Who got Voted Off The Voice December 11, 2012 Results 12/11/12

It’s The Voice 2012 semifinals result tonight and the final three artists will be revealed. Who will make it and who will go home?

Only one of the top four contestants will be going home tonight, unlike in the past weeks where it was double elimination. Will it be an all-male finale or it will be two guys and a girl for next week?

Anyway, the four finalists visited their hometowns during the episode last night. Trevin Hunte went back to his high school, Nicholas David went home to his family and his new house. Cassadee Pope also had a reunion with her family and Terry McDermott visited his son at home. For their songs, Trevin sang “With Beneath My Wings”. Nicholas David sang “You Are So Beautiful”. Cassadee Pope sang “Stupid Boy” and Terry McDermott sang “Let It Be”.

Among them, the best performance was Cassadee’s, in my opinion. She sang a country song without the country voice in it. It was great though Christina said her voice sounds auto-tuned. Terry McDermott comes next with his “Let It Be” rendition. Adam said he did an incredible job and Blake thought that was musical perfection. Nicholas David did okay but Cee Lo hopes Nicholas saw the song choice as the right decision.

Meanwhile, Trevin Hunte’s “Wind Beneath My Wings” isn’t that good. It was very pitchy or maybe I just don’t like the song? What do you think?

Who will be leaving tonight? My prediction is Trevin Hunte. How about you?

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Update: Trevin Hunte gets eliminated!


Terry McDermott and Cassadee Pope perform “Little Talks”

Juliet Simms sings “Wild Child”, her new single

RaeLynn sings “Boyfriend”, her new single

Chris Mann sings “Roads”, his new single

Nicholas David and Trevin Hunte perform “Hero”




Terry McDermott

Cassadee Pope

Nicholas David

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19 thoughts on “Who got Voted Off The Voice December 11, 2012 Results 12/11/12

  1. I agree that the 3 who should go on are the 3 who got the votes. For his age, Trevin was good, but I always found him to be pitchy. I’m sure he’ll get some vocal training and will have a bright future. I would be happy with any of the final 3 winning. I think they all have something special.

  2. Cassadee & Terry , as well as Nicholas definitely deserved to be put through. If they were ” copy cats ” or ” bad ” , they wouldn’t have got votes . #TeamCelake <3

  3. As a professional musician and composer, I feel the top three are talented and unique. Whoever made negative comments regarding Nicholas doesn’t appreciate true talent. The man can sing and here is the thing – TALENT is timeless. Your ‘time” as a musician, singer, writer, etc. does not PASS until you pass. Even then, your work and recordings live on. I will venture a guess – Mr. Brackens is NOT a professional musician. And before you say so – I know you don’t have to be a professional to listen and offer your opinion… I’m just saying you don’t know beans about talent.

  4. Christina is just bitter and she’s picking on all of the other contestants because she doesn’t have any left. Losing so early in the competition is a drag, but she doesn’t have to take it out on the contestants. Cassadee has near perfect pitch, so Christina could have spun it as a compliment rather than an insult. Trevin was good, but not perfect. My DISH coworker thinks that McDermott will win but I’m pretty sure that Pope will be the winner because of her following from “Hey Monday.” My Hopper Whole-Home DVR automatically recorded the show again, along with the other nightly four major network shows, using the PrimeTime Anytime feature. The part I like most about watching this morning, commercial free, is that I can get ready for work and watch the show in less time, so I can still get to work and be able to talk about the results of The Voice with my coworkers.

  5. Theymade it anall ehite final. Amanda Brownshold still be there. I toughts was the best singing competition show. But this ye sucked and I’m done. Will nt watch the final nor any othe the vce episode

  6. Not a fan of Nicolas or Cassadee. Talent or not, I don’t care for their singing voices. They got of much better singers throughout the season, and now they got rid of their best last night so I don’t care who wins really. But of the 3 left, I guess my vote goes to foul-mouthed Terry. I just wish he would sing something more contemporary.

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