Who got Voted Off The Voice December 9, 2014 Results 12/9/14

It’s The Voice Season 7 Semifinals results night tonight! Among the top 5 artists, three will move on to the finale! Who do you think will make it? Who did you vote for?

It’s really difficult to predict who will make it to the top three this season. But any predictions?

Each artist performed two songs last night, their song choice and the coaches choice. All did well, I think but only three will move one.

Meanwhile, aside from the top 5 elimination, tonight is the wildcard round. All eliminated contestants this season have the chance to perform once again. One of them will be competing for the finale. Who do you think will be the wildcard?

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Update: Taylor John Williams and Damien were eliminated! Wildcard results will be announced on the today show tomorrow morning.


1. Chris Jamison

2. Craig Wayne Boyd

3. Matt McAndrew


** Voting is open until 3AM ET


1. Reagan James – “Put your records on”
1-855-864-2301 or Text 1 to 8642


2. Jessie Pitts – “Zombie”
1-855-864-2302 or Text 2 to 8642


3. Ryan Sill – “Marry Me”
1-855-864-2303 or Text 3 to 8642


4. Anita Antoinette – “Waiting on the World to Change”
1-855-864-2304 or Text 4 to 8642


5. Taylor John Williams – “Wicked Game”
1-855-864-2305 or Text 5 to 8642


6. Damien – “Grenade”
1-855-864-2306 or Text 6 to 8642


7. Sugar Joans – “Back to Black”
1-855-864-2307 or Text 7 to 8642


8. Luke Wade – “Have a Little Faith in Me”
1-855-864-2308 or Text 8 to 8642


9. DaNica Shirey – “Without You”
1-855-864-2309 or Text 9 to 8642


14 thoughts on “Who got Voted Off The Voice December 9, 2014 Results 12/9/14

  1. The wild card is dumb….if one of them were to win..how does that leave all the buildup with the eliminations. It makes it meaningless….picture the Major League baseball playoffs and then at the end someone sticks in The Mets and they win! Senseless.

  2. I love the show but the whole voting process is flawed. Votes and downloads are totally different things. But in reality, it is the iTunes downloads that determine who survives. With a multiplier of 10 for a top 10 song, the votes become irrelevant. For example, contestant A gets 100,000 votes and contestant B gets 900,000 votes. But A charts in the top 10 of iTunes and B does not. Contestant, by reason of the multiplier, gets his vote total raised to one million. So the overwhelming votes for B are rendered meaningless. This seems patently unfair!!!

  3. this system sucks bigtime . you cant count on people to vote honestly . those three at the top is not the best three and if you look at the judges faces you would see what i mean . you have to get five judges in the background to do the eliminations

  4. I don’t think was fair to the last two standing. Meaning Damien and Taylor who won their spot honestly. Now they can lose to someone who has been gone for weeks and didn’t have to sing all that they did and work to make it this far. Just not right. Just so glad Matt made it though. If it’s a singing contest it should be Matt and Damien as the last two. Not a pretty boy contest with Chris and Craig.

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