Who got voted off So You Think You Can Dance July 28, 2011 Elimination 7/28/11

So You Think You Can Dance Elimination Results July 28, 2011 airs at 8pm ET. Two dancers, a guy and a lady, will be leaving. Who do you think will they be? Got any predictions on who gets kicked off SYTYCD So You Think You Can Dance 7/28/11 results for top 8? Live updates will be provided.

Everyone did a great job but we think the outstanding performances are Melanie & Neil and Marko & Allison. We did enjoy seeing last year’s winner Lauren Froderman. But overall, it was a great episode. It’s hard to think who will be going home and it really depends on America who will they be voting for.

If we are to guess, it could be Jess or Ricky for the guys and Caitlynn or Jordan for the girls to go home. How about you? Have any predictions?

Who will be in danger tonight? Find out who they are. The contestants who got voted off, eliminated on So You Think You Can Dance July 28, 2011 results will be here live.

Update: Jordan was eliminated; Jess was eliminated;

Sasha – safe!

Jordan – in the bottom four

Caitlynn – in the bottom four

Melanie – safe!

Jess – in the bottom four

Marko – safe!

Ricky – safe!

Tadd – in the bottom four


18 thoughts on “Who got voted off So You Think You Can Dance July 28, 2011 Elimination 7/28/11

  1. i think my predictions to get eliminated is between ricky and tadd because jess is my guy pick to win sytycd and for girls i think its between caitlyn and sasha because jordan is my girl pick to win sytycd so dats my prediction

  2. its kind of ovious dat tadd and caitlyn is going home because jess never did a bad dance and he kept improving evertime and last night jordan was better then caitlyn i would be shocked if they send home jess because i would be blinded is they send jordan home i would also be shocked i have butterflys in my stomach

  3. omg i am so shocked the only time he was in the bottom was the first week and they sent him home i didnt really get them dis week but im actually done watching sytycd because my picks from the beginning was jess and jordan and they got eliminated so im done but they made it dis far and they will be big stars in the future

  4. Jordan was the right choice, but Jess was not. He is amazing. Ricky should have gone home, but since he was not in the bottom, Tadd should’ve been it. Jess is a professional, Tadd is not. It is easy to tell. It’s too bad the judges decided Jess.

  5. i completely agree wit u maria jess was a professional but i thought caitlyn should of gone because she wasnt good last night but i understand because jordan kept on finding herself in the bottom so caitlyn is the girl i want to make to the finals and i dont care about the boys because jess was the only boy reached out to me

  6. I think Jordan was the right choice. She did do very well last night but over all she is boring. We all know she can do really great extension b\c we have seen them a thousand times. She needs to add more to her arsenal. I like Jess but if it was between Jess and Tadd, I think Jess was the right choice. Just because Tadd isn’t a professional doesn’t mean he isn’t talented. He has picked up every choreography and executed it well, which is hard for any dancer, let alone a dancer with no professional training. Jess was not as exciting and was the right choice. Ricky did not have a great night last night but overall he is a better dancer than Jess.

  7. OMG!!! Jess & Jordan, !?!?!?!? All top 8 are extraordinary, but I really thought Caitlynn and Ricky were going home. None of them deserved to be voted off, but they really made the wrong choices tonight!! Melanie has been my favorite since her first try-out and so has Marko, throw Sascha in there….and you have your top 3. Tadd is remarkable for never having had choreagrophy before, but Jess is the better dancer. Have no idea who is going to win.

  8. I think they made the right choice, Tad should stay because of his creativity and versatile. Don’t care about the girls.

  9. Ricky & Caitlyn should have gone home last night. Don’t understand the judges’ thinking. Jordan and Jess’s dancing was SUPERIOR to R & C.

  10. Since we are all expressing our feelings, I am GLAD Ricky didn’t go home… so his lift wasn’t the strongest last night, he has still been a fantastic dancer. If it was up to me, Melanie would go home because there is something about her I cannot stand. Will say I wish Jordan hadn’t gone home, I really liked her.

  11. HOW did Ricky and Caitlynn not end up going home? I’m so gutted. Caitlynn is boring as heck- every time I see her I’m like ..wait, who is this again? And Ricky sucked all night!! What the heck America? I also think Nigel didn’t help by trying to get votes for Ricky, hinting he’d be in the bottom, and subtly hinting that Jess was going to go home. Remember his ‘know what you’ve learned or you’ll forget it when you leave this show?’ comment? Boooooo. 🙁

  12. everyone loves melanie and marko because they keep getting the best pieces!!!!

    wake up and smell the choreography! 😛

    when sasha and melanie danced together i couldn’t keep my eyes of sasha! i didn’t realize how powerful her dancing is. why don’t they giver her pieces like the ones given to melanie?!

    ditto ricky, if ricky had been in marko and allisons piece, he would have gotten amazing review as well. he has not yet had a really lyrical and touching piece like that, i’d like to see what he can do with a piece like that.

    it’s like everyone (namely one annoying judge starts with “n”) has the melanie and marko pegged from beginning to win and they keep being fed the choreography that everyone can identify with and is the most touching. give them some of the choregraphy that sasha and ricky have had to deal with and see what they do with it.

    sasha and ricky my top 2!!!

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