Who got Voted Off The Voice April 22, 2014 Results 4/22/14

The first live elimination happens tonight on The Voice 2014. Find out who among the top 12 finalist won’t make it to next week’s live shows. Two artists will go home tonight from the bottom three while one will be saved with the insta-save. Be ready to vote since you have only five minutes to vote.

Among the performances last night, my favorites were Sisaundra Lewis’ performance of “Don’t Let the Sun Go Down On Me”, Josh Kauffman’s “Stay With Me”, Bria Kelly’s “Rolling in the Deep” (though it’s already an overused song for me) and Kat Perkins’ “Magic Man”.

How about you? Who were your favorites last night? Any predictions on who will be the bottom three and who will go home?

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Update: TJ Wilkins and Dani Moz were eliminated!

** Josh Kaufman reached iTunes Charts – #4 spot – so he’s safe for next week



1. Josh Kaufman

2. Kat Perkins

3. Kristen Merlin

4. Audra McLaughlin

5. Delvin Choice

6. Jake Worthington

7. Bria Kelly

8. Christina Grimmie

9. Sisaundra Lewis

10. Tess Boyer – saved by America!



1. TJ Wilkins – ELIMINATED

2. Tess Boyer

3. Dani Moz – ELIMINATED

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