Who got Voted Off The Voice December 4, 2012 Results 12/4/12

The final four contestants will be revealed in The Voice tonight. The finale is getting near and next week is the semifinals. Who do you think should go through to next week’s competition?

Last night, the top six finalists performed two songs each, one was their own song choice while the other one was chosen by their coach. Each of the coaches, Adam Levine, Cee Lo Green and Blake Shelton have two members each, while Christina is without someone to mentor anymore.

Anyway, I enjoyed some of the songs performed while I got bored with some. However, the least performance I liked was Melanie Martinez sing Lenka’s “The Show”. I like that song so hearing it with pitchiness to the maximum level and seeing her imitate Lenka made me want to turn of the TV. Another one is Trevin Hunte’s “Walking on Sunshine” performance. I think it was a wrong song choice. What do you think? Glad that his second song was okay though.

Those were some of the performances that I liked the least. Meanwhile, my favorite performances were Cassadee Pope’s “Stand” and “I’m With You”, Amanda Brown’s “Natural Woman” and “Here I Go Again”. Cassadee Pope sang a country song though the arrange was pop and the judges thought she won them all over. She also did a fantastic job with her second song, according to Blake. Amanda Brown also did a great performance even if she took a risk with her second song. Will these two make it to the semifinals?

Who did you vote for and who are your favorites? Who do you think will be going home tonight? Again, my predictions are Nicholas David and Trevin Hunte to leave. How about you? Any predictions?

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Update: Melanie Martinez gets eliminated! Amanda Brown gets eliminated! Were you shocked with the results?


Ne-Yo performs “Let Me Love You” with Amanda Brown

Trevin Hunte and Terry McDermott perform “Feel Again”

Amanda Brown and Cassadee Pope sing “Breakaway”

Matchbox 20 performs “Overjoyed” with Trevin Hunte and Nicholas David



Terry McDermott

Trevin Hunte

Cassadee Pope

Nicholas David

44 thoughts on “Who got Voted Off The Voice December 4, 2012 Results 12/4/12

  1. i’m betting on trevin and nicholas to go too. i don’t really care, i just want trevin out. he bugs the living hell outta me.
    i love melanie, amanda, terry. and maybe. just maybe cassadee, as long as no one from above gets going while she stays.

  2. I hope it’s Trevin and Nicholas. Maybe even Amanda. She has some great moments, but the judges keep referring back to not getting that moment she had with “Dream On”. I hope Cassadee wins! I want to see Cassadee and Melanie in the finals.

      • If you are female it’s near impossible to get this far, let alone the black women, who seem to rarely get a break by ‘the voters’. Fantasia is the exception that makes the (J.Hudson) rule. Talent is not what these shows are based on. Tween girls voting maybe???

  3. What is wrong with people? Seriously , melanie martinez ? I wouldnt by her music for nothing. She sounds like she breathing heavy. And nicolas well he had his moments but its over. And cassadee she could country for sure. Amanda is awsome and trevin wins either way since christina has taken him under wing. My guy is terry . Rock and roll is here to stay. Yesss.

  4. Here are my odds of getting out tonight..
    Cassadee Pope : 5%
    Terry McDermott : 10%
    Trevin Hunte : 15%
    Amanda Brown : 20%
    Nicholas David : 20%
    Melanie Martinez : 30%

    Who should go home :
    Nicholas, Trevin.

    Nicholas sounds like he’s singing through his nose and Trevin is dying down from the beginning.

    Melanie and Cassadee for the win!<33

    • Nice. Pick on a 17 year old girl you don’t even know. I’m tired of people picking on people on tv. Just because you don’t like how she looks and YOU think she’s bad doesnt mean other people do.This comment doesnt make you look cool it makes you look pathetic and stupid.

  5. I’d like to see Terry and Amanda go home today. Although I’m not sure why Cassadee is allowed to be in the competition – she (her band) already has a record contract, which is the show’s prize. I thought I heard that someone else (Terry?) did, too.

    I’d like to see Melanie in the finals.

  6. I do not understand why people like Terry so much he is just a cover band artist he wont have any hit original songs. Melanie is very unique and offers a lot for being only 17. Melanie, Cassadee, or Amanda to win.

  7. I love Trevine. That kid is a Powerhouse singer. I Proud to say I voted for him. Everyone of the are great. Amanda sounds like Adele, she could be coached to sing like Adele. Melanie is awesome. For me Cassedee is just ok. Trevine, Melanie, Amanda, Terry will be my top choice and in this order. All this people are great and I wish them all great success.
    Remember Jennifer Hudson didn’t win Idol, but
    She’s richer than the person thst did. She’s more relevant than the person that won. She’s a BRAND..,
    Just represents yourselves well, someone us bound to
    Notice. God bless you all, stay true to yourself
    And your dreams.

  8. my gosh…i really thought Trevin was going home. He is ok…but there have been others that had better voices. America never picks because of talent…but instead popularity. Well…congrats to the remaining contestants.

  9. now, this is bullshit, melanie i understand (even though it hurts, i really liked her, so screw you haters lol) but amanda, amanda!!! what the actual fuck, you might not like amanda, but if you have two ears you have to admit she has a way better voice than lets say avril lavigne’s wanna be sister, so good luck with that america

  10. I think that Melanie will continue on with her career, she has more talent and more individuality with her photography and her voice than any other contestant and being so young we will be seeing her again. But of the contestants left I’m betting on Cassadee, Nicholas has the most soulful voice but I think maybe to old to win, and Trevin great voice it to much the norm and limited to one type of music

  11. Melanie was the only genuinely talented one there. Oh well… there is no accounting for taste america. You’ll get the pop or pop-rock bullshit winner you deserve.

  12. Ok people calm down…melanie deserved to get voted off because her performance was weak. Her performance was pitchy and couldn’t hit the high notes. And by the way Cassadee can sing and just because she doesn’t sing the kind of music you don’t like doesn’t mean she can’t.

  13. Are you people insane with Melanie everysong sounded the same….breathy and bad soooooo bad. Nicholus David very strang man (peach out dude…maaazeee), Terry ehh! Cassidee – you go girl, Trevin’s going to win it all.

  14. Melanie is talented but shes still young she needs some more coaching umm amanda was a back up singer for adele i do believe shoudnt she already have a foot in the right door somewhere i think those two plus whos left are all very good but im kinda leaning toward nicholas david i mean he us in his 40s kids one on the way when does he get his break i think it is his time also for trevin as well they are the only two that really seem to deserve this they havent got their big break yet there just everyday nobodys like the rest of us but best of luck to every one left

  15. How amazing for all of them to have this oppurtunity to even be on this show. The Last performers standing the last 3 weeks have all been amazing. The last 6 were all amazing but there has to be people eliminated. Good luck to all. Be grateful you had this chance. Many people never had such a great chance to be on national t.v.

  16. They all did great , but really I have to agree that Melanie should of been sent home weeks ago. Trevon is the winner in my eyes he’s got the power. People who have already had a chance at stardom should not be allowed in this competition. It’s suppose to be for singers who need help catching their dreams. Not for those that had it and blew it.

  17. First of all, Amanda has a great voice…Trevin does too but the song choices are gonna kill him!!! Terry is great for his genre, Cassadee…I like her! Nicholas, I’d go see him in a jazz club or something not sure I’d buy his album. As far as Melanie goes, I think for her age she’s awesome!!! She’s extremely artistic, and with some coaching and experience her voice will get better!!! Does anyone know who Bjork, and Lady Gaga is? If no one believed in their artistic ability where would they be right now???!!! Personally I thought Amanda should have won because she’s so versatile however, given the people left I’d like to see Cassidee take it all!!!

  18. It wasn’t Melanie’s fault: I PUT ALL THE BLAME ON ADAM LEVINE…they keep trying to take her out of her comfort zone with songs like ‘Crazy’ (so painful to even watch)…that is not he style & it will never be her style…your an idiot Adam for think everyone has to evolve…she could have ‘evolved’ after she had won…but you pulled the rug right out from under her when YOU chose that Knarls Barkley song FOR HER…you guys really need to reflect on how bad you sabotaged her…we will never know now just how far she could have gone!!! Thanks Adam…got another one of my favorites axed…just like Christina did with all of her talent…she really wanted to push the envelope with Dez Duron, but look where that got her…now she is just a spectator!

  19. I hope that Melanie goes home. I can’t stand her!!!!!! I’m happy that she left but Amanda brown?? NO WAY PEOPLE!!!!!!!!!!! SHE IS THE ABSOLUTE BEST!!! Good bye Amanda!😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭

  20. I was soooo shocked by the votes. I could not believe Amanda did not stay. I think that Terry, Trevin, Amanda and Nicholas are my faves. If anyone should have gone home it should have been Cassedee Pope and Melanie, I am not a big Cassadee fan. She does not have a lot of range. She does not sound bad but the same. Melanie has a lot of growing to do and once she matures she will be alright.

  21. About J. Hudson being eliminated. There was a storm in her town that didn’t allow them to vote for her or she wouldn’t have been out. It was the weather not because she was black. Lol! Funny.

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