Who got voted off So You Think You Can Dance June 30, 2011 Elimination 6/30/11

So You Think You Can Dance Elimination Results June 30, 2011 will have two dancers being sent home by the judges. Will your favorites be leaving tonight? Who gets kicked off SYTYCD So You Think You Can Dance 6/30/11? Let’s find out tonight.

The contestants did well than last week and the judges are all praises for almost all of them. We enjoyed watching them too, especially Melanie & Marko and Caitlynn & Mitchell. Who did you vote for to remain in the competition? Will the judges be making the right choice tonight, or will they send home the wrong couples? Too bad though if the guy or the lady is in the bottom three because of the other partner, but that’s the rules anyway.

So, who are you guessing to leave? Updates on who got voted off, eliminated on So You Think You Can Dance June 30, 2011 results will be here.

Update: Miranda was eliminated; Robert was eliminated; Thoughts? Opinions?

To 16 performs

Melanie & Marko – safe!

Ashley & Chris – in the bottom three

Ryan & Ricky – safe!

Jordan & Tadd – safe!

Sasha & Alexander – safe!

Miranda & Robert – in the bottom three

Clarice & Jess – safe!

Caitlynn & Mitchell – in the bottom three

11 thoughts on “Who got voted off So You Think You Can Dance June 30, 2011 Elimination 6/30/11

  1. This is just BS!!
    Miranda’s solo was the best one, and although I am not much of a fan of Robert as an all around dancer, his solo was way more technical and more entertaining than Ricks. Ashley and Rick should have been voted off, not Robert and Miranda.

  2. I think Ryan should go home. She grates on my last nerve. Her faux smile is the most annoying thing on the stage.
    My votes are for Sasha, Marko, Melanie and Tadd!

  3. Miranda should not have gone home–I don’t get that choice at all. Her solo was amazing, as have been her performances.

  4. I was sorry to see Miranda and Robert go home. This is the best season of the show ever. They all are extremely talented and no one should have to leave. I know it has to be done and I dont envy the judges. This sseason will be hard to pick a winner. Lots of Luck to all the contestants.

  5. I was SHOCKED to see Miranda go home.. her solo was indeed the best. she really put her soul out there and shes been the most evolved. I thought Ashely would go home.. her solo was not as powerul

  6. Miranda’s solo was the best one I think. Ashley’s was awful. not even entertaining. she did not dance from her heart or for her life.

  7. Miranda got kicked off? WTF. Last week Wadi was kicked off for not having a compelling solo. This week, Ashley’s was nothing special but Miranda’s had heart and soul and skill. Miranda is incredibly strong, I think the judges were weak to not split up couples. Robert was not a strong enough partner for Miranda. Ashley should have gone home. What is up with the judging? And some of the choreography for that matter. I loved Miranda, I thought she was a contender for the finale.

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