Who got Voted Off The Voice May 5, 2015 Results 5/5/15

The Voice Top 6 Results Show airs tonight! From the top 6 artists, only one will go home tonight. Who do you think will it be?

For sure, it’s not Sawyer Fredericks as his “Shine On” performance got included in the iTunes top 10. He ranked #4. Meghan Linsey’s “Amazing Grace” is also in the top 10 songs, with her ranked #8. These two got spot for next week’s competition, I’m sure of that.

Anyway, any guesses on who will be in the bottom two? I’m guessing one of them will be Kimberly Nichole. How about you?

You can save one of the artists in the bottom two tonight, via Twitter Save, by the way.

Again, updates will be here. Follow this blog on Twitter or like on Facebook as the finalist who got eliminated on The Voice’s May 5, 2015 results will be posted.

Update: Kimberly Nichole got voted off!



1. Sawyer Fredericks

2. Meghan Linsey

3. Koryn Hawthorne

4. Joshua Davis

5. India Carney



1. India Carney – “Perfect” by Pink

2. Kimberly Nichole – “Seven Nation Army” by The White Stripes



Kimberly Nichole

21 thoughts on “Who got Voted Off The Voice May 5, 2015 Results 5/5/15

    • I agree. I think they results should be public, and shown live when eliminations are aired. Results should be verified by a trustworthy law firm with integrity that can prove to be honest. I don’t trust results with no proof!!

  1. I am truly amazed that Joshua is still on the show. He has a fair voice, but more of a lounge singer than a power house, and he has not always been on key. Compared to the other singers this season, he does not seem to have nearly as much talent. I am really shocked that he has been voted in by the fans. Can’t imagine ever buying anything that he has sung.Both Kimberly and India were far superior, and Rob-who was voted off already, had a fantastic voice. At least they got it right with Meghan and Sawyer.

  2. I disagree on the results for tonight Kimberley should have stayed India just doesn’t have it to win she gets off tune a lot and the judges just don’t say nothing why idk but I guess they don’t hear what we hear she good but not good enough far from winning The Voice and as far as Joshua he doesn’t have it either he sings in the same tone and nothing changes and always sings boring songs nobody knows are heard of now America has it right with Meagan, carin & sawyer they belong they deserve to be the top 3 standing

  3. I want that young man Saywer to win. I think he is great. For such a young person. The only thing I don’t like is his long hair. But to each their own. That is who I would like to win. Sorry Blake you know I love you but voting against your team. Should have gotten the young man. Good luck

  4. I am STUNNED that Kimberly was voted out what are people thinking she was a power house Joshua should have been gone Not her I agree he sings boring songs his vocals stay the same Well I hope Meghan wins!!!

  5. Sawyer is great, I hope he win but Kimberly Nichols should not had been eliminated its obvious that something is not right with this show and this will be my last season watching it.

  6. I have been in favor of India,Koryn,and Meghan. I hope for India or Koryn to be the winner. They are young and have a big future ahead of them.

  7. I am atunned that kimberly was voted out, also. India is great, but she was in the bottom a few times. I do not think she can out last the other contestants.Kimberly , on the other hand can go toe to toe. There is a plan to the outcome of a lot of these shows, they have a certain way it’s suppuse to go, and i think things have a way of being set up. But, good luck kimberly. Clive Davis is scouting out at the voice, Kim will do good on his label. Good luck to all, everyone is great, but Kimberly should still be there.

  8. The show is called “The Voice” and Sawyer definately has a unique “voice”. He has been the front runner right from the start and rightly so…….also he’s so humble and sweet. You go, Sawyer!

  9. I will no longer watch this show. I don’t believe the votes to be true. Kim should still be on the show and it’s obvious who shouldn’t.

  10. Kimberly was given absolutely no chance to continue. The voting lines were closed on the west coast when Carson Daly announced they were open. Kimberly’s fan base had no chance to save her! She should be brought back to have a real chance!!! I’m done with the show for this year…it sucks to have one of the top 2 eliminated in this manner. The producer sucks!!!

  11. Kim should have been there a lot longer than some of the people left. They have been doing this voice insta-save for a while and the only way to get around it for us on the west coast, is to get on the internet and find out who needs to be saved and if your favorite is on the chopping block get to voting! While I agree Sawyer has a unique voice, almost akin to Bob Dylan, he doesn’t have the range or stage presence of the other singers currently on The Voice. He is less marketable than the others and that is one of the biggest hurdles that people need to get over.

  12. People doesn’t know what a true artist is. Listen and watch this is actually the worse season but Kimberly is the only good singer n her performance is flawless she doesn’t deserve to be eliminated well what can I say it’s the voice

  13. Congrats Nichole !!
    For me you just won the whole thing !!!
    But in a real world some people felt that uncomfortable that just couldn’t accept it as a fair competition unless they take you out !!! U where that good that just make them do that !!! Tell u the truth – I didn’t see nothing of of the last four that qualified !!!
    I guess they didn’t like the fact tha u where making them look like amateurs and sound like karoke every single night !!
    and again, for me
    Another royal performance !!!
    U’re taking the house down every time u sing girl – so Ithat I guess didn’t make to many happy producers by volondarkly

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