Who got voted off Strictly Come Dancing December 12 2010 Elimination 12/12/10

Strictly Come Dancing Elimination Results December 12, 2010 will determine the finalists. It’s semi-finals night tonight and we’ll find out who made it to next week among the five couples. Will you favorites be sent home? Who gets kicked off Strictly Come Dancing 12/12/10? Results will be here soon.

The couples performed three routines for this week, where they danced one unlearned dance from the previous weeks and swing marathon in the first night and another unlearned dance in the second night.

Kara & Artem were the couple who got the highest score in Night 1, getting a total of 39 while it was Pamela and James in Night 2, getting a total of 40.

The lowest scoring couple on both nights were Gavin & Katya, getting 27 on Night 1 and 31 on Night 2. Other pairs like Scott & Natalie and Matt & Aliona did fair though. But we’ll never know who will be leaving until we here the actual announcement.

Will Gavin & Katya be the next to be sent home? The finalists and the couple who was voted off, eliminated on Strictly Come Dancing December 12, 2010 results will be here soon.

Update: Scott & Natalie and Gavin & Katya were eliminated;


Kara & Artem

Matt & Aliona

Pamela & James

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