Who got voted off X Factor November 21, 2013 Elimination 11/21/13

The X Factor 2013 results show tonight! Like last week, tonight is another double elimination so two of your favorite artists will be eliminated. Who did you vote for last night?

It’s British Invasion week and last night, the top 10 finalists performed songs by British artists.

Among the finalists last night, who were your favorites?

My top 5 are Alex & Sierra (“Best Song Ever”), Rion Paige (“Your Song”), Lillie McCloud (“This Woman’s Work”), Ellona Santiago (“Burn”) and Restless Road (“Fix You”). What about you?

Tonight’s performer is One Direction. They will be performing their current single “Story Of My Life”.

Again, results will be posted here. While waiting for it, follow us on twitter, add us on Google Plus or like us on Facebook. The next two finalists who got voted off on X Factor November 21, 2013 results will be here so be sure to check it out here tonight!

Update: Khaya Cohen gets eliminated! Tim Olstad get eliminated!



1. Jeff Gutt

2. Josh Levi

3. Alex & Sierra

4. Rion Page

5. Lillie McCloud

6. Ellona Santiago

7. Restless Road

8. Carlito Olivero



1. Tim Olstad – “You Raise Me Up”

2. Carlito Olivero – “Beneath Your Beautiful”



1. Kelly sends home Tim Olstad

2. Demi sends home Tim Olstad

3. Paulina sends home Tim Olstad



1. Khaya Cohen

2. Tim Olstad

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