Who got voted off So You Think You Can Dance June 23, 2011 Elimination 6/23/11

So You Think You Can Dance Elimination Results June 23, 2011 is were four will be sent home. The judges didn’t send two last week and so tonight, instead of two, four will be voted off. Who got kicked off SYTYCD So You Think You Can Dance 6/23/11? We’ll update this post.

The performances last night were ok, but we prefer last week’s show that last night. The judges seemed to think too as they didn’t like some of the routines but there were still many who performed well like Jordan & Tadd and Melanie & Marko. Who in your opinion did well and who didn’t?

LMFAO will be performing live tonight in between results.

Who will be leaving? Any guesses? We think it will be Missy & Robert and Sasha & Alexander? How about you? The ones who got voted off, eliminated on So You Think You Can Dance June 23, 2011 results will be provided.

Update: Iveta & Missy were eliminated! Nick & Wadi were eliminated! Thoughts?

Missy & Wadi – in the bottom three!

Caitlynn & Mitchell – safe!

Sasha & Alexander – safe!

Miranda & Robert – safe!

Melanie & Marko – safe!

Jordan & Tadd – safe!

Iveta & Nick – in the bottom three!

Clarice & Jess – safe!

Ryan & Ricky – in the bottom three!

Ashley & Chris – safe!

LMFAO performs

Ryan stays!

Ricky stays!

12 thoughts on “Who got voted off So You Think You Can Dance June 23, 2011 Elimination 6/23/11

  1. A World Champion Ballroom dancer can’t make the cut on “So You Think You Can Dance….really. Bet if Iveta and Nick hadn’t been stuck with Bollywood routine the outcome would have been different. Maybe SYTYCD can come up with some other obscure dance genre, wonder if the Taliban has a dance style.

  2. I have a hard time with the fact that the judges loved Ryan and Ricky last night…there was NOTHING sexy about it. Her smile was creepy and they had no chemistry. While I can live with Iveta, I think NIck should have stayed and why in the heck were Jess and Clarice safe?

  3. I think Sasha will win because lots of Adam Lambert fans are voting for her since she was his dancer on his tour this past summer.

    Iveta and Missy were so annoying so I’m glad they’re gone. Totally agree about Ryan lolz!!

  4. SaSha: I can see that but it also goes to show that some of these dancers are “professional” ish and have done work before. They really do a lot of that on this show to show otherwise. I still watch though. I also agree about Missy! couldn’t stand her personality and you just know she blames her partner.

  5. Bella…i was saying that when Ryan and Ricky were dancing too! I kept saying “where is the chemistry?” she was giving a toothy grin out to the audience and not looking at him at all…and yes their technique was great and they hit the moves, but the chemistry and facial expression were so off…and then when the judges gave them such praise i was shocked too.

  6. Piper…thanks for not making me feel so alone in my thoughts. As for what the rest of you are saying, it really does not matter if they have danced for Adam Lambert or anyone else. Just because you can do one type of dance does not mean you can do all the rest. Adam Lambert sang as a Semi-Pro before American Idol and yet we wanted him to win Idol. I want a dancer who can do it all and yet has really only done one genre. I think Tadd is the one to beat! That B-boy can do it all!!!

  7. The outcome does not surprise me… sadly, Iveta is not as young as the others…. she will be fine though in her OWN right… AND – as someone said above – Nick did pull off the “guy” role as well as he needed to – he is amazing but not strong enough to dance with Iveta – I think the pairing hurt hem both….

    As to Ryan… she should have gone before Missy. Missy rocked and so did Wadi… Sad to see them go. Not sure why ANYONE would think Sasha should go – she is really amazing. So is Jess…. 🙂 Melanie should win it ALL!

  8. I agree with everything said here. I didn’t mind the girls that went home…but, as for the guys I really can’t stand Jess. I think he brings Clarice down. He is soo annoying. He could barely lift her in his performance. I think he needs to go home next.

  9. NOT okay… I mean, I didn’t want any of the guys to go home and I definitely liked Ricky, but I honestly thought that Nick should have gotten to stay. I personally can’t stand Ryan; her emotions while she dances are really confusing and I don’t think she’s that good, so I definitely think that she should have gone… I also really liked Missy and Iveta, but I’m not sure who I would have put in their place. I for one really like Jess and Clarice. I thought they danced beautifully in both of the routines they’ve done. Favorite is still Melanie though!

  10. I can’t believe Missy got kicked off! I don’t agree with the partner eliminations, because if one partner doesn’t meet full potential, then the other gets in danger also. Missy DOESN’T deserve to leave just because the crowd felt that Wadi didn’t perform his best. Same with Nick! He had no right to leave, his style is tap, and he is flexible in other areas too! They didn’t deserve to leave:(
    My favorite is Ashley, and Ryan!

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