Who got voted off X Factor November 17, 2011 Elimination 11/17/11

It’s another The X Factor Elimination Results night tonight, November 17, 2011. One among the top 10 finalists will be sent home after getting the lowest votes. From which team will this contestant be? Will there be another meltdown from the judges?

This week’s theme is rock but technically, only a few rocked. That’s Josh Krajcik. For some, even if they chose a rock song, they didn’t sound like it, especially Drew, Melanie, Stacy, actually most of them. But anyway, our favorites from last night are Josh Krajcik, Rachel Crow, Drew and Marcus McCanty and Melanie Amaro. Rachel Crow’s performance is always fun to watch while there’s something in Drew’s voice that makes it unique. With Melanie, there’s no question she has a great voice, but she hasn’t become loose while performing. Josh and Marcus were the only contestants who truly did the genre and in our opinion, stood out last night.

How about you? Who’s your favorite performers last night? And who’s going home tonight? Have any predictions?

Lakoda Rayne will most probably one in the bottom two. But who will join them and face off in the final showdown? Our pick is either Stacy Francis or LeRoy Bell. Paula won’t have any group to mentor next week, but depending on who will be in the bottom two, the group might be saved. But from which mentor will the next contestant to be sent home belong to? Who do you think will be sent home tonight?

By the way, Rihanna will be the guest performer tonight. She’ll be singing “We Found Love” from her upcoming album “Talk That Talk”.

Again, follow us on twitter to get the latest updates on the show. We’ll be providing the live updates here, as always. Find out which performer will be the next who gets voted off X Factor November 17, 2011 results.

Update: Stacy Francis was voted off! Any thoughts?

Rihanna performs “We Found Love”

Bottom Two

Astro – “Never Can Say Goodbye”

Stacy Francis (she’s speechless) – “Amazing Grace”


The Top 9 finalists:

LeRoy Bell

Lakoda Rayne

Chris Rene

Melanie Amaro

Josh Krajcik

Marcus Canty


Rachel Crow



Judges Decision:

LA Reid  sends home Stacy Francis

Nicole Scherzinger sends home Astro

Paula Abdul sends home Stacy Francis

Simon Cowell sends home Stacy Francis


** The X Factor will be aired on Tuesday (Nov 22) and Wednesday (Nov 23) next week!


79 thoughts on “Who got voted off X Factor November 17, 2011 Elimination 11/17/11

  1. What you all fail to understand is this, Astro has talent. You see the problem with all of you against Astro don’t realise what an artist he really is. He takes a song, makes it his own and brings the meaning to life on stage. Clearly the majority of you “Astro Haters” are ignorant about music quality and true art. Astro is not my favourite, but the kid has talent. Remember that he is just a kid, so a cocky attitude would be expected. Take some cement pills and harden up.

  2. Astro had a bad attitude tonight!!! Did not like that all. He needs to be voted off next week to show him that his attitude got him NOWHERE!!!

  3. Stacy F. needed to go home. She was terrible.
    Top 3: Chris, Josh, Drew. The judges love Astro but i think it’s not cool that all he does is Rap, and then get on Drew case about being the “same” ummm yea ok. and Astro does the same every week. He’s good but not ready for this. Tonights attitude proved it.

  4. I don’t understand the judges for not voting off that punk Astro he’s nothing but a spoiled brat. He’s not a singer its not rap its crap. He should go home.

  5. For Next Week Show I’m Thinking Chris Renne Will Get Send Home Cause He’s not that good Of Singer, here is some advice it’s not all about your image, none of it means anything unless people see who you really are your music has to be who you really are it’s got to say what you feel or it doesn’t man anything, From The Bottom of My Heart I Would Like to See Drew Ryniewicz Winning it all

  6. Astro’ s attitude should have sent him home, he was very immature and disrespectful, it just shows his age and how the huge responsibility with all money he will win will go to his head and not be a good thing for him. He is a very talented writer but lacks wisdom and humility. I guess he’s never been put down in his life or felt last. I’m dissappointed in him because I thought he was better than that in the way he acted tonight. In short I’d say…Grow Up Astro!

  7. ASTRO raps cool alright but his attitude sucks. He definitely needs to be booted off the show he thinks he too good. Josh I think he’s okay but I wouldn’t pay money for one of his concerts. I love the girl group I think they sing good together and I could see myself going to one of their concerts.I love Chris Renee I could go to his concerts as well. My favorites are Melanie, Rachael, and Leroy in that order. I predict it will come down to between Melanie and Rachael both of whom I would definetily pay to go see. Drew sucks. I don’t like Marcus though he’s okay. I think everyone however needs to step it up and choose fun songs with more of an upbeat and songs we all know. {Good old fashion dancing music you know}. I do however love the XFACTOR show and look forward every week to watch it. ONe last comment they need to get rid of their host for the show he sucks.

  8. After last nghts show, I have totally lost interest in the XFactor. How could anyone miss the fact that a smart mouthed, spoiled brat threw such a fit that he was allowed to stay another week just to shut him up?
    “Astro” should have never made it past the auditions with that kind of attitude. If he acts like that now how big would his ego be if he actually won the five million dollars? He acts like a two year old Momma’s boy who gets what he wants by kicking and screaming…Astro is a “no talent” with a bad attitude who needs to be eliminated in the worst way.

  9. Undercover Broad- I expect him to be respectful & grateful for where he is. No matter the age. FYI their are 14 year olds out there with both.

  10. Astro is young and need to learn how to grow thick skin and I believe he felt hurt and didn’t know how to control his emotions which that will come with growth he’s a great rapper for his age I love seeing him on stage every week so Thank You Simon!! Asrto let’s win everybody hearts back and never again let your emotions take over you again cause your better then that and can really win this things 🙂 Your a winner in my eyes…

  11. Artist such as, “Astro” come a dime a dozen on every street corner. he is very disrespectful and shows no respect. He is a good performer, talented…..not so sure. He is acting as if he has already made it.

    I like the humble, gifted over 30’s…..

  12. I dont understand how that obnoxiuos bratt Astro stays and Stacy gets sent home. I’m done with X Factor. I predict the show wont last to long.

  13. Astro does have talent… all the boy can do is rap. but the problem is that it takes more than just talent to be a successful atrist. and what he did was disrespectful. No matter the age of the contestant you know the risks of being on the show.

  14. Every week L.A. Reid has a comment about a few singers,always singing the same song. What is rap,it is the same sounds and same type of X@##. its not music!! Astro is the same cocky smart mouth punk since day one. After watching the results, I will not waste my time watching XFACTOR after tonight. You set a bad example by allowing Astro to continue!!!!!

  15. Oh my gosh. How can you say astro should go home? He’s got GREAT potential. It’s based on WEEKLY performances. I’m a Staci fan, but picking a Celine song was a big mistake. Astro did “okay”. But in my opinion Staci didn’t do good enough to continue.

  16. I’m not thrilled about how Astro behaved, but I can understand. Can you imagine being a kid on a show like that and have that feeling of rejection while millions of people are watching you be rejected? It would be hard on anybody. Could he have handled it better, definitely, but he has never had to be in that position before, so it is a learning experience for him and it may help him in the end. For those of you that feel he is not talented because he raps, maybe that is because you don’t understand rap or hip hop. For him to be able to write his own raps weekly, and keep it fresh, and not be repetitive does take talent. Listen to what he is saying….to be as young as he is, he has skills. As for Stacy Francis, I’m not denying that she is talented, but she needed more confidence. All in all, I think Melanie or Rachel will win the show, and folks don’t get so upset about people getting voted off……that’s the name of the game. You may not agree, but it is what it is……

  17. Wow the #6 post was awful, 1st learn to spell and second he use others beats and I thought this was a singing show so let’s hear him sing

  18. I will admit that the folks in support of Astro on this site need to take a few spelling classes, BUT, the boy is entertaining, and he is a GOOD rapper. I can see some of you don’t classify rap as music, but you clearly live under a rock then. Stacy’s attitude after her last performance was ridiculous, she couldn’t handle the criticism and she’s a 30+ year old woman. She was too sappy, and didn’t fight hard enough with her personality, she just wanted it handed to her because she has a good voice. It’s not just about the voice people, it’s about the ARTIST as a whole. If anyone needs to go home it’s chris and lakoda crap.

  19. @#26, he uses other people’s beats because of the fact that they have themes that they have to follow and EVERYONE has to sing a song that has been done before. Also, the X factor is a TALENT competition, not a singing competition. If it were just about singing, he would not be on the show, plain and simple. Lastly, just because you do not listen to or understand a certain genre of music does not mean that it isn’t music. It’s just something that you don’t get into and that’s6 fine. I don’t listen to certain genres of music (admittedly sometimes even rap) because I feel like it’s not my cup of tea, but I can’t say that it isn’t music because I don’t like it. It’s just not my type of music.

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