Who got voted off Dancing with the Stars September 27, 2011 Elimination 9/27/11

Dancing with the Stars Elimination Results September 27, 2011 is the second week where another couple will be leaving. Who among the 11 couples who performed Jive or Quickstep last night will it be? Could it be a female contestant this time? Find out who gets kicked off Dancing with the Stars 9/27/11.

Derek is back at it again! He and Ricki got the highest score of 23 and their performance was great. The next couples who got second highest score of 22 are Kristin & Mark and J.R. & Karina. Kristin improved from last week while J.R.’s dance was the best of the night, the judges said. The other couples got a score of 21 including Rob & Cheryl, Nancy & Tristan, Elisabetta & Val and Chynna & Tony. Meanwhile, other couples got a score less than 20 like Chaz & Lacey, David & Kym, Carson & Anna and Hope & Maks.

Chaz got a knee problem which could have made his and Lacey’s routine a bit slow in the start. He could be in jeopardy tonight as well as David and Carson but  our guess is Carson will go home. Do you have the same prediction on which couple will be eliminated as well?

Demi Lovato and The Script are the guest performers tonight. Demi will perform Skyscraper while The Script will perform For the First Time.

Who will be leaving tonight? Updates on the couple who got voted off, eliminated on Dancing with the Stars September 27, 2011 results will be provided, as always.

UpdateElisabetta & Val got voted off! Thoughts?

Male trainers perform

Carson & Anna are safe!

David & Kym – in jeopardy! safe!

Ricki & Derek are safe!

Kristin & Mark are safe!

J.R. & Karina are safe!

Rob & Cheryl are safe!

Chaz & Lacey – in jeopardy! safe!

Nancy & Tristan are safe!

Demi Lovato performs

Chynna & Tony are safe!

Hope & Maks are safe!

Elisabetta & Val – in jeopardy!

32 thoughts on “Who got voted off Dancing with the Stars September 27, 2011 Elimination 9/27/11

  1. This season stands out for the number of people who should go home. The few that are dancing with heart and soul cannot carry the show on their own. Anyone could go home and it would be fine…right Jordan D?

  2. I also want Elisabetta to go home.

    Glad Carson is safe. He’s always one of my favorites to watch, even if he doesn’t score well.

  3. I think Chaz will come back safe. I’m sure he has the votes. And, I’m hoping the rest of the dances won’t be quite as hard on his poor knees!

  4. I am so..so… for JR… I have watched him on All My Children… and now, WOW, he can really DANCE!!! this is really his show… You go, JR!!! We are Proud of you in Many Ways…

  5. I think Chaz needs to go, if not siimply to keep his body safe from injury, I don’t care what the people think. He/she needs to think about that body… you only get one in your life..take care of it.

  6. Love, Love, Love J.R. he is my favorite I believe he will make it all the way, as for Chaz he will still till the end cause the ratings have to stay up.

  7. After seeing this woman, wonder what George saw in her in the first place. Not really that attractive outside, and probably not so much inside either.

  8. Wow I love hope solo and maks I also like rob kardashian becuz I love kim and khloe from keeping up with the kardashians

  9. Chaz bono lameeee u know he used 2 be a girl then changed 2 a guy and if he is going 2 be hurt then get off the show lacey is ok

  10. Gorge clooney please wut a stupid lameo who would date him god plus for all the NFL fans I hate the colts now ever scence they lost peytn manning they have been terrible there going 2 flunk this season like u woulf flunk school

  11. Wow @IndianaChic. Just.. wow. I’m sorry everyone else. Not everyone from this state is that ignorant, sexist, and… lacking an elementary level of spelling and grammar.

    I understand that this is the internet, and a comment form, but please, atleast use some sort of use of the English language.

    Also, if you hate a football team because they’re having a rough break from multiple injuries, I don’t believe you actually understand what the term ‘fan’ means.

    Also, it appears you know a lot about flunking yourself. Pot calling the kettle black and such..

  12. Chaz should go she does not know how to dance, she looks like a haster doing the safety dance. All of the people are voting for her so that they can get a good laugh.

  13. Omg I had a heart attack when it came down to David and Kym or elisabetta and Val. Love u David and Kym! Def my fave pair for this season.

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