Who got Voted Off The Voice November 20, 2012 Results 11/20/12

It’s The Voice 2012 top 10 results show tonight. Again, two of the finalists with the lowest number of votes will be eliminated. Who do you think will these contestants be?

I think the finalists did better on this week’s performances that last week. Some have even played a musical instrument. Sylvia Yacoub played the piano while Melanie Martinez played the guitar. Of course, some are better even if they sang without holding any musical instruments.

My favorites from last night are Amanda Brown, who sang “Stars”, Cassadee Pope, who sang “Over You”, Terry McDermoot, who sang “Summer of 69” (though I hope he had sang another song) and Bryan Keith, who sang “New York State of Mind”. How about you? Who were your favorites from last night’s performances and who did you vote for?

Meanwhile, Cassadee Pope’s “Over You” lands number 1 on iTunes this morning while Melanie Martinez is 3 spots more before she reaches the top 10. iTunes sales also count as votes and when a finalist is in the iTunes top 10, those votes are multiplied by 10.

Anyway, any predictions on who will be leaving tonight?

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Christina Aguilera, Dez Duron and Sylvia Yacoub perform “Let There Be Love”

Rascall Flatts perform with Cassadee Pope and Cody Belew

Team Adam performs “Crazy Little Thing Called Love” with Adam Levine

Cassadee Pope, Terry McDermott, Sylvia Yacoub and Dez Duron perform



Nicholas David

Cassadee Pope

Dez Duron

Cody Belew

Melanie Martinez

Terry McDermott

Trevin Hunte

Amanda Brown



Bryan Keith

Sylvia Yacoub

5 thoughts on “Who got Voted Off The Voice November 20, 2012 Results 11/20/12

  1. my pvr ended just before Amanda Brown got the last spot.
    I was very pissed off…can you do anything about this?
    also get rid of the martinez girl….she should not be in the next round…there were lots better.

  2. cody belew so should have been voted off and did any one notice that they were only talking about his look and act not his voice he was terrrrrrriiiibbbllleee. end of story

  3. I can say that the artist that has more commercial appeal into the current musical industry is Melanie M.,her voice is not the diva type of voice , however,it is more current, the type that is more pop than the yesteryears type of voice.She has the uniqueness or shall I say the weirdness that mostly you would see with this generation of singers.It is the look that you either love it or not love it all.

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