Who got voted off X Factor November 23, 2011 Elimination 11/23/11

The X Factor Elimination Results for November 23, 2011 is a one exciting episode. Things are getting interesting each week and for tonight, two of the nine remaining finalists will be sent home. Who do you think are these two contestants?

This week’s theme is all about the finalists giving thanks to someone that has touched their lives. Some gave thanks to their mother and family, some gave thanks to their friends and some gave thanks to the fans.

Some of the highlights from last night are Melanie having a meltdown after singing a gospel song, Astro rapping to his own song which was about what happened last week and more about his fans and LA Reid not knowing “Skyscaper”, which was a song by Demi Lovato. But the stand-out form last night is Josh Krajcik. He performed on stage playing the piano while singing “Wild Horses”.

Anyway, our favorites from last night are of course, Josh Krajcik, Rachel Crow and Drew even if she sounds the same each week. How about you? Who were your favorites?

Bruno Mars and Kelly Clarkson are the performers tonight. Bruno Mars will sing his newest song “It Will Rain” while Kelly Clarkson will be singing “What Doesn’t Kill You (Stronger)”.

It’s a double elimination tonight, so the singer with the least number of votes will be sent home while the next bottom two singers will sing for survival. Our prediction to go home first is Astro while Lakoda Rayne and Chris Rene could be in the bottom two. What do you think? What is your prediction tonight?

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Update: LeRoy Bell and Lakoda Rayne were eliminated. Thoughts?

The top 9 performs!

Steve calls – Lakoda Rayne and Drew. One of them got the lowest number of votes and will be eliminated.



Lakoda Rayne – the group got the least number of votes

LeRoy Bell – he got the second least number of votes


Bottom Two

Marcus Canty – “You Lost Me”

LeRoy Bell – “Don’t Let Me Down”


The Top 7 finalists:


Chris Rene

Rachel Crow

Josh Krajcik

Melanie Amaro


Marcus Canty


Judges Decision:

LA Reid sends home LeRoy Bell – he likes both but base from consistency, Marcus has it all the way. If based from sizzle, Leroy sizzles.

Nicole sends home Marcus Canty

Paula sends home Marcus Canty

Simon sends home LeRoy Bell


**Deadlock – since there’s a tie, the judges let America decide and the one with the lowest votes will go home



110 thoughts on “Who got voted off X Factor November 23, 2011 Elimination 11/23/11

  1. Let’s not be so hard on astro he is just a kid and he will find his way with rap music I don’t think it is this contest but he will find it

    • @lsl – sometimes the comments were placed in a spam folder but don’t worry. We check all the comments and have them posted within the day if it doesn’t appear on your end.

  2. As for the ones who are doing the name calling and making racist comments grow up and remember what this country was founded on. It took us many years to get where we are and when you make statements like that it makes you look ignorant. What’s understood need not be explained

  3. @ JIMMY

    I hate it when people think not everyone can sing but anyone can rap. It is not true. People don’t seem to realize the time and effort and natural talent that it takes to be an even decent rapper. The only other contestant with some rap talent is Chris Rene, and he really is not that good. Rap is about style and breath control and lyrics, much of which is missing in most of today’s popular rap artists–kudos to Astro for his rendition of I’ll Be Missing You and for recognizing what was wrong. His lyrics are mature and he did not belong in the bottom two that week.

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