Who got voted off X Factor December 6, 2012 Elimination 12/6/12

It’s another double elimination in the X Factor 2012 tonight! Two more artists will be going home while the other four will move on to the semifinals next week. One artist will be sent home based from America’s vote while the other one will be based from the judges’ decision. Who will head home tonight?

Two songs were performed last night. The first song was the unplugged song and the second song was the Pepsi Challenge song. CeCe Frey was the first to perform singing Lady Gaga’s “Edge of Glory”. Judges think she is worth the 5 million dollar contract except for Demi, who think it was her best performance ever. Her second song “Part of Me” by Katy Perry made Simon says the he’s going to miss her if she goes. Well, many want her to be eliminated but she’s still in the competition due to lots of fans.

Emblem3 sang “Just the Way You Are” by Bruno Mars and “Forever Young” by Bob Dylan. It can’t be helped that they are being compared to One Direction, but who do you think is the better group? The other group, Fifth Harmony sang “Set Fire to the Rain” and “Give Your Heart a Break”. I think Adele’s song should be sang in groups. No harmony there and as the judges say, some of the girls should have been allowed to compete as solos. They did bounce back with  their second song though. Diamond White sang “It’s a Man’s World” and “Diamonds”. The judges liked it and I thought her performances are better last night than last week. Carly Rose Soneclar sang “As Long As You Love Me” and “If I Were A Boy”. As always, another great performance from her. Tate Stevens also did great singing “Livin’ on a Prayer” and “If Tomorrow Never Comes”.

Simon Cowell and Britney Spears have two artists left while Demi Lovato and LA Reid are left with one artist each. Will one judge be left without someone to mentor? Who do you think will be going home? I’m predicting Emblem3 and Diamond White to leave. CeCe Frey could be in trouble too but we know she have lots of fans so she could be safe. How about you?

By the way, Melanie Amaro and Kesha are the musical guests tonight. Melanie will be singing “Long Distance” and Kesha will sing “C’Mon”.

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Update: CeCe Frey has been eliminated! Diamond White has been eliminated!


Melanie Amaro performs “Long Distance”

Kesha performs “C’Mon”



1. Tate Stevens

2. Carly Rose Soneclar

3. Emblem3

4. Fifth Harmony



Diamond White and Fifth Harmony


Fifth Harmony sings “Anytime You Need a Friend”

Diamond White sings “I Hope You Dance”



Simon Cowell sends home Diamond White

Britney Spears sends home Fifth Harmony

LA Reid sends home Diamond White

Demi Lovato sends home Diamond White

33 thoughts on “Who got voted off X Factor December 6, 2012 Elimination 12/6/12

  1. I agree about Diamond White. But Emblem3 is probably going to stay because of the ‘boy-band’ edge. I hope Fifth Harmony stays. Cece has had too many chances, she needs to leave.

    • i agree diamond should lleave she performs songs that she dosent want to perform. to me u do a song u know ur gonna put ur heart and soul into but fifth harmony was good too. i liked all but diamond should have stayed.

  2. You all are a bunch if negative people and probably can’t even sing yourselves. You don’t have to disrespect someone you don’t even know and call them out their names. These people have not done anything to all of you. If you don’t like them just don’t vote for them and keep it at that.

  3. This show is pathetic! Simons two groups are still safe and Fifth Harmony sucks. Coincidence or not? Oh well I know Carly or Tate will win this in the end. And if not then I’m done with this show!!!

  4. Diamond should have gone home last week and Vino would still be here (color me disappointed).. im sorry but Tate is good but not better then Carly.. Never better then Carly. As a country fan. He is generic. He sounds like every other country singer. Heres to hopin my n umber two fav wins go Carly!

  5. Carly should win in the end. She’s by far the best singer in the contest. It would be an absolute travesty if those of you who vote dont vote for her and deny her a $5 million dollar contract!

  6. Thank god cc got eliminated she is tone deaf and no talent..she plays a good game though..diamond should never have been picked over vino he had more talent then both those girls..its a shame when good talent goes home due to votes becoming a popularity contest.

  7. You fucking dummies the show is set up i work back staged they gave diamond. White 3million and ce ce frey 2million they paid off all there contestants lls diamond ewhite voice was excellent but because the world never wants to see a black person make it. Because all you white muther fuckers mad because the president is Black oh btw Carly going home because they paying her off so fifth harmony can win

  8. Yes, it’s true that CeCe has a very dividedly passionate audience with her haters and supporters. Simon thinks she is marketable because of her edgy style and attitude but I think people will and do see right through that as know she is a poor singer. She is compared to Madonna who has feigned in her popularity as of late. I’m still rooting for Carly to win but my DISH coworker is rooting for Tate. I like to talk about The X Factor results on the way to work when I pick him up, so I catch the show while I’m getting ready for work so I know what happened. It is so convenient to watch in my bedroom, pause the show and pick up in the kitchen, then do the same in every other room of the house because I have a DISH Hopper Multi-Room HD DVR. That allows me to have the freedom to make my TV watching fit my lifestyle and I get to watch TV more often.

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