Who got voted off Dancing with the Stars October 26 2010 Elimination 10/26/10

Dancing with the Stars Elimination Results October 26, 2010 is the sixth time one of the couples will be sent home. Are we going to expect twists and will it be a shocking episode tonight, like last week? Who do you guess gets kicked off Dancing with the Stars 10/26/10?

It was a shocking Monday night as Jennifer & Derek were one of the couples with the lowest score, second to Kurt & Anna. They got a total of 20, while Kurt & Anna got 18. Kyle & Lacey were the third lowest scorers getting 23. Bristol & Mark whom we expected to get a low score got 23.┬áIt was a surprise though since they have improved their performance over last week, while Jennifer & Derek did not do well, or maybe Paso Doble isn’t their kind of dance.

Brandy & Maksim still were the strong contender, having the highest score of 26. I liked their performance best though and Audrina & Tony’s too, who got a total of 24, like Rick & Cheryl.

Will Bristol & Mark be saved by their fans and have Kurt & Anna get booted out? Will it be like last week were the lowest scoring couple were not eliminated?

Heart and Kylie Minogue will be the guest performers for tonight before the results are in.

Have any opinions on who should be leaving? Updates will be here soon. Find out who was voted off, eliminated on Dancing with the Stars October 26, 2010 results.

Updates: Audrina & Tony were eliminated! This is really shocking!

Kurt & Anna – safe!

Bristol & Mark – safe!

Jennifer & Derek – in jeopardy safe

Bristol & Mark performs

Heart performs

Rick & Cheryl – safe

Kyle & Lacey – in jeopardy safe

Kylie Minogue performs

Brandy & Maks – safe

Audrina & Tony – in jeopardy

9 thoughts on “Who got voted off Dancing with the Stars October 26 2010 Elimination 10/26/10

  1. I think that Kurt and Anna should’ve gone home. Audrina and Tony were a cute cupl. Mayb Kyle will go home next week……

  2. Bistol played her part out. she’s not good, she moves with so much stiffness, needs to learn to let go alittle.I Think she should be voted out now, We’ve seen just about all we need to see of her.

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