Who got Voted Off The Voice April 28, 2015 Results 4/28/15

The results of last night’s competition in The Voice will be revealed tonight! Who among the 8 remaining finalists will be going home? Any predictions?

As of this writing, Sawyer Fredericks’ “Simple Man” made it to iTunes’ top 10, placing second. Joshua Davis’ “Fields of Gold” are also included, getting the 8th spot. With this, they might get a sure spot for next week’s competition.

Meanwhile, Kimberly Nichole’s “Creep” is one place short to be in the top 10, but she could still be safe anyway.

For the bottom three tonight, any guesses?

Note that one of the artists will be saved via INSTANT SAVE once again. So do vote for the one you like to remain for next week.

Updates will be provided. While waiting for it, follow this blog on Twitter or like on Facebook if you haven’t done it yet. The next two artists who got eliminated on The Voice’s April 28, 2015 results will be posted.

Update: Hannah Kirby and Corey Kent White got eliminated!



1. Joshua Davis

2. Sawyer Frederick

3. Meghan Linsey

4. Kimberly Nichole

5. Koryn Hawthorne

6. India Carney



1. Corey Kent White – “Somebody Like You”

2. India Carney – “Human”

3. Hannah Kirby – “Radioactive”



– Corey Kent White and Hannah Kirby

2 thoughts on “Who got Voted Off The Voice April 28, 2015 Results 4/28/15

  1. So sorry Blake. You should have kept Cody and you would still be in the race. Corey was ordinary, Cody was special. Not putting my money on you anymore.

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