Who got voted off X Factor December 1, 2011 Elimination 12/1/11

Another two performers will be sent home in the X Factor December 1, 2011 elimination results. Thus, at the end of the episode tonight, only five will remain. Who are you predicting to be the two contestants who will leave the show tonight?

It’s Michael Jackson week and the clan is present in last night’s episode. The singers sang songs like “Dirty Diana”, “Billy Jean”, “Earth Song” and “Black or White” among others. We thought everyone well but it was Melanie Amaro who stood out with her rendition of “Earth Song”. Drew stuck to her genre, Astro rapped as usual, Chris Rene sang and rap, Marcus was like Usher, Josh was the usual rocker himself and Rachel Crow is cute as always though LA was right that she didn’t sound happy while performing last night.

Among them, our favorites last night are Melanie Amaro, Drew and Marcus Canty. As to giving predictions, it’s tough on guessing who will go home tonight so we won’t be telling who we’d want to be eliminated. Actually it’s hard to make any guesses but we think the girls are all safe. How about you? Who do you think will be sent home? What’s your prediction? Since it’s a double elimination night, the singer with the fewest number of votes will automatically go home while the next bottom two performers will sing for their survival.

By the way, Tinie Tempah is the guest performer tonight. He’ll be performing his single “Pass Out”.

Will there be surprises tonight? Will there be a deadlock like last week again?

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Update: Astro and Drew were voted off! What do you say guys?

The top 7 performs “Man in the Mirror”

Tinie Tempah performs






Bottom Two

Drew – “Listen to Your Heart”

Marcus Canty – “Neither One of Us”


The Top 5 finalists:

– Chris Rene

– Melanie Amaro

– Rachel Crow

– Josh Krajcik

– Marcus Canty


Judges Decision:

LA Reid sends home Drew

– Simon Cowell says he’s the reason Drew is there, sends home Marcus

– Nicole Scherzinger sends home Drew

– Paula Abdul sends home Drew

158 thoughts on “Who got voted off X Factor December 1, 2011 Elimination 12/1/11

  1. They all have talents, the question is do they have the x factor. No mistake on Drew’s exit and Astro should have stay , Marcus should have gone instead. Melanie have a powerful voice but she just doesnt have that woah factor….Rachel, Chris and Josh in the finals I hope!
    and why are people complaining all Astro does it rap and that he cant sing…well can Melanie rap????

  2. I’m so glad astro was licked off he can’t all is does is talk he ruined Michael’s song that boy should of been gone a long time ago.

  3. When this season started I thought it would be good to have “professionals” do the judging. America just goes for a pretty face or favorite genre…Boy was I wrong. Paula could have made it a tie and the lowest vote would have gone home. It has obviously turned into a childish judges squabble. Drew sang Billie Jean like a queen. Beautiful.

  4. astro was the best person on x-factor to mehh so disagree cuz all dha fans in the westwood area shout out to hym WE STILL LOVE YOU ASTRO so continue what your doing and have fun with it and never give up

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