Who got voted off X Factor December 15, 2011 Elimination 12/15/11

The final three contestants will be determined tonight in X Factor December 15, 2011 elimination results. Did you vote for your favorite contestants? Will there be a deadlock again like last week? Will it be two guys and a lady in the final three? Will it be all boys?

The final four performed two songs. The first one was the result of the Pepsi challenge where the viewers voted for the songs they want the finalists to sing. Marcus Canty performed first singing “I’ll Make Love To You”. Chris Rene sang “Fly”. Melanie Amaro followed singing “Hero” and Josh Krajcik was last singing “Come Together”. The second round has no specific theme but we liked it better than the first round.

The best performer of the night was Josh Krajcik but Chris Rene also did great. Melanie also gave her best performance so far while Marcus did his best but our prediction is, it will be him tonight who will be sent home. But can’t be too sure since anything can happen and it’s really up to the fans who they voted for.

Who do you think will be in the bottom two? Again, we’ll leave it up to you on the predictions tonight. Who will be leaving?

By the way, mentor Nicole Scherzinger will be performing her new song “Pretty”. The other guest performer is Florence and the Machine.

Be ready for some surprises as there could be another shocking results. We’ll never know how it will turn out. Follow us on Twitter for the live updates on the show.

The bottom two, the final three and the contestant who got voted off X Factor December 15, 2011 results will be here.

Update: Marcus Canty was voted off! Check out the poll below. Who do you think will win?

The semi-finalists perform

Florence and the Machine performs

Nicole Scherzinger performs

NO judges vote


The Top 3 Finalists

– Chris Rene
– Melanie Amaro
– Josh Krajcik


Marcus Canty

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  1. OK, i’m REALLY annoyed! Chris is alright & all but the boy can’t sing AT ALL! He’s get’n pity votes & it ain’t cool! Marcus Canty voted off!? Are u kidding me!? Chris stays over Marcus!? SMMFH

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