Who got voted off So You Think You Can Dance July 14, 2011 Elimination 7/14/11

So You Think You Can Dance Elimination Results July 14, 2011 is where the top 10 will be revealed. Two among the remaining twelve will be sent home. Will they be your favorite dancer? Who gets kicked off SYTYCD So You Think You Can Dance 7/14/11 results? It will be provided here.

The contestants are getting better each week and last night, we think they did better. Our favorites are Melani & Marko, Sasha & Alexander and Jordan & Tadd. Caitlynn & Mitchell did ok but we’re afraid they might not have enough fans to get the votes into the top 10. Ryan & Ricky and Clarice & Jess might be in the bottom three too. The contestants who could be leaving might Ryan & Ricky but they might have many fans to get them through next week, don’t you think?

We’re excited for the show tonight. We hope the All-Stars will be announced during the show. What do you think?

Anyway, have any guesses as the dancers to get the boot? Who got voted off, eliminated on So You Think You Can Dance July 14, 2011 results? Updates will here.

Update: Ryan was eliminated! Alexander was eliminated! The top 10 are highlighted in green. Thoughts?

Top 12 performs

Caitlynn & Mitchell – in the bottom three

Clarice & Jess – safe

Melani & Marko – safe

Ryan & Ricky – in the bottom three

Jordan & Tadd – safe

Sasha & Alexander – in the bottom three

All Stars announced:









6 thoughts on “Who got voted off So You Think You Can Dance July 14, 2011 Elimination 7/14/11

  1. So glad Sadha made it through. Sorry her partner didn’t! LOVE the show & this year’s dancers are phenomenal. SYTYCDlover

  2. I’m so glad Ryan got voted off! she needed to go about 3 weeks ago! Not only was she just not the caliber of the other dancers, but she cried every episode! OVER IT! Glad she’s gone!

  3. I agree Ryan needed to go…. Next week is going to be exciting….. Aren’t they suppose to be getting new partners??!!??!!?? Can’t wait……

  4. So happy Ryan is gone! I can’t believe Alexander is! 🙁 I thought Ricky should of gone.. Clarice and Jess all the way!!!

  5. sososososososooo glad Ryan is gone!! she needed to go a looonnnggg time ago! She wasn’t on the same level as the other dancers, she was too emotional in the wrong way. meaning instead of being emotionally invested in the dances, she cried whenever in the bottom three. Because of her, I believe the pair Ryan & Ricky didn’t connect with the audience. Now over to Alexander… 🙁 poor kid once he broken his shell, he got eliminated. For me it was just too late of a break through. Glad Sasha made it, I believe that the top 4 will be Jess, Sasha, Marko, and Melanie. A lot of the other contestants are fizzing out and these guys are bringing it on!

  6. Catlyn and Mitchell should have gone home. and i’m so mad they didnt have phillip Cheebe come back for the all star episode

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