Who got voted off X Factor December 8, 2011 Elimination 12/8/11

One of the top 5 finalists will be going home in X Factor December 8, 2011 elimination results. Who do you think will it be? Who did you vote for last night? Will it be two girls and two boys next week, or only one girl will remain after tonight?

The contestants performed two songs last night. The first song was about dance music hits while the second song was their “save me” songs. They were supposed to sing the Pepsi challenge songs but due to technical problems, the second song was replaced by their survival songs.

The five remaining contestants – Melanie Amaro, Marcus Canty, Rachel Crow, Josh Krajcik and Chris Rene did well last night. We liked Melanie’s first song where she sang Adele’s “Someone Like You” remix. Marcus showed another solid performance with his second song where he showed lots of emotion. Rachel Crow was ok with her first performance. Josh did a fantastic job with his save-me song and Chris Rene had the best performance of the night with his original song. We can’t choose which one of them we think could be eliminated so we’ll just leave it up to you guys on any predictions for tonight.

Mary J. Blige and Lenny Kravitz are the guest performers for tonight. Mary J. Blige will perform “Mr. Wong” and Lenny Kravitz will perform “Push”.

Who do you think will be in the bottom two? Who will go home tonight? Will the judges leave it up to the fans on who will be sent home? Will there be shocking results?

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Update: Rachel Crow is voted off! Thoughts?

Lenny Kravitz performs

Mary J. Blige performs



Rachel Crow


Bottom Two

– Rachel Crow – “I’d Rather Go Blind”

– Marcus Canty – “I’m Going Down”


The Top 4 finalists (semi-finalists):

– Josh Krajcik

– Chris Rene

– Melanie Amaro

– Marcus Canty


Judges Decision:

– LA Reid sends home Rachel

– Simon Cowell sends home  Marcus

– Paula Abdul sends home Marcus

– Nicole Scherzinger can’t make a decision and decides to go on Deadlock – sends home Rachel


– The act with the lowest number of votes is Rachel Crow!

143 thoughts on “Who got voted off X Factor December 8, 2011 Elimination 12/8/11

  1. X Factor and the judges are all a joke … first of all, I cannot believe that the final contestants are worth five million $$$ … I would not buy any of their CD’s…loved Drew…when I listen to Drew she has a distinct voice…all these others are boring, especially Marcus…no voice…Rachel rocked…Marcus should have GONE HOME….nobody likes him, duh! Don’t those judges get it!

  2. I believe when you get to the final, it is very hard to make a decision about who stays or goes but I really thought Chris Rene would be going home. I guess the “bad boy” lives another day.

  3. In my opinion Chris Rene has owned this competition and to everyone complaining about America’s finalists, it seems that the rest of this country disagrees. Let the show go on and stop complaining

  4. Agreed! MARCUS is so incredibly boring. How he could have won out over Rachel is beyond me. I think LA is ridiculous and somehow just landed himself in the right place at the right time. Talent he has not.

  5. Nicole sucks. She should not be a judge next year. Booo!
    She saved Marcus for the last two weeks by sending others home, but tonight when it counted she could not save the better singer – Rachel Crow. Rachel Crow sings much better than Marcus Canty. Next week send Nicole home!!!!!!

    I hope Melanie wins.

  6. How comes la reed gets a pass on all this. He clearly “knew” crow was the better performer tonight and he never did his job either. Putting All the blame on nicole is weak. Wouldn’t it be great if America could vote right after the save me song and just take it out of the judges hands?

  7. This is why xfactor is barely geting 9.8 viewers per show ranking #20 and getting beat out by 19 other tv shows. The format of the show is all wrong. Its become how much the judges hate on eachothers singers. American idol gotting be laughing at this
    Train crash of a show. Its too bad i like the singers themselves ,the judges n format kill the show

  8. GET RIDE OF NICOLE!!! In several occasions i had noticed Nicole was combing and playing with her long hair with her own hand, which was making her unable to decide who was supposed to send home after all it was her duty to do so. What Marcus good at was pleading simpathy only and total talentless compare to the others.

  9. They really don’t know what they are doing at all! Chris Rene has no talent what so ever and should have not even made it this far. Its all about what the judges want, not what America has to say. This show is a joke.

  10. I think that the joke of this show is the constant bickering between judges. It takes away from the show. Judges are voting for their own and not the best talent. I agree that Nicole needs to make decisions and LA needs to vote for who he thinks is the better singer not just the people he mentors

  11. I’m more upset with L.A. Reid than I am with Nicole. L.A. said “I’m a man of principle” so he had to stick with his guy. Those aren’t the rules L.A.!!!! The rules are they had to have a song competition and the best singer should win and I could clearly tell that you thought Rachel was the better singer last night, as she was, so why are you able to save your man “on principle”? You were torn and the wrong way and I lost some major respect for you last night!

  12. As sad as I am to see Rachel go, I believe with GOD on her side she will go far in music. Obviously, yes Nichole could have avoided a deadlock by sending Marcus home but keep in mind it was the VIEWERS votes that ultimately sent home Rachel home. The viewers didn’t do the voting for Rachel. She will not be forgotten and mark my words someone will sign her, heck maybe even Simon, and she will have an amazing career. Marcus, I have enjoyed watching perform but I believe he is on borrowed time at this point. I enjoy Chris Rene and have since he auditioned. I read that regardless of a win in this competition, he will be signed as 3 labels will be fighting for him. As for Melanie, I think this competition wouldn’t be the same without her. Yes, Simon made a mistake not taking her initially but he rectified it by bringing her back. So she got a 2ND chance, she never should have been sent home in the first place. Good luck to the remaining contestants, 2 weeks left until we have a winner!

  13. Nicole should have avoided the deadlock. It was the first time Rachel was in the bottom, and Marcus was on his third strike. Plus, Rachel sang her butt off, and Marcus, well, he presented emotion, but like usual, he just doesn’t connect to the audience.

  14. To all of the above people who have said nasty things about Chris Rene. I think that he has loads of talent & a brilliant voice & the moves to go with it. If he doesn’t win X he will certainly get a recording contract as he has been given a gift from GOD. He is doing a great thing by turning his life around. A lot of people in America can take a leaf out of his book.. U GO CHRIS.. I will be cheering u on…

  15. Did anyone see her response. She scared me! I thought she was gonna faint!
    Did anyone her tell her mom she, You promised!
    How is that possible??? What did her mom do that she could promise her she wouldn’t be voted off?

  16. Nicole, you as a judge should not have assumed that Markus had the lowest votes. Stop making excuses.
    it was not America that sent Rachel home. America didn’t get a chance to vote on the sing off. Nicole you sent Rachel home when you said her name resulting in a deadlock. You blew it big time and have lost respect from America.
    LA Reid and Nicole should not be judges since LA only votes for “his guys” and Nicole is just selfish and pathetic with excuses that she didn’t want to be the “bad” judge to send Markus home. whitch she should of done because Rachel was way better than Markus Thursday night.

  17. I hope that nicole get out of the x factor!!! how can you vote against crow rachel after that survival song??????? and finally I hope to hear that amazing voice…i wait for you Rachel

  18. I can’t believe they let Rachel go! I think that Chris or Marcus should have went. I don’t think either one of them can sing very well. I know I will not buy their CDs if they make them. I’m so sick of watching the judges argue, that I have quit watching the show.

  19. Im done with this show. Rachel had the most talent and the best star quality. Melanie will probably win, but I don’t care. She is just average.

  20. Rachels singing on Wednesday brought me to tears. NONE of the other singers have done that. I will buy your records and follow you closely Rachel, the rest, YAWN!!!

  21. This show has left me completely drained. I think that the judging should be left to competent judges. The current process makes it impossible for thbest contestant to win. It has been reduced to a popularity contest instead of a talent competition.

  22. I’m reading these comments with such a devastation. U all are so unfair!! You’re critisizing a judge only because she is sensitive and couldn’t choose between the two amazing talents. You know what? SHE was the one who made justice – who was the basic decision up to? Us !! Why didn’t you, Rachel-fans, voted for her more? It’s not her fault so stop blaming her and try to THINK. Believe Nic, it could have been a really tough decision for her.(cont)

  23. (cont) And what if she voted off Marcus? Rachel-fans would love Nicole suddenly, and Marcus-fans would start detesting her or what? Anyway, we all know that Melanie’s gonna win. It may sound cruel but if Rachel would pass the elimination yesterday, she would go home next week anyway. That’s my opinion and I take that view… (P.S. Simon did the same “deadlock thing” with Leroy and Marcus weeks ago and nobody put a blame on him. How interesting.)

  24. Can we vote NICOLE off of X Factor? I can’t stand her! I thought Rachel deserved to stay! I like Marcus, but agree he was on his 3rd strike anyway. This was actually the first week I liked Chris since his audition. I think Melanie is amazing, but Rachel is more likeable.

  25. I hope others will stop watching like I have done..the show is a huge waste of time. Rachel is gone, the talent is gone..I will watch reruns of Mash. I can’t stand the judges fighting, its ridiculous. And now I will watch for what Rachel is going to do. I just hope there wasn’t shananagins in pimping Rachel to Disney, for the dough, or because she was too young. The best talent Rachel and Drew are both gone..hmmmm, seems kinda fishy to me.

  26. chris rene have the x factor unique talent by seen by millions as always takes the stage there are no comments nobody cant touch chris only true artist.stevie wondar call to say chris rene your music is best.is grandson of leon rene famous composer and faundes of record labels.

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