Who got Voted Off The Voice May 6, 2014 Results 5/6/14

It’s The Voice 2014 quarterfinals results show tonight! Yes, it’s the top 8 results show so we’ll find out who will be going home. But note that instead of two, three contestants will be eliminated!

This time, four artists will be singing for the instant save, but only one of these four will advance to the top 5 next week. It’s any one’s game so do vote for your favorite artist during the 5-minute instant save.

As of 1pm ET, if you’ll check out the iTunes charts, you’ll see Josh Kaufman and Christina Grimmie in the top 10. Josh’s “I Can’t Make You Love Me” is in the 4th spot while Christina’s “How To Love” is in the 7th spot. If that is so, these two get a secure spot for next week. This will also mean that Usher will still have an artist in his team.

Will Shakira be without a member to mentor after tonight?

Who’s your favorites last night?

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Update: Sisaundra, Delvin and Audra got eliminated!


1. Josh Kaufman

2. Kristen Merlin

3. Christina Grimmie

4. Jake Worthington

5. Kat Perkins



1. Sisaundra Lewis – “(You Make Me Feel Like) A Natural Woman”

2. Kat Perkins – “Barracuda”

3. Delvin Choice – “Young Girls”

4. Audra McLaughlin – “Done


14 thoughts on “Who got Voted Off The Voice May 6, 2014 Results 5/6/14

  1. This result tonight is EXTREMELY disappointing. Sisaundra and Delvin should have gone on to be in the top three. They are each one a phenomenal talent. The problem is once the voting is turned over to America, it just becomes about demographics. Most of the people who watch this show are young and white. Sisaundra and Delvin are African American and seasoned performers. They aren’t just out of teenagehood. I am very sad about their elimination, and I wish the judges had some sort of say about this.

  2. I stated at the beginning if sisaundra wins it was rigged because she has already had the training and performed professionally. That isnt fair to the others. The show is about giving someone who wouldn’t otherwise have a shot, a shot. Delvin was lucky to make it passed the week he sang unchained melody.

  3. Meredith, you are correct. It was already predicted that if there are in Black Americans still standing, they definitely will be elinminate by White Americans. It happens all the time and it’s a fact. That’s why Black/African American are beginning to tune these kinds of shows off. I you want to call the results racist, then sobeit. It’s just that the young White American do not know good singing. They prefer rock and screaming that I find annoying. That’s the way of the world. I hope somebody has since enough to give Sisaundra and Delvin and phone call with an offer. Perhaps that’s it! The ones chosen need to win the contest for a jump start. Without, they wouldn’t go no where. Hold you heads up Sisandra and Delvin. A change is gonna come.

  4. This show is rigged they only pick Adam or Blake to win I think they should take a season off so they can get better coaches on to win. I don’t like either of them Jake is terrible he needs to go home!

  5. This show is rigged. They only want Adam or Blake to win. They should take a Season off so other coaches can win. Blake’s team sucks this year. I do not like the fat country boy he needs to go home. This show is not my favorite anymore

  6. First off for anyone to say its a racist thing is just out right nuts and you should be ashamed of yourself. African Americans have won American Idol before what happened there??? Barack Obama is President what happened there??? If your silly logic was correct then it would of never happened since there are so much more white people (LMFAO) Maybe you should just not comment anymore cause your comments are retarded period.

  7. I can’t believe race has come up. I’m a white older lady and while this season is full ofamazing talent, Sisaundra has been my pick from the beginning. I know many people (of different colors) who agree. We were indeed worried that she had more experience than others and that it may work against her eventually as some may think its unfair. I will continue to wish her greatest success. Her foot is in the door and she will do well!!

  8. If that is the case, Christina Grimmie should not be allowed to win.. She also was a professional performer with album sells before going
    On the voice.. She even worked with different producers to make several music videos… Although she is good, she needs to be eliminated and give someone else a shot. No matter what Christina will be fine n will most likely get a record deal. I say let her go and give the others a shot to win. After all, the show is about giving someone who wouldn’t otherwise have a shot, a shot. I agree with that Joh.

  9. If it racist then last seasons show must not have happened. Did we forget who won last seasons show over a young white teenager? Just sayin

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