It’s Thanksgiving but that doesn’t stop the X Factor 2012 from airing an all-new episode. After all, this week’s theme is all about giving thanks. Were you touched with the sob stories the contestants had to tell? Were you touched at all or wished they would stop all the sobbing?

The top 10 contestants performed last night, with Tate Stevens performing first and Carly Rose getting the pimp spot. With all the crying and sobbing, I liked last week’s performances better.

My favorite performers from last night are Fifth Harmony, Carly Rose, Vino Alan (who seemed to borrow one of Simon Cowell’s V-neck shirts, lol!) and Beatrice Miller. Demi wasn’t that crazy about Fifth Harmony’s song choice but they made it beautiful, she said. Carly Rose sang “Somewhere Over the Rainbow”, the song Simon Cowell chose for Katherine McPhee in American Idol before. Simon thought she will be number one this week. Vino Alan sang “Proud to be an American” and Demi said she’d been hard on him and thought he’s amazing tonight. Beatrice Miller sang “Chasing Cars” and Simon said he preferred it than her performance last week.

How about you? Who were your favorites last night? Will they make it to the top 8 next week?

Who will be in going home? I think it could be Arin Ray and Paige Thomas. What about you?

By the way, Cher Lloy will be the guest performer tonight.

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Update: Arin Ray gets eliminated! Beatrice Miller gets eliminated!

Cher Lloyd performs “Oath”, her new single…


X FACTOR TOP 8 (with rankings)

1. Carly Rose

2. Tate Stevens

3. Vino Alan

4. Emblem3

5. Diamond White

6. Paige Thomas

7. Fifth Harmony

8. CeCe Frey



CeCe Frey vs Beatrice Miller


CeCe Frey sings “Because of You”

Beatrice Miller sings “White Flag”



Demi sends home Beatrice

Britney sends home CeCe

LA sends home Beatrice

Simon sends home Beatrice