Who got voted off X Factor December 13, 2012 Elimination 12/13/12

The X Factor 2012 top 4 results airs tonight! This time, only one artist will be eliminated while the other three will move on to the finals next week. Who will be leaving tonight? Will one of the groups be leaving?

Like last week, two songs were performed last night. The first song was the contestant’s choice while their second song was the mentor’s choice. I thought the artists did better during the first round though since it’s their own song choice!

Among them, I think the best performer was Carly Rose Sonenclar. She took the risk by singing Elton John’s “Your Song”. LA Reid said she’d done things with this song he had never heard done before. However, during her second song, she was told she doesn’t need the big notes.

Tate Stevens sang “Bonfire” for his first song and the judges thought he brought the song he wanted to record. Simon said it was one of his favorite performances. For his second song, the judges thought it was great but made Simon said there is as much chance for him to go back to his old job as him flying to the moon.

Fifth Harmony also did great with their own song choice. LA Redi said that was the very best vocal the group have ever done. However, their second song was sang in Spanish and Demi Lovato got a bit worried with that though Simon said that was the right thing to do.

Emblem3 did good as well with the judges saying they finally had their 5 million dollar moment. Their second song made Britney compared them to the Beatles but Demi thought she don’t know if they are comparable with the Beatles yet. What do you think?

Who do you think will be leaving? I think it will be Emblem3. How about you?

Bruno Mars and Bridgit Mendler are the musical guests for tonight. Bruno Mars will sing “Locked Out of Heaven” while Bridgit Mendler will sing “Ready or Not”.

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Update: Emblem3 gets eliminated!

The top four perform “Coming Home”
Bridgit Mendler sings “Ready or Not”
Bruno Mars sings “Locked Out of Heaven”


Fifth Harmony
Tate Stevens
Carly Rose Sonenclar

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24 thoughts on “Who got voted off X Factor December 13, 2012 Elimination 12/13/12

  1. I think either carley or Tate will win.kind of surprised fifth harmony made it they are good but carley has been my favorite since the beginning but i do like Tate too he is good

  2. I think it was good that emblem 3 was eliminated. I mean seriously these boys r only there for their looks. They dont have good voices. Love tate stevens he should win. Carly has all her life ahead of her

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