Who got voted off Strictly Come Dancing December 5 2010 Elimination 12/5/10

Strictly Come Dancing Elimination Results December 5, 2010 will be available soon. Only six pairs remain but at the end of the show, there will be five. Which couple will follow those who were sent home? Who gets kicked off Strictly Come Dancing 12/5/10? Results to be posted.

It’s a movie themed quarter-finals week and the contestants performed one unlearned dance from weeks 1 to 8. Pamela & James got the highest score once again who danced Viennese Waltz to the music of Unchained Melody. Kara & Artem placed second getting 38 who danced Tango to El Tango de Roxanne. Scott & Natalie and Matt & Aliona tied on 35 who danced Paso Doble and Jive, respectively.

Gavin & Katya were in second to the last place getting a total score of 33 after dancing Foxtrot and Ann & Anton were in last place getting a score of 14.

Who will be at the bottom two? Who are you predicting to be leaving tonight?

Find out the results of the show soon. Updates on the pair who was voted off, eliminated on Strictly Come Dancing December 5, 2010 results will be here.

Update: Ann & Anton were eliminated;

Scott & Natalie and Ann & Anton in the bottom two

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