Who got voted off X Factor November 15, 2012 Elimination 11/15/12

The X Factor 2012 results show tonight will be double elimination! It was announced last night during the performance show that two of the finalists will be going home. Who among will make it to the top 10? Who did you vote for?

It’s Divas week in the X Factor and the contestants took on songs by the divas. Some were surprisingly good, better than last week actually, while some still hasn’t improved. Who are your favorites from last night? Will they make it to next week?

My favorites are Tate Stevens, Carly Rose, Vino Alan, Fifth Harmony and Diamond White. Tate Stevens chose a country diva and that was very smart. The judges thought he was so good. Simon said it was better than last week, that he’s got confidence knowing he’s number one last week. Carly Rose did a great job as well singing Celine Dion’s song. It really didn’t expect it. Demi said it’s like Celine Dion is here and hiding. Vino Alan’s performance was great too though Simon said it wasn’t good as last week. Fifth Harmony also did good, which impressed Demi. Diamond White chose a tough song but did a good job out of it. Simon said they are looking at a future star.

Who do you think will be in the bottom two? Any prediction?

Taylor Swift will be the musical guest for tonight. She will be performing “State of Grace”.

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Update: Lyric145 has been eliminated! Jennel Garcia is eliminated!

Taylor Swift performs “State of Grace”


Sing off between Paige Thomas and Jennel Garcia…

Jennel Garcia sings “The Reason”

Paige Thomas sings “Paradise”


LA Reid sends home Jennel Garcia

Britney Spears sends home Jennel Garcia

Simon Cowell refuses to choose who to send home before Demi does.

Demi Lovato sends home Paige Thomas (she also refuses to go next)

Simon Cowell sends home Jennel Garcia



THE X FACTOR TOP 10 (in order based from the votes)

1. Tate Stevens

2. Carly Rose

3. Vino Alan

4. Emblem3

5. CeCe Frey

6. Fifth Harmony

7. Diamond White

8. Beatrice Miller

9. Arin Ray

10. Paige Thomas

13 thoughts on “Who got voted off X Factor November 15, 2012 Elimination 11/15/12

  1. I really like Tate, 5th Harmony, Carly Rose and Vino. It is a shame that some of them definitely have a lot of talent but the choice of songs / performance were not great. I am talking about specifically about Lyric 145 and Beatrice Miller.
    I think that the ones to be eliminated today will be Ari Ray and Lyric 145.
    Beatrice has an amazing voice and talent but she didn’t do well last night singing Cindy Lauper’s song.

  2. Lyric145 is the only rap I will listen to an now I have no rap in my life. GET RID OF CECE FREY SHE HAS MORE CHANCES THAN ANYONE ELSE I’M SICK OF HER. I like both Jenal and Paige but I would have kept Jenal Paige is getting a little kareoke. My favorites are CeCe Carly and Emblem3 now they got rid of my other favs Jenal Playback and Lyric145.

  3. UGH!!!!! it should’ve been the talentless CECE FREY, she didn’t even give the song justice! Her voice is very inconsistent; sure she can hit a power note, for like what? 2 seconds until her voice cracks and the rest of the song is turned into a pile of mush. She wouldn’t make it that far in the music industry anyways, her voice is annoying. I would’ve sent home Cece & Paige, they both are talentless, can’t sing worth a dime, and are too whiny! People need to start opening their ears, or get checked for being tone deaf. >_>

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