Who got voted off X Factor November 10, 2011 Elimination 11/10/11

The second contestant will be sent home in The X Factor Elimination Results tonight, November 10, 2011. The votes from last night’s performance show will be revealed, where the two performers who got the lowest votes will be pitted against each other in the final showdown. Which contestants will be in the bottom two?

The X Factor top 11 contestants performed songs from the movies, most of which was not that popular. There are many theme songs to choose from. We don’t understand why the some of the song choices are never heard of. Also, one of the important aspects of the show is the wardrobe, or the overall style of the artist in general. Some of the contestants are too old to wear such wardrobe and some are too young to wear an outfit which will make them look more matured.

Anyway, our top five favorite contestants last night are Melanie Amaro, Drew, Chris Rene, Lakoda Rayne and Rachel Crow. Melanie is a great singer as well as Drew. Chris Rene is back in the zone this week. He used his own lyrics when he sang “Gangsta’s Paradise”. Lakoda Rayne sounded great last night too and Rachel Crow’s song choice is the kind of song she does great.

Those are our top five. Who’s yours?

For the bottom two contestants, our prediction is that The Stereo Hogzz and LeRoy Bell will get the lowest votes with the Stereo Hogzz eliminated by the judges. Paula’s team will be left with one group to mentor, if ever.How about you? Who do you think will be sent home tonight? Will it be from The Groups again?

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Update: The Stereo Hogzz got voted off!; Thoughts?

LA Reid apologizing, saying he was harsh to Melanie who was a great singer.

Recaps from last night are shown

Willow Smith performs “Fireball!”

Jessie J performs “Domino”


Bottom Two

Lakoda Rayne – “No Air”

The Stereo Hogzz – “You Are Not Alone”


Results – in no particular order

Stacy Francis – safe!

Astro – safe!

Melanie Amaro – safe!

Marcus Canty – safe!

LeRoy Bell -safe!

Rachel Crow – safe!

Josh Krajcik – safe!

Drew – safe!

Chris Rene – safe!


Decision Time

LA Reid sends home – The Stereo Hogzz

Nicole Scherzinger sends home – The Stereo Hogzz

Paula Abdul sends home – Lakoda Rayne – she’s crying and she’s not gonna vote at first – but then voted off Lakoda Rayne just so that The Stereo Hogzz have the chance to stay

Simon Cowell sends home – The Stereo Hoggz


So Lakoda Rayne is the lone group Paula has to mentor now. She voted them off but guess they understand her dilemma.

36 thoughts on “Who got voted off X Factor November 10, 2011 Elimination 11/10/11

  1. Lakoda Rayne shouldn’t have been in the bottom 2 so
    The Stero Hoggs being voted off was the right decision by the judges….
    Group should have been voted off last week instead of InTenSity….

  2. I feel as though they should have sent the group who got the least votes from the viewers …as usual Simon makes the wrong decision I prefer going to the viewers votes and would have been the better way to handle it…Simon doesn’t sing and I doubt if he can dance the other 3 judges are way more qualified to judge…further more Rachel doesn’t need Simon to tell her she can sing… a blind person could tell that…

  3. i feel that the judges was on target tonight. but the people vote is what count.. i feel the stereo hogs was not strong enough. but i’ll give them an A 4 AFFORD. BUT IT’S NOT WHAT AMERICA LOOKING FOR: SO STOP THE COMPLAINING AND LET’S GO ON WITH THE…..

  4. The judges made the right choice in sending Stereo Hogs home, they are a good group, I don’t think America want to see a group win the X-Factor not now, maybe Melanie, Drew or Rachel will win.

  5. why do they keep ASTRO the rapper who cannot sinnnngggg a note. he is a rapper, that is not MUSIC. get his ass out of his comfort zone, like the judges do to everybody else. have him sing a michael jackson song, or even sing :twinkle, twinkle little star; yeah right, he can’t even hold a note. what a joke he is, hahahah

  6. I felt bad for Paula since its a back to back loss for her. First was InTENsity, the now, Stereo Hoggz. What is more alarming is that Lakoda Rayne is on cue now. Does it mean she will be sent home next? We will soon find out. My bet on the final 3 spot are Drew, Melanie and Chris. These 3 are superstars in their own.

  7. The radio hogs are good ever great, they just don’t finish well. They act too stupid when done performing. Who cares about the necklace their wearing.

  8. Well, it looks like Paula may be going home herself if her last group loses next week. Or one could hope…..
    Which means it will probably be someone from another team next week.
    Oh, and the one that doesn’t like Astro? I don’t care for him either, but apparently enough voters like him to keep him out of the bottom two. Sigh..

  9. I love the Stereo Hogzz.. I think they were a very talented group.. I think that Paula changed up their image to much.. There best performance was it Paula’s house.. when they did their thang there way.. to me Stacy Frances should have been voted off.. she has rang but the tone and sound of her voice is not that good to me

  10. Astro Stinks! Go learn some musis little fellow!
    Adios stereo hogggggzzzzz! The real deal is Mealanie and Drew! Leroy is too old and Rachel is tooo young. Marcus and chris don’t even bother. And again Astro go learn to sing!

  11. Awww Stereo Hoggz are awesome. But their last two performances were not that great.
    They are better with harmonies and acapello songs.

    Astro doesn’t sing, but he is awesome!
    that lil boy can write. He’s talented.

    Rachel is amazing, She just blows me away! I can’t believe she is just 13, 14? Wow!

    I love Josh!
    I love Drew!

    I think Lakoda Rayne will be next, then LeRoy.

  12. Hope Astro is the next one to go. This is a singing contest, you can’t be doing rap week after week, stale and boring. Aren’t the judges looking for and expecting something different from the contestants every week.

  13. Yall r f*kn haters on astro rap is music….tons of ppl listen to it and he is killer on the mike and stero hogs were guud shud have knocked off lakoda rain theh are typical or drew shes boring her music style is dumb

  14. people need to stop hating on ASTRO. that kid is talented. Music and entertainment is not all about singing. melody, lyrics, performance… it all ties in. He writes his own lyrics every week, and they rock! He might not have the best voice, but he is the best performer. He is a very creative kid. and a great influence by choosing to rap about something that matters.

  15. What is Astro ? I think he is a joke . Its a music competition and he can sing a word !!!! Its not because he is a kid that he deserves to continue in the show, compare him with Rachel. NO COMPARISON !!!!!
    He should be kicked out !!!
    I think the winner will be Rachel, Melanie or Josh

  16. They keep Astro because really he is the only one that will sell anything at this point, I am not a big fan of Rap, but I can tell you this much he is very talented at what he does and will end up doing great, that’s just the way it is, you may bot think Rap is music but it is!

  17. Thing is send home Stacy F. no one will be buying her music the world is not buying that crap, I am a 62 years old woman and I would but Astro’s music, but NEVER! but Stacy Francis music

  18. Where does it say that this is just a singing contest. If that’s the case go watch american idol. Ha they lookin for the next big music star.

  19. @ Linda….let me see you write your own lyrics,get on stage in front of thousands and rap. Oh wait…you can’t. This show is FULL of talented people. Stop hating so hard. Cuz they are ALL doing something better than you.*drops mike and walks off stage*

  20. I love the fact that Stereo Hoggz had †̥ be sent off becos if they had won the fact till remends they wound have broken up as a group but i felt they got the wrong mentor and wrong song each time

  21. @Linda those were some shallow comments you probably talk to hear yourself talk, Astro brings true talent to the boards, shyt give him a Michael Jackson song, Elvis song, or frank Sinatra I bet he will make a creative song, rap is a talent just like any other one, I guess you just are blinded by your own ego, that’s why people love the x factor because of it’s openness to diverse talent, just call Astro “Da Vinci”

  22. i love all the contestents… except for Lakoda Rain! some people have god talent and not the right superstar look, Drew is ok I think she is inconsistent. Y were the Stero HOGZZZ sent home? I loved them! But my All time favorites are Melanie Amaro, Rachel Crow, and Marcus Canty! I love the Z factor!

  23. I hope Rob is the winner………he needs to be taken seriously……and has maned up bigtime!!!! I have to say JR works hard bu tacts like it is a given that he is the winner but nevertheless a great dancer too……….. So go Rob K. show hte women in your family you got a set too…..GOOD LUCK!!!!!

  24. I hope Rob is the winner…he needs to be taken seriously… and he has become the man he really is inside…I have to say that JR works very hard but acts like it is a a given that he may win, but nevertheless JR is a very good dancer too…so GO ROB and show the women in your family you got a set too…God BLess and Good Luck !!! I fixed the typos sorry…

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