Who got Voted Off The Voice May 28, 2013 Results 5/28/13

Two of the the top 8 finalists won’t be seen in the competition next week as they leave the show tonight. Who do you think will these artists be? Did you enjoy the show as you enjoyed the holiday last night?

It was a great show last night, don’t you agree? Actually better than the first two live shows. It was hard for me to choose who to vote, but anyways my favorites from last night were Michelle Chamuel’s “Grenade”, Danielle Bradbery’s performance of “Grandpa” and Amber Carrington’s “Skyfall” by Adele. I think these three artists are safe while those who could go home are Holly Tucker and The Swon Brothers though The Swon Brothers may not be eliminated since they seem to have quite a number of fans.

But anyway, among the four coaches, both Adam Levine and Blake Shelon still have their team intact while Shakira and Usher have only one artist each. Will they be without someone to coach next week or Adam and Blake will each have an artist out?

Which artists will be in the iTunes top 10 and get a times 10 voting bonus?

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Update: Judith Hill and Sarah Simmons got eliminated!


– Sheryl Crow performs with Team Blake

– Judith Hill and Michelle Chamuel perform “Sweet Nothing”

– Sasha Allen and the Swon Brothers perform “Don’t You Wanna Stay”

– Daniele Bradbey and Sarah Simmons perform “A Thousand Years”

– Amber Carrington and Holly Tucker perform “Does He Love You” I love this song!



1. Michelle Chamuel

2. Danielle Bradbery

3. Sasha Allen

4. The Swon Brothers

5. Amber Carrington

6. Holly Tucker



1. Judith Hill

2. Sarah Simmons

5 thoughts on “Who got Voted Off The Voice May 28, 2013 Results 5/28/13

  1. i’m thinking holly and sarah are going home. my top two were michelle and amber.
    i don’t like danielle, i prefer the swon brothers as my country fix.
    as for sasha and judith, i kinda liked them in the beginning, but each week i like them less and less.

  2. I don’t think the Swon Brothers will go home tonight, I saw a picture that they retweeted from someone that showed that they we’re in the top 10 on one of the iTunes charts.


    If you don’t know yet, Judith Hill and Sarah went home tonight. Disappointed about Sarah, although I don’t think she had a good performance this week. Still, she has a unique voice and I liked her. Glad Judith is leaving, and not Sasha. I just couldn’t really get into Judith, I guess. WOW, mouthed Adam as the final save was announced. His team took a huge hit tonight, going from 3 to 1. This has been a great season – really liked so many of the contestants.

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