Who got Voted Off The Voice December 10, 2013 Results 12/10/13

The Voice 2013 semi finals results is tonight! Out of the five artists, only three will move on to next week’s finale. Who do you think will be this season’s top three finalists?

The final five contestants are James Wolpert, Tessanne Chin, Cole Vosbury, Jacquie Lee and Will Champlin.

It was only an hour performance show last night so they performed one song each, unlike the other week where they sang two songs.

Who were your favorites last night? Who are you predicting to be in the final three?

My guess on the top three are Tessanne Chin, Jacquie Lee and James Wolpert. How about you?

Will Adam have three of his artists in the finale? Will Blake and Christina’s artists be included? Find out here.

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Update: James Wolpert is eliminated! Cole Vosbury gets eliminated!

Will give updates as soon as I can. Something came up. Please do leave a comment if you know the results. Thanks for understanding!


1. Tessanne Chin

2. Jacquie Lee

3. Will Champlin



1. Cole Vosbury

2. James Wolpert

11 thoughts on “Who got Voted Off The Voice December 10, 2013 Results 12/10/13

  1. It’s a shame Kole is gone,I believe it’s fixed with last years winner Danielle it seems more fixed this year.the young lady from Jamaica is the ultimate winner but she is a seasoned performer and I have seen other venues that build the show around one performer in order to finance her career costs we shall see….

  2. As with Dancing with the Stars, when I found out it was fixed, I stopped watching. I will do so for this show too, not that they care. And I say it’s “fixed” because the judges lead the audience around by the nose. Adam has been whining about Tessanne’s “struggles” and causing people to feel sorry for her, but I will not vote for a non- American… sorry, and in my way of thinking, everyone has “Struggles” and sad stories except for Jacquie because she’s so young and has her whole life ahead of her, though she also might have some struggles but hasn’t used it as a crutch. If we were honest, SHE should win because she really has a great voice and can sing anything. Goodbye Voice!

  3. SueB, you are an idiot. Tessanne is an American. Just because she comes from another country does not mean she is not an American now. She has been a US citizen for years.

  4. I won’t respond to you Eileen, the same way you did. I didn’t know that she was an American since they keep playing up the fact that she’s a Jamaican singer and her father is I believe, of Chinese descent. All the same, my favorite was Matthew, and I really liked Ray. As a rule, I prefer male voices and always have. I do think
    Tessanne has a terrific voice and I like Reggae music, but I still wouldn’t vote for her. I guess I hit a nerve with you. Sorry about that. It’s sad though that a person can’t make a comment without someone calling someone else names. I hope you have a good evening anyway.

  5. It saddens me to see someone write that she/he won’t vote for Tessanne because she is “non-american”. What is that? It’s entirely one’s prerogative to vote for the contestant of one’s choice, but to invoke this prejudice is just sickening! I’m from Jamaica; I’m a US citizen, so what does that make me? I’m supporting Tessanne because she is, in my opinion, the best voice on the show. And I might remind you that the show is not called “The American Voice”; it’s called “The Voice”! Where is the love? Jeez!!!

  6. I am sorry to say I will no longer be watching the voice. It has been a fav of mine since the start but after this last season it is clear it is fixed. There were 3 artists that were far better than the Jamaican artist. She had no depth just kept singing the same kind of songs and did NOT have the best voice. Even she knew she should not have won. Did you see her reaction? The first season was real but after that they screwed it up!

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