Who got voted off X Factor November 22, 2012 Elimination 11/22/12

It’s Thanksgiving but that doesn’t stop the X Factor 2012 from airing an all-new episode. After all, this week’s theme is all about giving thanks. Were you touched with the sob stories the contestants had to tell? Were you touched at all or wished they would stop all the sobbing?

The top 10 contestants performed last night, with Tate Stevens performing first and Carly Rose getting the pimp spot. With all the crying and sobbing, I liked last week’s performances better.

My favorite performers from last night are Fifth Harmony, Carly Rose, Vino Alan (who seemed to borrow one of Simon Cowell’s V-neck shirts, lol!) and Beatrice Miller. Demi wasn’t that crazy about Fifth Harmony’s song choice but they made it beautiful, she said. Carly Rose sang “Somewhere Over the Rainbow”, the song Simon Cowell chose for Katherine McPhee in American Idol before. Simon thought she will be number one this week. Vino Alan sang “Proud to be an American” and Demi said she’d been hard on him and thought he’s amazing tonight. Beatrice Miller sang “Chasing Cars” and Simon said he preferred it than her performance last week.

How about you? Who were your favorites last night? Will they make it to the top 8 next week?

Who will be in going home? I think it could be Arin Ray and Paige Thomas. What about you?

By the way, Cher Lloy will be the guest performer tonight.

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Update: Arin Ray gets eliminated! Beatrice Miller gets eliminated!

Cher Lloyd performs “Oath”, her new single…


X FACTOR TOP 8 (with rankings)

1. Carly Rose

2. Tate Stevens

3. Vino Alan

4. Emblem3

5. Diamond White

6. Paige Thomas

7. Fifth Harmony

8. CeCe Frey



CeCe Frey vs Beatrice Miller


CeCe Frey sings “Because of You”

Beatrice Miller sings “White Flag”



Demi sends home Beatrice

Britney sends home CeCe

LA sends home Beatrice

Simon sends home Beatrice

181 thoughts on “Who got voted off X Factor November 22, 2012 Elimination 11/22/12

  1. show ran over so just found out that they saved cece over beatrice. cannot believe it. cece may be showing this other side of her, but she cannot sing. She is always off tune and it sounded like she was screaming her whole sing off performance. When she performed her song to her sister (and I am sorry that she has had to go through the loss of a sister), the judges were excusing her pitchiness to emotion, but when Paige performed and she was so much better, they did not allow the same grace. And she wasn’t that pitchy… Just saying….be fair

  2. CeCe never should have made it to the final 16 let alone continue to be saved. The judges must not hear well at the live show. They make poor decisions they regret later. CeCe is constantly out of tune and she turned on this new attitude like a light switch…. we know what’s really inside there girl and it ain’t pretty! Beatrice is unique and has an authentic quality to her voice beyond her years… just no comparison for us couch judges-

    • I did not like CeCe from the get go. I thought she was a little snot. After Demi had a talk with her she tried to change her attitude, but I believe that it was all an act to try and get votes. I was upset when Beatrice went home before her. I did not think she could sing and her last performance hurt my ears. My sixteen year old daughter can sing much better than her. I’m glad she is gone!

  3. I agree Cece should not be on the show I don’t like her voice or her new look!!!! Beatrice is by far much better singer and I feel a good person inside and out!!!!

  4. I have never understood why Cece frey has made it so far. She is always off key and sounds like she is just screaming the lyrics. I didn’t really like Beatrice, no real reason, but I am so shocked that Cece is still tehre. And its totally accurate that she flipped on the emotions like a lightswitch. Wish she’d go home already.

  5. I agree that cece should get voted off did you guys see how long it took her to make a tear come out of her eye when she was ” crying ” I hate cece she shouldby have made it to the show nevermind be on TV. I loved carlys performance and I am going to sing that song somewhere over the rainbow (carlys version) at my school talent show. I loved Beatrice why did she have to go. Stupid cece. I’m sorry I just don’t like her

  6. are you kidding me, they kept cece, Beatrice got a raw deal. If they can’t see who has more talent they should listen again. That young girl has a ton of talent. No wonder their ratings are down, this will be my last season to watch since even simon has lost his mind.

  7. In the beginning CeCe was rude, hateful, and spiteful!! She was passing judgment on everyone competing! Now she is always crying and making those poor little pitiful faces so everyone will feel sorry for her. She squeezed out every fake tear that came out! Everyone on that show has more talent than her! She should have never made it past the first round……send her fake butt home!!

  8. CeCe Frey sucks more than anyone I’ve heard!! Even worse then she bang guy from American Idol!! Demi is so stupid for choosing her over Jillian Jensen!!!!! And Demi just can’t face the fact her team has sucked except for Jillian and Jennel Garcia!!!!!! Uhhh, I blame Demi from the start!

  9. Carly Rose, who sang a rendition of Bruno Mars’ “It Will Rain” last Wednesday night, got emotional after the song ended, erupting into a small sob. After a mediocre performance of Etta James’ “Something’s Got a Hold On Me” while wearing a schoolgirl uniform the previous week, Carly Rose’s “stripped down” performance of Mars’ song from the “Twilight” soundtrack was a huge step in the right direction.

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