bruno said Ralph was “too rough with his pus*y” referring to how Karina was dressed like a cat. That comment was so disgusting and uncalled for and yet Bruno got away with it. Respect goes both ways. But so far the judges are severely lacking in how they treat all the contestants. They demand respect for being judges BUT they need to respect the contestants too.

  4. Chaz should have gone a long time ago, followed by Nancy Grace. Why the judges–esp. Carrie Ann, keep fawning over her, I’ve no clue!!!

  5. I was happy to see Nancy improve. I’ve been kinda embarrassed by her inability to catch on. She was awesome last night. Seriously.

    It is true that the judges seem to handle some contestants with kid gloves. What is the point of telling someone that she just did her worst dance, especially when it’s obvious her self-esteem is taking a big beating. Len or someone could have said, “Hope, it’s obvious you’re trying awfully hard, but for some reason, your transition from soccer player to ballroom dancer is extremely awkward.” I was hoping that Hope would go last week. She is used to finding success when she tries. This is a rude awakening for her. I think we (and the judges) should remember how truly successful many of these contestants have been in their own walks of life and give them their due respect, like Buzz Aldrin and Sugar Ray Leonard. Some of these uncoordinated people are heroes in their own right. There is no point in being rude.

  6. Well finally the voters got it RIGHT they finally sent HER home and how many of you think that the judges were to hard on Hope Monday???

  7. Every time Nancy or Chaz goes out and dances they stink, but the judges sugarcoat it and go easy on them, but when Hope goes out there and puts in the same if not more effort than they do and she does just as good if not better yet they give her terrible scores and criticize her. Especially Nancy Grace. She did not deserve those scores. They are all nice to Nancy and Chaz but they are terrible to Hope. Your telling me Chaz puts in more of an effort than Hope. GO HOPE YOU DESERVE TO GO FARTHER THAN HALF THOSE PEOPLE!!!

  8. I agree that Chaz was not the greatest dancer and probably lasted as long as he did because of his fan base. However, he should be given credit for agreeing to go on the show in the first place – and help break down some social barriers in the process. I personally think he showed a lot of courage in going on in the face of some, oftentimes, cruel and unfair insults and taunts. So I say, good show. And, now, on with the show. Hope may be the next to go, but Nancy is somewhat marginal as well. Time will tell!

  9. Maks and Hope actually got the most viewer votes. As Tom Bergeron said the were in the final two but not necessarily one of the bottom 2. The producers and judges made them wait until the end. Made for good TV

  10. Undercover Broad the only thing that is dumb is you and your weekly homophobic comments. Your and some of the other people on this board are close minded bigots who have nothing better to do then spew hatred because of someones sexual orientation. I actually feel bad for you because anyone that can hate someone simply for who they choose to love, is a sad and lonesome person.

  11. The judges do need to stop sugar coating their comments for some dancers. Judge them for their dance abilities rather than their efforts…..It is a dance contest….not who gives the best effort……Chaz deserved to go home….but good effort……

  12. One more comment for the record. Undercover Broad seems to be using this forum to vent her homophobic feelings and shows a general (and somewhat disturbing) lack of tolerance in the process. A personal disapproval of transgender people/issues shows a certain lack of social maturity and tolerance. Perhaps she should confine herself to watching the X-factor and not “bless” us again with her vitriolic lack of compassion and understanding for those who – through no fault of their own – a just a bit different.

  13. what bothers me most,as I read some of these posts,is the absolute need for some people to be over the top judgemental in regards to Chaz. Chaz is a HE, not a SHE as so rudely noted in a prior post. Does it bother you that much? His whole life and sexual identity is a topic that includes the Lord and Chaz himself. Where narrow minded people such as you fit in is not in that equation. As to his dancing ability, he danced twice as hard as any other dancer there. He also showed courage,above and beyond just to participate,knowing that power tripping nobodys were out there and criticizing his every move.Even his every breath!!!! I used to enjoy DWTS buy not anymore.I refuse to watch a show where a majority of its fans have not evolved out of their caves!!!!!!!

  14. PRAISE GOD!!!!! PRAISE GOD!!!! Fat, huge, ex-large, t*bbo, LARD A** et. al. will blame it allllll on the judges, coz she IS such a LARD A** & can’t move, this JACKAL is gonna die of a heart attach!!!!!!!! chastity keeps saying, oh what the judges say doesn’t hurt my feelings, she just RUNS as fast as her LARD A** can carry her to butter, bread, sugar, butter, pasta, butter, pasta + + + + + every other kind of FOOD!!!!!!

  15. Hooray! I’m so glad that Chaz is gone. Regardless of his sexual orientation, he just CAN’T DANCE. Hello! Voting for someone in a dance contest because they have a nice personality or you think they’re cute or whatever is ridiculous. This is about DANCING. Try to stay focued, people! Next one out the door I hope is Judge Nancy. or Hope. Neither are good dancers. Maybe then it will be a contest.

  16. Lizzie aren’t you really Undercover Broad? You sure spew the same hateful things. And shame on you for “praising God”. What kind of God would be so full of hate as you are? Shame shame on you for using God in such a mean and hateful way.

  17. Love this week’s result. I wanted Chaz to go home a couple weeks ago – even before Kristin. But I love Rob, J.R., David, and Ricki. They are my top picks and hope one of the four wins!

  18. I think Len was to rought on Hope & Maks, Len has always been a wet blanket on every season, from the beginning. I seen only Len give a Prefect score maybe three times. LEN WAKE UP AND SMELL THE COFFEE. I not surprised to see chaz leave.

  19. Chaz is vulnerable emotionally and physically. Maks apparently thinks he rules the ballroom with his partner. Whatever will be, will be.

    Chaz looks vulnerable.. He looks medically unfit to continue at this pace…However I wonder if Hope will go home after Maks outburst last night

  20. Len needs to go. Actually I think they need new judges. Bruno is entertaining but this group is insulting and why do they keep Len. He is so off half of the time. Change is needed.

  21. April, good idea. They change the professional dancers so why don’t they change the judges too. It’s way overdue given how the judges play nice with their favorite pros – i.e. Carrie Ann and Derek.

  22. Good. Love her…(Lacey) and how hard it must of been to gather the chemistry needed to dance. Lacey is awesome and got paired with…well…someone maybe(?) she was not totally comfortable connection with. Gotta have that sexual connection with to really succeed. Good job Lacey !!!!!!

  23. WOW, I cannot believe the meanness in people. Chaz is a man now. He chose to be and we need to respect that. I, too agree that he lasted till now because of who he is but he got eliminated now. Nancy has a big mouth and needs to concentrate on dancing. Hope is a good athlete but needs to train harder with Maks (lucky). She may do better next week now that the pressure is on (down to 5 couples). Maks was rude telling Len ‘maybe it’s time for you to go’ but Len should not tell the dancers what not to wear (Hope you should not have worn those boots because you were dancing on your heels) And don’t tell her that, that was her worst dance of the season…I’m sure the first dance was not better… come on. Be a diplomatic judge!!!

  24. Best thing that happened,, they got rid of Chaz,, I feel bad for Lacy , who had to dance with it had no bussiness being on the show///

  25. Finally! An elimination that makes sense!

    Chaz should have been gone after the first week… the second week at the very most.

    It was a travesty to see someone who couldn’t even dance continually be saved as others who COULD dance very well were sent packing!

    IMO, the next weakest dancer left is Nancy Grace but I have to say she’s shown great improvement… as far as dancing AND in attitude. I like seeing her finally let down her guard & not always have to be in control. Showing vulnerability makes her human…. even if it makes her uncomfortable.

  26. Where is the praise for the ones that actually have talent and ability to take on DWTS. I think they all get paid just for showing up any, so no matter. Who knew Riki woul lose 20 plus punds in a fews weeks?

  27. Poor Chaz, I could dance around in my brothers underwear, wouldn’g make me anything other than what I am. He can’t dance.

  28. I am so thrilled Chastity Bono is gone. Now I can watch my show again without being violated with HER life choices. DNA don’t lie…

  29. Chaz at least had the drive and spirit to be in this. Hope cannot dance to save her life. She’s worse than Bristol Palin!! Also, every time she dances she doesn’t have the sensual feeling of a female dancer, she just ends up looking like a whore.

  30. Hope and Maks should have gone last night. Each week I have seen improvement in Chaz!!!! Next week should either be Hope and Maks or Nancy Grace.

  31. Why such name calling? Some of you are ignorant and disgusting. The sad part is you are the ones who won’t know what I’m talking about. Ignorant! Disgusting!

  32. HOPE should have been gone 3 weeks ago. It feels painful at home to try to watcher he be sexy and so NOT pull it off. She is a beautiful and powerful soccer player BUT Hope is an awful dancer. She may be a hard worker and may give it her all – but no matter how hard I may practice at home, that won’t make me a brain surgeon.

  33. I am not a fan of Max…but I agree with him….the judges are sooooooo very unfair….these are people learning to dance and they are killing themselves TRYING to do the dances…give them a break judges and don’t be so critical and unkind in your words!!!! If Len can’t do it, maybe it is time to go…..let someone who wants to encourage them judge!!!!

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